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10 lavish wedding hairstyles for long hair

These Wedding hairstyles for long hair These are lavish, luxurious looks and make sure every happy bride is the undisputed star of her day! Today’s trendy, bridal hairstyle Inspired by down, half-up and up-styles, hot by the Wedding fashion Runways! You can also see the latest trends in Hair ornaments for brides while you plan your unique look. So come in and browse through the new colors, styles and hair accessories for bridal hairstyles Your new husband will love it!

Cascading curls half high wedding hairstyles for long hair

Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair - Bride Hairstyle Designs

These Wedding Hairstyle shows long and healthy hair in a semi-formal, half-high hairstyle. The colorist has focused the dual-blonde balayage on the lower lengths, which is an interesting contrast to darker hair around the head. A touch of bouffant height at the top adds elegance, along with a very tasteful, modern hair accessory that’s much more fashionable than any tiara. Cascading barrel waves in fashionable, soft beige-blond complement a harmonious blend modern bridal style !

Glamorous curly braid wedding hairstyles for long hair


Is this a curly ponytail, a chignon or a loose braid? Well, it’s a creative combination of all three hairstyling techniques that will never look old in your wedding photos. Gently draped over the ears before being gathered into a beautiful, woven chignon creates a beautiful, semi-formal bridal hairstyle. The hair color design is a expertly judged mix of honey and caramel blond, contrasted by toffee-brown balayage. And you have to add one of this year’s looks – a jeweled hair accessory for an elegant finishing touch!

Informal copper & maroon wedding hairstyles for long hair

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This youthful wedding hairstyle is a great idea for an informal wedding and can be worn by the bride or her bridesmaids , The country wedding theme is set by the lovely waterfall pigtail , which creates a pretty circlet of woven texture around the head. But the fabulous mix of coppery highlights with deep copper brown is a modern twist on this traditional bridal hairstyle. Instead of a jeweled hair accessory, this relaxed style emphasizes the natural beauty with delicate shoots of white, gypsophila!

Chic Half Shadow Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair


This super chic, Wedding hairstyle for long hair is a complicated mixture of form and color. It’s semi-formal – with Balayage colors in natural Medium-Blonde, Medium Ash-Brown and Light Blonde to create a stunning 3-D effect. The talented stylist made this trendy, asymmetrical design two Stylish topknot over the disheveled, loose curls. The hair accessory of dainty, fresh gypsophila flowers accentuates youth and natural beauty in one chic, half high wedding hairstyle your, groom will love it!

Chaotic ‘big hair, braid – wedding hairstyles for long hair


If you are already a fan of “messy” hairstyles, remember, ‘supped-up’, bridal version of the pulled-out, shoulder braid! The cute quiff that creates height above a bare forehead will match brides with a round or oval face, but not a long face. Loose strands on the sides soften an angular face, giving the chin a pretty, oval Create a framework. Twin braids over the top are the perfect decorative detail to hide the connection – if you decide to wear a volume-boosting hair extension! Medium-Golden-Blonde is a flattering blonde shade for most women with warm undertones to a light skin tone!

Bouffant vintage wedding hairstyles for long hair


Whether you’re a fan of 1960s classic upstyles or not, this is a very attractive wedding! A bouffant upstyle, with woven details behind the midsection for a modern twist, gives every bride a touch of elegance. And this style, which can be easily produced on medium-length hair, just by adding a real, curly hair piece! It keeps your neck cool and dry during a long and exciting day, creating a flattering, regal atmosphere!

Messy, big chignon ‘wedding hairstyles for long hair

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The beautiful warm hue of this Chaotic Chignon / Ponytail Wedding Hair Idea is a great new look! Hazelnut Blonde is a beautifully balanced hair color, between light brown and beige-blonde. All copper, reddish brown and smooth red hair colors are very trendy this year, and subtle hazelnut will never look weird on your wedding photos! Tousled Bride Chignons covering the nape of the neck are perfect for informal wedding parties. But they can cause heat and sweat on warm days.

Royal Chignon Wedding Long Hair Hairstyles


This Bouffant Chignon is considered the epitome of elegance and it is a style that we see time and again in the minds of European royalty. The lines are soft and smooth curves create a multitude of different textures in the three main sections. Trendy, beige and ash blonde shades with warm-brown illumination create a perfectly coordinated color scheme. Instead of an old-fashioned tiara choose brides modern hair Accessories to give the perfect finishing touch!

Blonde bombshell half high wedding hairstyles for long hair

Beautiful wedding hairstyles for long hair - bridal hairstyle designs

If you’re a blonde-bomb to the core, this glamorous, Shoulder Braid Bride Hairstyle That’s what you’re looking for! And if you do not have extra-long, thick hair for this stunning braid – do what other brides do and fake it. This color-coordinated color scheme uses the latest beige and pearlized blondes for added color depth and color. And along with deep, beige roots, the overall effect is softer than, for example, platinum with dark brown roots. These gentle colors will stand the test of time when you look at your wedding album in the years to come!

Mink-blonde half-up wedding hairstyles for long hair

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Luxurious Mink Blonde is an exciting, new hue in the range of blondes this season! It’s a clever combination of coral pink, ash, beige and pearl blond. Your colorist can adapt it to light skin, which has a perfect warm tone. This beautiful wedding hairstyle is just one example of how you can style your mid-length hair with a longer hair extension ” versch k diese glamour wellen die den r hinunterflie werden ihrem besonderen tag eine menge zus stil verleihen>

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