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10 Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair – Weddings, Festivals & Holiday Hair Ideas

Looking for a hot bridal / wedding guest / beach braided hairstyles for long hair? Browse these new ideas for trendy braids that show your fashion style. Or maybe you have the best Boho braids and get hair colors for fun at festivals? We have that too! Our gallery is full of new styles and color inspirations, so whatever you plan to do this summer, you’ll enjoy the holidays in a trendy, relaxed style!

Boho faded lavender gray and silver ombré hairstyles for long hair

Beautiful braided hairstyles for long hair - long hairstyle designs

If you are an enthusiastic music festival fan, you will probably also like to wear new hair color trends and braided hairstyles. This state-of-the-art color is a blend of taupe, beige, faded lavender with fabulous silver-white highlights and ombré! It’s perfect to show your individuality and all faded colors are super-trendy this season. Of the Half-up Style is a timeless classic with two plaits that give an attractive V-design on the back. And clever loops around the clasp also create a sweet heart shape!

Pearl-white blonde braided hairstyles for long hair

Beautiful Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair - Long Hairstyle Designs

Here is a super shade of white-blond that is softer than platinum or ice-blue blonde. It’s closer to the color of the pearls, making it a better choice for fair skin with warm undertones. The braid style is also new, with wide, flat head braids that create a beautiful texture, highlighted by white and white beige balayage ! There is another modern touch in the twist of hair over the clasp on the back. And the layered ponytail is a chaotic final detail to a casual, trend-setting look!

Beautiful brown and blonde braided hairstyles for long hair – wedding ideas

The search for breathtaking Wedding hairstyles ‘S and cool holiday hairstyles means that the demand for braided hairstyles for long hair is just about to peak. And here is a beautiful brown and blond hair design for a young bride or brides maid. A long braid begins at the forehead as a small section, which is then gradually thickened and ligated at the neck. The rest of the hair hangs in a half-formal, half-length hairstyle in a disheveled ponytail. It’s a modern-classic look with a fashionable beige-and-gold-colored ombré that creates beautiful patterns on the sides and through the braid. Simple and refined for a stylish bride!

Chic golden headband hairstyles for long hair

Beautiful Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair - Long Hairstyle Designs

What a beautiful golden color This is! And with the cable pattern that resembles a wheat sheaf, this adorable up-style is full of a “country hay-making” summery vibe. This is a style that gets you everywhere and makes you look cool. The braids are wrapped around the head to create a beautiful, golden band with a lot of interesting texture. And loose cuts break the lines to frame the face and keep this neat and practical look chic but casual!

Mega-chaotic ash blonde & beige fishtail braid

Beautiful Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair - Long Hairstyle Designs

Here’s a very messy single-braid style in the latest hair-fashion colors of Ash Beige Blonde over dark brown roots. These colors are best for light skin with cool undertones. The hair was swept back from the face into a huge, loose braid with exaggerated limbs on the back. There is a cute herringbone braid that adorns the back, which is not really the messy one undone Style of design matches. We love the idea of ​​pulling out a messy fishtail braid. However, in this case, the stylist has probably exaggerated the loose texture, running the risk of blurring the fabulous shape!

Amazing plait hairstyle in brunettes and beige-blonde colors

Beautiful Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair - Long Hairstyle Designs

This multicolour braid-up style Suitable for a casual wedding or the honeymoon afterwards! The mixture of brown and beige balayage colors has been developed for a maximum color impression in the cable pattern. And the braids follow the latest trend of mixing two or three different braiding techniques to create a custom design. A few loose strands on the neck and around the face add a relaxed atmosphere. Coming from espresso to beige and blond, the umbrellas have a neutral to ashen look tint that is ultramodern and very special!

Refined semi-solid pots in beige & brown

Schöne geflochtene Frisuren für Long Hair - Long Hairstyle Designs

I’ve promised some really special braid inspirations and this exciting new look will do it! The overall impression is characterized by soft lines, accentuated by subdued, modern colors. This is a large semi-form braid that is curvy and feminine. The hair was bleached with blond, beige and ash over a neutral blonde ombré expertly colored that creates amazing patterns. And beautiful curves around the head create deep waves on the model’s smooth hair. The choice of twisted hair in the tapered, blond braid on the back completes a noble, sophisticated style!

breathtaking Cyber-Punk Silver-blonde half-up braided style

Beautiful Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair - Long Hairstyle Designs

This stunning, futuristic look is a fantastic hair idea for naturally blonde hair. It would be a great bridal hairstyle or an unforgettable look for a stage artist. And a fabulous braid for summer music festivals! The hair is swept back from a middle part – and then turned into white and gray patterns. Undressed games keep the look trendy and Cyber-Punk over a lavish topknot lock and a radical version of the fishtail braid. Wherever you are in this half-up, silver-white and gray hair design go, you will show your amazing, avant-garde style!

Biker Babe nervous ashen & pink ‘bubble’ braid for long hair

Beautiful Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair - Long Hairstyle Designs

Here is a playful hairstyle that takes the colors of this season and mixes them into a super, pigtail design! The braid is truly artistic and creates a beautiful woven form right up to the clasp that is covered by a strand of white hair. Then the barber has a cute pink and white Bubble Ponytail created. There is a relaxed atmosphere in the messy end and a few inches of loose hair at the end. The upper part shows balayage in beige and brown, and 4 fabulous colors create a beautiful swirl of patterns and textures. It’s a great one Biker Babe Style!

Romantic chaotic braided hairstyle & cute butterfly accessory

Beautiful Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair - Long Hairstyle Designs

With butterfly hair clips and a quirky curve in the braid, this is a romantic version of the popular fishtail braid! These beige, blond highlights are close to the dark blonde hue and create a more natural color design. This fits in with the windy finish and the butterfly details, which are also inspired by nature. The stylist pulled the pages back rather loosely to form a large connected bun at the neck. The defined tips have a messy end, under a rubber band covered with a hair band. There are interesting horizontal and vertical movements in this expertly patterned, braided hairstyle!

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