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10 beautiful updos for long curly hair

Who says curly hair and updos do not go together? Sure, they need a lot of TLC, but styling long curly hair can be fun and challenging. From a high wavy knot to a glamorous updo, read on to see our Top Ten Celebrity inspired updos for long curly hair!

How To Make An Updo For Long Curly Hair – 10 Simple Styles:

1. Half Updo:

Half Updo

Another way to maintain a natural look without the additional volume of the Curly Fros is to pull back half the hair, as singer Carrie Underwood did. To recreate Carrie’s magnificent hairdo, put on the hair on the crown before attaching it to a bouffant. Pull the hair back from the sides and fasten it behind your head to create a simple half-up ‘do. Finally, curl the ends of your hair with a curling iron and use some hairspray to keep it defined.

2. High ponytail:

High ponytail
Singer Jennifer Lopez looks oh-so-chic with her super-long, curly locks tied into a high ponytail. This curly ponytail has a high degree of fashion thanks to the hanged texture and high placement. The replica of this chic style works best with longer hair. Combine natural texture with texturing spray for dynamic curls. Once you have styled your curls, pull your hair into a super-high ponytail and secure it with elastic hair.

3. Easy Updo:

Easy Updo
The look of Hayden Panettiere is effortless but beautiful. The wavy updo can look very sophisticated and goody, and unlike straight hair, your curly hair adds volume and movement to the look. The actress decides to put her pony rolled up her face, and the curls are pretty defined, but the whole look is vaguely loose and disheveled for a playful look that contains lots of texture and bounce

4. Coronation and long curls:

Coronation border and long curls
The singer and songwriter Delta Goodrem looks glamorous with her long golden curls. She wears a milkmaid braid and keeps her look goody with voluptuous, luscious curls. This romantic hairstyle is perfect for long, straight and thick hair, as the curls give the straight curls a certain definition.

5. Curly Ponytail with Bouffant:

Curly ponytail with bouffant
Megan Fox breeds the classic ponytail hairstyle by wearing it with a bloated bouffant high on his head. Perfect for a night in the city to restore Megans look, tease hair at the crown to create a big bouffant, and use some light hair spray to keep your bouffant smooth and smooth. Keep the rest of your hair curly for a stunning contrast.

6. Curly Sock Bun:

Curly Sock Bun
AnnaLynne McCord is in fashion with her huge, gravity-knit sock roll. The 90210 Actress embraced the natural texture of her curly hair and added even more pizzaz to her updo, with a few strands of hair framing her face. A great hairstyle for the summer and for semi-formal events, we absolutely love this look!

7. High bun with a bouffant:

High bun with a bouffant
The partially high bun main gives you the best of both worlds: the elegance of an updo in the front and plenty of length in the back. High School Musical Actress Vanessa Hudgens looks fabulous in a curled updo with a quiff. To recreate the look, combine your pony and put it back for a glamorous look. The benefit of wearing a hairstyle with curly hair is that it makes your face look a little longer and slimmer and does not have to be tidy and time consuming.

8. Wavy Updo:

Wavy updo
This Taylor Swift hairstyle offers a lot of volume and dimension. Here she has her long curly hair in a classic up’do with loose, framed hairline frames. For soft and romantic hair structure like Taylor’s, spritz some texturizing spray into your hair, tighten your hair and pin it down. Release a few flying hairs for a final touch.

9. Curled Up’do with Bouffant:

Curled Up'do with Bouffant
The classic look – Singer Demi Lovato’s intricate, coiled style – is simple. The actress looks fabulous with her chestnut curls in a flirty bouffant. To restore their appearance, start with a curling iron to make many spiral curls. Next, comb the hair to create volume, cut some tendrils around the face and sweep the rest of the hair back into a ponytail. Twist, wrap and secure the hair with pins. Complete the goody look with a generous amount of hairspray. A big plus – it does not hide your face!

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