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10 Best Middle Hairstyles For Women – Add Some Blonde To Your Life!

A look into the noble, super flattering beige, honey, caramel and ice blue Medium hairstyles for women comes with a warning! These dashing and colorful ideas could us all to get a blonde makeover! Because the tasteful, beige-blonde Balayage on light, medium and dark hair gives depth and refinement. The goal of today’s gorgeous hair colors is to copy soft, gentle and very natural blonde tones. So even the coolest, iceblubberonden, middle hairstyles with trendy, dove-gray roots are softened! And when you’re brunette, discover, like some blonde or nude blonde Balayage highlights any brown or copper hairstyle can change!

Flattering blonde mix – goody middle hairstyles for women

Best medium hairstyles for women, shoulder length haircuts

Even from the back and profile views, you can say that this medium hairstyle is a reworking of the classic, goody Brigitte Bardot look! The front has a center or slightly off-center separation and face frame shafts to show an oval face shape. What is different and better than the original BB hairstyle is the splendidly mixed beige-beige, caramel and honey-blonde colors. The crown has extra height from the teasing and there is modern nervousness from the prickly, textured tops. With today’s application techniques that allow blends of 5 or 6 closely matched shades, the results will look and feel fantastic!

Natural Pearl & nudeblondes ombré – Medium hairstyles for women

Best medium hairstyles for women, shoulder length haircuts

Here is a chic, Medium hairstyle for women who want to have a fabulous, soft-blond image! The colors are cool, but very natural and flattering skin with a warm undertone. I’ve counted about 6 different shades, including pearl white, nude and ash blonde, ash brown, and some beiges that add up to the 3-D dimension. Overall, it is a cutting-edge casual bob for medium and fine hair full of texture, movement and density. It’s a relaxed, but classic, everyday hairstyle that can vary with a head braid, waves, a ponytail or a chignon hairstyle!

Trendy beige bob – rough middle hairstyles for women

Best medium hairstyles for women, shoulder length haircuts

Beautiful cafe-au-lait Colors create another “natural” blond hair design that is perfect for fine hair. Long layers retain the full density of fine hair and textured lace adds a modern, scruffy finish. Tightly-blended beige and nude blond tones shimmer and shine to highlight gentle waves cut with an uneven baseline. There are fashionable mid brown roots and another quirky section of warm brown at the nape of the neck. Shorter white-blonde layers around the face flatter and mark eyes and skin tone, with taupe eye shadows and pink lips that make a fabulous beauty look!

Grunge medium hairstyles for women – taupe & ace blond

Best medium hairstyles for women, shoulder length haircuts

This simple, easy-care Medium hairstyle offers a powerful fashion punch! These fashionable shades are cool but not harsh, with a two-tone pattern of taupe fading to medium-light ash ombré. A center parting fits oval surfaces, but the part can be adapted to a variety of face shapes. The lack of fringe gives round or square surfaces more length, which also benefits from the “corners” being cut off by framing “wings”. The ends of this softly angled long bob have textured tops for a shaggy, uneven feel.

Icy blonde ombré from medium brown roots

Best medium hairstyles for women, shoulder length haircuts

From the softer, beige-blonde shades, it continues to blue-white, cold color that matches those with blue or green eyes. The long layers of this long, angled bob are full of lively movement and trendy 3-D color technology. Defined waves in 4 or 5 different shades, from mid-brown, light beige, nude, and blue-white tips, create a mass of glittering reflections that make the hair appear thicker. This medium length haircut has long layers with chopped, textured tops, making it one of a kind great cut and color for fine hair !

Groovy gray roots up to ice white Ombré on straight middle hairstyle makes

Best medium hairstyles for women, shoulder length haircuts

The extreme color design is a high-fashion look with a great effect when combined with a perfectly straight styling and tanned skin. Dove gray roots soften the cold color, which looks fabulous with blue, gray and green eyes. This image shows the light touch of gold-beige in the main section between roots and spikes. And blues in white Ombré complete the skin with a cool undertone. On naturally straight hair, this is a trendy, easy-care option with a strong “footballer wife / girlfriend” vibe!

Midsection brunette medium hairstyle in cocoa & beige

Best medium hairstyles for women, shoulder length haircuts

And that’s the complete opposite of the icy-blonde cut up! This hairstyle creates a warm and gentle aura that is very seductive. The soft features and natural make-up of the model are perfectly complemented in this hairstyle that underlines her femininity. The center parting looks good on a balanced, oval face and gentle waves, casually lowered, draws attention to a pretty nose and lips. Trendy, textured lace gives the warm cocoa-brown hair with delicate beige balayage highlights a fashionable touch …

Two-colored coffee roots & medium blonde ombré long bob hairstyle

Here is a hairstyle that gives a definite fashion statement with two color blocks and requires no complicated or expensive maintenance! With naturally dark roots that turn to eye-to-medium golden blondes, this color design will really emphasize brown, honey or other dark eye colors. Straight styling emphasizes the angle of this easy-care look, softened by Mid-Blonde. This is the most tolerant shade for anyone over 30 years old. It’s a great, everyday, medium hairstyle The versatile uses provides for wavy, half-up and up-hairstyles to show the two-tone colors!

Gorgeous nude & natural blonde blended bob

Best medium hairstyles for women, shoulder length haircuts

It can take hours to get the latest beige and ash blonde multi-shade blends, but the results are awesome! The overall goal is to reproduce the colors of real, natural blondes that are soft and cool. Many of today’s mouse blondes miss the light baby blond curls they had as sweet little girls! So this picture shows exactly how to reproduce a natural, lit by the summer sun hazelnut color! Instead of obvious dark roots, you get a more natural look with a medium beige tone fading baby blond in the face. Make sure you get your hair very well moistened and protected from hot sunshine as dry, bleached tips get quite old!

Edgy Shaggy Bob in soft, light copper & blond balayage

Best medium hairstyles for women, shoulder length haircuts

At the moment a lot of emphasis is placed on the beige, nude and ash blonde colors because we are in a phase of upheaval to cool hair colors. But there are many great Hair colors in the range of warm, coppery colors! This adolescent, angled bob Designed to make fine or sparse hair types, like naturally coppery hair, look thicker and more trendy! This style has a lot of contrasting texture, from ringlet waves on the sides, to random turns to straight, sharp tips that only brush the shoulders. The roots are a steamed, medium copper, with delicate touches blonde balayage highlighting creates a soft background to gentle, copper-beige. It catches and reflects light beautifully!


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