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10 latest short haircut for fine hair and stylish short hair color trends

Silver, platinum, gold, beige and Pearlescent blondes give this Short hairstyles a completely new and stylish touch. Fitting to the new colors, these cuts contain fabulous new ideas such as quirky side quiffs, square side points and V-shaped neck details. Whether you enjoy the summer heat or the winter cold, choose a cheeky, ‘ cool ‘short haircut here!

Forward styled pony in silver-white – current short hair cut for fine hair – stylish short hair trends

Latest short hairstyle for fine hair, stylish short hair in 2018

Gray and white hair have never been so popular as now! Spoil yourself with your gray hair or opt for this silver-blonde color design with trendy charcoal roots. It is a youthful cut that fits many different face shapes and ages. These days they know latest hairstyles for fine hair no Age barriers and make excellent haircuts for over 50-year-old women who are unwilling to give up their modern style. It’s a great way to cover forehead wrinkles or a brow that is too high or too wide!

Pale, golden-pink Twisty Pixie – the latest short haircut for fine hair – stylish short hair trends

Latest Short Haircut for Fine Hair, Stylish Short Hair in 2018

Here is a fabulous new version of the Twisty Pixie look. The back has an asymmetric separation that shares a smooth, short texture and longer layers staggered up toward the crown! The asymmetrical theme continues in the front of the side of the side and long, sideways taut fringes. The beautiful, rotating waves generate a lot of attractive volume and 3-D texture. And the perfect finishing touch is this gorgeous new color design that combines pale beige with ash blonde, pink and shiny pearly gold!

Platinum blonde with beige soft – current short hair cut for fine hair – stylish short hair trends

Latest Short Haircut for Fine Hair, Stylish Short Hair in 2018

This straight short haircut is an updated ‘street-blonde’ look with ‘attitude’. It wears the current forward styling with a long edge that is segregated to highlight the highly textured, spiky peaks. The appearance was supplemented with a small beige to soften the platinum color and only a short section of Punky black roots. This gives the model a carefully adapted, modern make-up in natural earth tones.

Full silvery ash blonde with pink toner – latest short hairstyle for fine hair – stylish short hair trends

Latest Short Haircut for Fine Hair, Stylish Short Hair in 2018

This stunning cut and color is another modern look for young women and a fabulous hairstyle for over 50-year hairstyles! It is a very easy-care style that you can achieve on fine or thick hair. The hair is styled forward in an extra-long bangs, which is considered a flirting Peek-a-Boo hairstyle. This diagonal fringe style is perfect for making a long face appear shorter and also fits round faces. The stunning ash-silver-blonde tone is highlighted by a white-blonde balayage and a touch of pink toner that contrasts well with the blue-gray tones.

Chic nacre beige-blonde short bob – latest short hair cut for fine hair – stylish short hair trends

Latest short haircuts for fine hair, stylish short hair in 2018

The natural beige-blonde color of this versatile short bob haircut is the perfect complement to this model’s natural model of beauty. And soft-beige is a good choice for anyone with pale skin who has warm undertones. Fine, straight hair looks great in this trendy, asymmetrical bob, which can be gently swung or carried in waves. In light blond vertical lines, there are subtle balayage highlights that emphasize the texture and movement. And a beautiful pearlescent completes this very flattering Cut and color !

Choppy texture on V-back silvery-blonde short haircut

Add by Texture to fine hair is a great way to make it look thicker and here’s a nice example of modern, choppy haircut. The cut is layered throughout, so the hair is light and easy to flatter, to flatter the volume. This image shows the latest V-shaped neck detail, with the hair dull cut to create a choppy line. The all-over, silver-blonde color is very modern and chic. And subtle white balayage plus hints of ash and beige toner create interesting light and dark shading. Slightly wavy texture completes a beautiful, modern hairstyle for fine to medium hair.

Quirky wind-whipped quiff on ash-blonde short haircut

Latest Short Hairstyle for Fine Hair, Stylish Shorthair 2018

This is one of the most modern hairstyles that opens up completely new ways for us to wear our hair. It’s a futuristic 21st century look in trendy, ash blonde – without obligatory dark roots of the last season! The cut has tight-cut sides and carefully shaped side dots that create a delicate frame for the eyes. The deep, lateral part provides an asymmetrical mood with lots of texture and movement in the quirky, raised hand. And there is a very stylish separation at the crown with top layers forward and then back structured layers to the nape!

Mid-ash blonde geometric hairstyle with square side points and V-back

Latest short hair cut for fine hair, stylish short hair in 2018

With clear, clean lines, this geometric short bob haircut has a totally modern feel. The middle ash blonde color is complemented by the darker color of the curved back. It’s an asymmetric style with a deep side panel and ultra-trendy, square side points. There is also a super, decorative detail on the back with the square neck creating a dramatic backdrop to the fabulous, silvery V-shape above! Choose this option if your hair is not thick enough for a stacked cut and you love to be ahead of time in hair fashion!

Retro 70s Purdey – short symmetrical haircut in baby blonde

Latest Short Hairstyle for Fine Hair, Stylish Shorthair in 2018

This is a super-trendy style that has come back into fashion as our love for everything in the seventies goes into every aspect of fashion. It was originally worn by the character Purdey on The British TV show The Avengers, which was an indispensable style guide at the time! In keeping with the show’s trendsetting style, this was a totally original haircut for a tough, criminal new wife , Popular with the fashion-conscious young ladies of the fashion tribe mods This sweet, symmetrical style gives oval faces a modern look.

White-blonde, geometric hairstyle with trendy, straight fringes

Short short hair cut for fine hair, Stylish shorthair in 2018

I love the contrast of this white-blonde haircut with the dark brown eyes of the model. And the beige-blonde, rather than ash blonde, color was chosen well for the skin with a warm undertone. This is another style that moves from the asymmetrical short hair cuts to the symmetry of a deep, straight fringe. This expert Layered short haircut has clean lines and beautiful, long side points that create a flattering frame for eyes, cheekbones and lips! With no extra height, this is a good style to shorten a long face or hide a wide forehead on a heart-shaped face.

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