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10 beautiful page swept updos today to try

Do you think you have to be the Disney Princess to have a nice updo? Then think again! Whether you want a fancy nightgown or a simple summer look, we’ve put together the perfect page for you to help! Fascinated? Continue reading!

Side Swept Updos – Top 10:

1. Side Swept Chignon:

Side Swept Chignon

A retro look like Nina Dobrev is easier to achieve than it looks. The actress’s undulating chignon is so glamorous – and only needs a curling iron and hair spray to reflect the style. The neat texture of her hair, along with the side-swept layers, had a visible softness that made her effortlessly beautiful.

2. Side Swept Braided Roll:

Side-swept braided bread roll
Actress Charlize Therons blonde hair is intricately braided and fastened in a side chignon. In equal parts chic elegance and bohemian beauty, this stunning updo looks as good as skirts and a crop top like on a dress.

3. Low rolls and side fringes:

Low buns and side fringes
Emma Stone usually makes no mistakes in the hair department, but we especially love this smooth and chic side with low bun hairstyle. Medium to long in length, every hair length would work for this kind of smooth, simple and polished style – the only styling piece you want to use is a smoothing cream to ensure the hair stays flat and has a little more shine.

4. Romantic Braided Updo:

Romantic Braided Updo
Here Blake Lively is the perfect example of a side braid that can be worn virtually anywhere. We love the soft strands of hair that frame her face and the messy, braided bun at the side. Small braids can update any hairstyle and they are extremely versatile. Tighten all the fallen parts, but do not worry that you’re too perfect – the unfussy, unkempt look is totally goody.

5. Soft Side Swept Curly Updo:

Soft Side Swept Curly Updo
Singer and fashion photographer Taylor Swift looks gorgeous with her gently swept up curly updo. To get Swift’s soft, goody curls, use a thin curling iron on low heat and a light (non-greasy!) Hair spray to keep your curls in place. As beautiful as a Taylor Swift ballad, the ruthless texture and delicate tendrils contribute to the romantic effect.

6. Haarknoten mit Seitenfransen:

Hair bun with side fringes
Hottie Nicole Richie shows another way to wear a topknot by inlaying a braid into the bun tissue. Meanwhile, the rest of her front hair was pulled into a simple side pony. The uncomplicated hairstyle is perfect for a lot of summer events, when elegance is everything.

7. Side Swept Crown Braid:

Beehive with Side Swept Bangs
A simple, delicate braid manages to look elegant and oh so chic. To get actress Kirsten Dunst’s romantic, brunette updo with a side braid, you create a side part and a loose braid. Apply elastic to complete the braid. The braid should be pulled at the top of the head and placed on the back of the left ear. Take off the rubber band and adjust the braid with pins or a pretty hair clip and release a few flyaway hairs for a touch of whim.

8. Beehive with Side Swept Bangs:

Side Swept Beehive
Do you want a dramatic look like the talented singer Adele? Go for this long, updo with a side swept pony and a super-firm bun. Create this retro-inspired “home” with a special, special hairspray. Make sure you tame your hair tightly to tame fuzz and flying hair!

9. Side Swept Curls:

Side Swept Curls
Anna Kendrick’s full curly curls and tousled strands were so artfully arranged that the undone texture simply added to the romance of the look. To complete the look, the Twilight actress added a decorated pin that left no doubt that this style would work perfectly for a formal event.

10. Sleek Side Bun:

Sleek Side Bun
How easy and chic is this hairstyle! Quite supple, swept aside and ravishing, Lauren Conrad pulls her eyes together, turning her hair back and holding her tight. To restore the look, make a side panel and create a loose chignon right under your ear. Follow Lauren’s lead by rounding off your look with smoky, cabbage-edged eyes and a goody red glow.

These are the 10 beautiful, laterally curved updos that you can try. We hope this post helps you to write a new style statement for yourself! Let us know how this post helped you. There is a comment field below!

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