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10 classy headband hairstyles to inspire you

Do you want with your ‘Do? Opt for a headband! Whether you’re shooting a bob or holding your hair up, we’ve put together a list of ten headband hairstyles that you’ll find really useful! Whether bejeweled, flowers or leather, these timeless headbands are a stylish addition to spice up your boring look.

1. Sleek bun with decorated headband:

Sleek bun with decorated headband

For a ultimate princess style wear a simple bun with a double rowed headband. Perfect for a night out with the girls, a formal occasion or a hot date, all you need to take off this headband is a Sasha Luss type of hairstyle and natural make-up.

2. Ponytail with headband:

Ponytail with headband
Are you thinking about skipping your brunch for a bad hair day? There is a simple trick to solve your problem. Just grab your hair, pull it into a deep ponytail and add a golden headband. Make it as trendy as Johanna Klum, who rocks a loose and messy hairstyle with a headband.

3. Full Fringe Bun with elaborate headband:

Full fringe bun with elaborate headband
If you have fringes, you know that headbands were made for you, right? Perfect for a festival or a girls’ party, keep your bun and the rest of your bijoux to a minimum with this sophisticated look. You can sweep your long bangs with the side, but for that extra look and romantic look, try to swing the headband behind your fringe à la Dianna Agron.

4. Long bob with golden headband:

Long bob with golden headband
Long bobsleigh, floral dress and a faraway sun-headband – this chic look is all trendy and glamorous. Take a tip from Alex Smith-Kirk and keep the rest of your look simple, avoid baked makeup, eye-catching clothing or shabby accessories.

5. Long hair with floral headband:

Long hair with floral headband
If your hair is long, the right headband is a novelty to make it glamorous. In Zara Martin’s case, she chose a large, chunky, floral headband lying flat on her head. So, if you are looking for long hair headband styles, make sure that the color of the accessory matches the color of your dress or that it contrasts with your hair color. This will help to make your look stand out!

6. Wavy Hair with Boho Head Chain:

Wavy hair with boho
Sarah Ellen proves her glittering dress with a sparkling bohemian head chain that proves that can be more goody. Perfect for any occasion, we love how the blinded piece contrasts with its ruffled waves; A style that gives a simple hairstyle a certain elegance. #BohoStyle

7. Braided bun with tiara:

Braided bread roll with tiara
Actress Emmy Rossum fits her simple braided bun, her immaculate make-up, her subtle eyes and her shimmering lips beautiful headdress. Since the tiara was totally glamorous, the actress fitted her with a simple braided knot to put the jeweled headpiece in the limelight.

8. Braided updo with knotted headband:

Braided updo with knotted headband
A stretchy knotted headband is perfect for edgy downtown girls like Katy Perry. Perfect for straight hair, the singer looks stunning with her plaited up’do at the 28 Annual Aria Awards. A great style to show off your flawless skin, the headband reinforced the ornate dress and gave her hairdo an edgy and chic focus.

9. Angular Bob with leather headband:

Beehive with fabric headband
Ashlee Simpson’s leather headband is an easy way to add a bit of fun to your annoying bob. The black headband is fresh against her blond hair and combines it with a cute top and leather skirt that will never go out of style.

10. Beehive with cloth headband:

Square bob with leather headband
Dig a fabric to create this simple look: Cut a long fabric to wrap your messy hive twice. Position it on the back of the head, pull the sides behind your ears and tie it to the back. Be inspired by this model at the Lena Hoschek Show and combine the look with natural makeup – baptism skin, doe eyes, peachy lips – for a perfect finish.

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