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10 Curly Bob hairstyles to inspire you

Bobs are definitely not a new trend! However, they are very popular as they can look goody here and there with loose curls. So we’ve hand-picked 10 of the best curly bob hairstyles to help you choose the right one that you can wear with ease.

Style 1: Side Swept Bang and Loose Curls

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Rihanna is known for her trendy hairstyles. Here she is wearing one of the many bob haircuts that has a simple, side-swept bang with a touch of loose big curls on the ends. Is not that just fabulous?

Style 2: Short Cropped Messy Curls Bob Hairstyle

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If you hate having long bobs and are blessed with thick hair then give the chaotic curly bob a try. This is definitely one of the curly hairstyles to try!

Style 3: Asymmetric curly pony and short short back

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It’s Rihanna again and this time she has another version of the so-called curly bob hairstyle. It has short cut back but long bangs that have curled up and loosened up. Trendy and totally in style!

Type 4: Front bangs and messy curls

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For this look you need a long bob haircut with front short bang. Give some curls and confuse everything for those messy hairstyles curly look.

Style 5: Big End Curls Bob Hairstyle

Image: Getty
Big barrels of iron end curls with some strong set Keep hairspray are all you need for this bob hairstyle.

Style 6: Messy Curly Bob

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Charlise Theron’s Messy Curly Bob is just a curling iron away. You can curl your curls and then release them with your fingertips. Do not forget to use the finished spray to keep it in its wavy, curly shape.

Style 7: Short bob hairstyle with big curls and front small pony

Image: Getty
Asimple and easy to reach and maintain appearance. All you need is a good bob haircut, but do not forget your big curling iron.

Style 8: Short back with side pony cut

Image: Getty
That’s a rocking hairstyle. If you have thick hair and a good hairstylist, then you can definitely try it.

Style 9: Asymmetrical Layer, Side Swept Bang and Messy Curls

Image: Getty
Looking for this pimped look? Try that. It has all the elements, but is in keeping with the bob hairstyle. With a shot of red he can reach new heights.

Style 10: Short cut, curly bob

Image: Getty
This is a great look, if you like short cut boyish style Bob wants. Big side bang hairstyles give it a totally glamorous touch. Some huge curls are a must for this look to rock.

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