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10 classic shoulder length haircut ideas – Red Alert!

Today’s exciting gallery more flattering shoulder length haircut ideas is Not once dominated by blond hairstyles! Red, orange and reddish brown in lively, highly pigmented colors dominate this year’s new hairstyles. But of course we have too shoulder length hairstyles in blond, brunette and nice soft, coal black – to keep us all look our very best!

Reddish brown – shoulder length haircut ideas

Classic shoulder-length haircut for women, best middle hairstyles designs

Would you like a classic, easy-to-clean haircut that also attracts positive attention? Good . , , here it is – in a very stylish long-angled bob hairstyle tinted a fabulous reddish brown umbrella! This shoulder length haircut is a fantastic long to medium makeover hairstyle. It is shown here with a middle part for oval faces. But you can adjust the tops to your face or add a cutting-edge, straight bangs

Chic Ashbrown Bob for fine / medium length hair – shoulder length haircut

Classic shoulder-length hairstyle for women, best midsize hairstyles designs

The dark coffee hair color of this model needed just a little extra “something” to accentuate the silky texture and casual movement. So the colorist added subtle subtle next to the face middle ash brown balayage and in fine vertical highlights around the head. This helps a full color on fine or medium hair to reflect more light and look thicker. The hair is cut so that it gently falls off the shorter back. An asymmetric mood is added by the lateral separation and the hairstyle in one right form framing the forehead and helping to balance round faces.

Trendy, straight-cut pony hairstyle – shoulder-length hairstyle

Classic shoulder length haircut for women, best middle hairstyles designs

This is a great retro hairstyle from the ever-popular hairstyles of the 1960s. In particular, it shows separate layers on both sides of the chin, which are fashioned into state-of-the-art “hooks”. The short, straight fringes complete a flattering hair frame and emphasize beautiful brows and blue eyes. The cut fits medium and thick hair types and the hair stays in long layers, with a concave shape at the tips. Concave texture, after washing, naturally causes the hair to fall into a curved shape, making it a trendy, easy-care choice

Natural Medium Beige Blond Bob – One Shoulder Haircut

Classic shoulder length cut for women, Best Medium Hairstyles designs

This beautiful beige-brown hair color design is perfect for turning dark blond / mousy brown hair into a trendy, flattering look! Mother nature makes mistakes. So if you want to look natural, but have a cloudy, natural hair color, this noble beige-blonde balayage is a great choice! The off-center separation is divided so that square corners on the forehead are cut off, whereby the top of the face is symmetrical with the bottom half. This fashionable, easy to clean haircut is perfect for ‘outdoor girls’.

Fashionable light ash beige-blond on a long, messy bob

Classic Shoulder Length Haircut for Women, Best Medium Hairstyles Designs

To get this light, you should already have natural blonde hair. Otherwise you risk completely ruining the condition of your hair. As this model has pale skin with warm undertones, the color tone is softened with beige to give it a skin-flattering color. True ash blonde does not match the skin with warm undertones, but this color design preserves the “ash” vibe by making the roots sound soft, light gray. This cute, ruffled bob is lightly structured with lace to create volume, in a trendy style that adds ‘body’ to fine hair.

Rich Carbon Black Long Bob for Thick Hair

Classic Shoulder Length Haircut for Women, Best Medium Hairstyles Designs

Here is a chic long bob for thick hair, so you look casual and well groomed on every occasion. The color is a soft, kohlschwarzer hue, which is suitable for skin with cool undertones. And you can see how beautiful the pale complexion of the model looks with this natural, black color and rouge-noir (red-black) lipstick for extra dramatic effect! The hair is cut shortly after the chin, with long layers and slightly textured tips. Overall, this classic long bob looks very feminine with a disheveled texture and soft wave motion.

Hi-fashion neutral-blonde wavy long bob with dove-gray roots

Does not mean that gorgeous blonde casual bob yearn for a sun holiday! And that’s no surprise, as the neutral-blonde color is highlighted with white-blonde balayage for a beach-lover look. These flat, loose waves are more elegant than “beachy waves” and the middle part emphasizes the oval face shape of the model. Notice how the waves flatteringly draw attention to the eyes and red lips. And with dove-gray roots, the effect is soft and attractive.

Casual Burnt Orange Bob with full pony for fine hair

Classic Shoulder Length Haircut for Women, Best Medium Hairstyles Designs

For anyone with dark blond or mousy brown hair, that could be the color change you never want to change! The hue is a very natural medium brown, flattered with orange tones skin with a warm undertone. And the effect is fabulous on this face framing long bob hairstyle that accentuates these big, brown eyes perfectly! You can add a lot of volume and movement on an angled bob with trendy, freaky sides. Casual styled over the head adds volume to the top, and this sweet piece-y fringe also reveals the eyes and brows

Gorgeous orange-copper curved long bob

Classic shoulder length haircut for women, best middle hairstyles designs

Here is a young woman who is thrilled with her new shoulder-length hairstyle and color! And that’s because this haircut has been tailored to flatter its pale skin tone with warm undertones. Is she a natural redhead? It is impossible to say how the rich all-over hue, highlighted with lighter orange balayage, looks completely natural. The look is lively and carefree, on long layers with slightly textured tops. The swept front drapes beautifully on one side in a flirty, peek-a-boo look and ruffled finish adds density to fine hair!

Soft & natural maroon on long angled bob

Classic One Shoulder Haircut for Women, Best Medium Hairstyles Designs

This darker version of stylish Burnt Orange is another rich color that looks very natural on the above model. So if you want to look more natural than ash or brown shades, then you should try this trendy tone! The long-angled bob is a great way to have long hair if your hair is medium or fine. Long layers retain the density of fine hair types and a windy surface provides extra volume without curls. With a straight side trim, this is a pretty face frame for complexion with neutral or warm undertones.


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