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10 chignon rolls that you can try now

Chignon buns are back with a bang in the fashion world. They look great and go well with a dress or a cocktail dress. Most celebrities have made this look the favorite hairstyle of the season.

If you are looking for a nice and easy to make bun, Chignon is the way to go. But how do you make a chignon bun? If you’re not good at making bread, you need a stylist to make a chignon for you.

So here are the 10 most popular Chignon Bun hairstyles:

These hairstyles are easy to make and you can try them out from the comfort of your home.

1. Messy Low Side Chignon Bun:

Messy Low side Chignon

It’s an easy to get stylish look. It also goes well with Indian outfits; Wear it with a saree, a perfect hairstyle to show off your goody back.

2. Oblong chaotic side chignon bun:

Oblong chaotic side chignon bun
You can make a messy braid and then fold it into an oblong side roll.

    • Alternatively, you could also accessorizieren When you take out the braid, then make a normal roll and turn the hair into the bun.
    • Crunch something to get an elongated feeling.

      3. Sleeker Side Bun Chignon rolls:

      Sleeker Side Bun Chignon rolls
      This is a clean and tight Chignon look. You need patience and some skills to make bread. it requires a little bit of braiding, some twists and turns into a bun. Add some flowers to make it more charming.

      4. Half Way Curved Chignon Look:

      Half Way Curved Chignon Look
      A sweet look to try on, goes well with people with shoulder-length hair. Give your low bangs a twist and pull the rest over a hair clip. This glamorous look does not require hard work.

      5. Classic Chignon with big curls:

      Classic chignon with big curls
      Get this great look for formal parties. Use a large barrel curler to preserve the finesse, add some shine spray / hair gel to give it a wet look and a brighter feel.

      6. Braided low chignon topknot:

      Braided low chignon topknot
      This messy chignon is made of thin braid. Add some flower hair accessories to increase the appeal. Women of all ages can flaunt this look, make sure it is neat and seek help from a friend to complete the hairstyle.

      7. Curly Rolls Chignon:

      Curly Rolls Chignon
      For really short hair, try this half-curled chignon. You have to do some twists around your barrette. Do not forget the neat curls on the lower ends.

      8. Classic Chignon Up Do with french twist:

      Classic Chignon Up Do with French twist
      If you have long and thick hair, then you could wear this look. A slightly harder-to-reach look, but it will certainly attract a lot of attention.

      9. Stoned Chignon:

      Chunky Chignon
      To get this elegant hairstyle, you need to make an appointment with the stylist. Apply a shinning gel application for a shimmering and clean finish.

      10. Shell Chignon:

      Shell Chignon
      Flaunt a shell chignon on a leisurely day, a great option for the summer days or on your beach trip. A clean and clean bun like this will help you stay sweat-free.

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