Bob Hairstyles

10 back view of Bob Hairstyles to inspire you

Whether shaggy on the back, just before the chin or shiny as a mirror – Bob has repeatedly proven to be a universally flattering haircut. And while the bob’s front view perfectly embodies this omnipresent style, the back view of the bob is equally stylish.

Continue reading to be inspired by our list of ten back views of bob hairstyles.

1. Asymmetrical Bob

hats off Two days, one night Actress, Marion Cottilard, for demonstrating exactly how to rock Asymmetric Bob gracefully. After her debut at the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, actress Marion Cottilard, with her blonde, bob almost grabbed us by the scissors. With a smooth texture and uneven lengths, Marion’s thick hair is chic and funky.

2. Round Bob

Round Bob

The plump, round bob of recording artist Nicki Minaj is back, and while we love her with wavy hair, we’ve definitely missed her bob falling about an inch behind her ears. We are blinded by the glittering sheen – and by her chunky, blunt pony accentuating her eyes.

3. Faux Bob

Faux Bob
She looked hot in the gray hair, goody in purple, cute in a long bob, but actress Nicole Richie looks fantastically fancy with the retro faux-bob. Start by putting finger curls on your hair with a curling iron. Now pull up the top of your hair, twist it and put it under your long hair to make it look shorter. Once finished, attach it to the scalp with a hair clip and you can go.

4. Sleek, Symmetric Bob

Symmetric Bob
Effortlessly chic, universally flattering and over-cool – Queen Letizia from Spain has everything that happens in this picture! Our favorite is the length of Letizia’s slender, middle locks, perfect for women who do not want to sacrifice their long hair.

5. Wavy Bob

Wavy Bob
Fashionista Alexa Chung proved at the 64th annual Cannes Film Festival that adding a little bit of waves to your medium-length bob is enough to dress the whole look. To get the signature waves from Alexa, apply a volume-volume mousse to add volume and curl your hair to create that subtle wavy look.

6. Modern Bob

At the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, actress Julianne Hough has proven that she always proves with the trends, be it beauty, fashion or hair, that she can play any style to the full when she is photographed with this short crop. Julianne’s light wave and blonde color make it an edgy interpretation of Bob.

7. Shaggy Bob

Shaggy Bob
We are thrilled that actress Vanessa Hudgens can rock out of the shaggy bob – be it the front or the back view. Layered, shiny and perfect length for haircut newbies, we love their mix of warm highlights and lowlights from their medium-length, feather-light bob.

8. Layered Bob

Layered Bob
We realize that Emily Browning’s Bob is not necessarily new, but we still love her mid-length cut. This is a perfect bob hairstyle rear view that looks good when undone and disheveled – the more texture the better. A great Bob for naturally wavy hair.

9. Graduated Bob

Graduated Bob
With a bob that is so beautiful, we think Victoria Beckham sets the standard for graduate bobsleds. The blonde, short crop, as only the hottest of chic girls can dance, is a perfect example of why every girl should choose shorter hair at some point in her life.

10. Curly Bob

Curly Bob
The curly bob of actress Holly Robinson falls over her shoulders in that chic spot, but under the chin. At the 43rd rd NAACP Image Awards, the actress wore a bob that had perfect volume, texture and the perfect dimension. Simple and yet trendy.

There you have it – the ten back view of bob hairstyles. Let us know in the comments below if you love these hairstyles as much as we do!

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