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10 elegant Halo hairstyles to inspire you

From bad hair to a perfect hairstyle for your wedding dress, we have been busy for days with the versatile Halo braids.

We’ve put together the top ten halo hairstyles, read on and learn how to reconstruct them from our list of A-Lister …

1. A Double Halo Braid:

Double Halo Braid

The American actress, journalist and television presenter Maria Menounos exudes good appeal with her thick double halo braid. This is a great interpretation of the classic double braid. First, collect your hair into a ponytail. Now separate your ponytail and braid it up to the tips and secure with hair ties. Wrap the braid twice to add extra height to the top of the head. Put the look with hairspray, and you can go.

2. Thick Braids with Wispy Tendrils:

Thick Braids with Wispy Tendrils
We love a classic halo braid, and this gorgeous wraparound on Rachel Brosnahan is a red carpet hairstyle that could be copied anywhere. To achieve this look, separate hair into two braids, braid them and secure them with pins. Next, pull a braid over your head in the back of your head and re-attach it. Repeat this on the opposite side and position it behind the first braid.

3. Side Halo Braid with braided ponytail:

Side Halo Braid with braided ponytail
Simple but strong, the model side, crown braids and plaited ponytail she wore with immaculate makeup and peach-colored lipstick are perfect for a romantic summer wedding. With this noble, braided Halofrisur the model shows how the two-tone curls can be both incredibly versatile and stylish.

4. Chaotic Milkmaid Braid:

Messy Milkmaid Braid
We only love Kelli Goss romantic messy milkmaid braid at the 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Starlet. The stark contrast between her messy hair, her sophisticated make-up, her subtle eye make-up, and her small studs gives her a subtle sheen.

5. Half Up Crown Braid:

Half Up Crown Braid
The model collects the classic halo braid by wearing it like a crown on his head and leaving the rest of his hair loose. Perfect for a night in the city or a hot date to recreate that stylish look, create a thick braid on the crown and attach it to the back or sides. Now use some light hair spray to keep the rest of your curls smooth and supple to get an amazing contrast.

6. Halo Braid with Pony:

Halo Braid with pony
After their NME Award debut, we are constantly looking for the elegant and ultra-feminine look of Laura Jackson’s Halo Braid. To copy this look, start by spraying texturizing spray all over your hair. Now disassemble your fringe and grab the rest of your hair for a ponytail. Next, braid the ponytail and pin it to the top of your head.

7. Halo braid with ponytail:

Halo braid with ponytail
Recording artist Iggy Azalea looks stunning with her blond mane in a halo and ponytail. This modern interpretation of Halo Braid is chic and edgy at the same time. Perfect for long, straight and thick hair, as the look gives straight lines a certain definition, Iggy’s hairstyle is a great way to stay cool in summer.

8. Double braid:

Double braid
The actress Jamie King is no stranger to beauty, but has accented her Valentino Resort 2019 dress with a deep red pout Double Side Braid Updo.

Perfect for thin, medium to long hair to achieve this look: Make one-inch side piece and flatten it out to the ears with pomade, and stick it behind the ear. Create a thin French braid of the pony, starting from the crown behind your head and finally, secure it by discrete pin. Now repeat on the other side and wrap it into a bun.

9. Messy Milkmaid braids with waves:

Chick Milkmaid braids with waves
Vanessa Hudgens’ messy updo with her thick French braid crown is absolutely perfect for stunning autumnal affairs or winter weddings.

To mimic this halo updo, divide your hair evenly into three sections and braid each section separately. Pull the two sections over the ear and over the crown forward and fasten them with pins to form a halo. Once done, mist with some hairspray for a unique and romantic touch.

10. Straight hair with halo pigtails:

Straight hair with halo pigtails
Another way to stick to a halo pigtail look is to tug at the front pony, as TV personality Angel Porrino did. To restore the simple hairstyle, pull the front bangs and braid them before securing them behind your head. Well, for the rest of your hair, take a flat iron and straighten your hair, and use some hairspray to keep it defined.

Take a look at our picks for celebrity halo braid hairstyles above, and tell us which updos you’re trying out! Write the comment field below!


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