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10 hairstyles with a bow

One of the most beautiful hairstyles 2018: put a band in your hair! This type of haircut reminds me of my childhood, when I was really on all princesses … and I always wore pink ribbons and hair ties. Is it a style you should try for yourself?

The little ribbons are a good idea to join the top of your hair. This detail, which shows the long hair in detail, shows silk and satin, polyester and so on. You can use sophisticated materials. Here are some sweet examples to use the bow in the hair.

Hairstyle-arm 13-minute

Hairstyle-arm 14-minute

Hairstyle-arm 12-minute

Hairstyle -bow-5-min

Hairstyle-arm three-min

Hairstyle bow -7-min

Hair-bow-8 min


Hairstyle-arm 11-min

Hairstyle-arm 15-min

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