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10 Medium Hair Color Sky – Beige – Brown – Blonde & Gray Blends

Whether you opt for a new hair color or the latest trends as a professional, this is a wonderful hair color, master class! Our new gallery with hair color ideas of medium length will keep you up to date with the latest colors and techniques. The colors of this year are soft and flattering, with much careful mixing achieved with shades not far from the base. And if that sounds easy enough to you, believe me, that’s not it! With today’s colorists with 4 – 6 different tones plus toners there is a lot of complicated technology!

Soft mixed at medium hair color design

Trendy hair color designs for medium length hair, medium hairstyle ideas

This beautiful color design gives medium-length hair so much. Colors were selected from the same color palette, and at least four light and dark shades were expertly blended. You get a more natural finish when the colors are within one or two shades, which fits a casually disheveled hairstyle. The sophisticated technique avoids regular vertical stripes, in favor of balayage in an artistic design. The shades are Ash Brown, Medium Brown, Beige, Ash Blonde and Caramel, so you need an experienced colorist for this style. Extra highlighting in the long, overlined front makes for a flattering face setting in this expensive-looking brond, shag-cut!

Bright white ombré on coffee – eye-catching medium-long hair color

Trendy hair color designs for medium length hair, medium hairstyle ideas

This eye-catching medium length hairstyle Color uses bright, white-blonde to create a fabulous color contrast! Since it is only layered to the ends, you will not lose any volume, so it is a haircut that is suitable for medium-fine hair. There is an attractive shape, in which the hair is cut shorter around the face and neck and is dipped on the back in a stepped U-shape. The tips are heavily textured to create a frayed look that contrasts with smooth, straight styling. And there’s a touch of warmth in the warm-brown band faded to a white-blonde back ombré!

High fashion ash-blonde bob – medium-length hair color

Trendy hair color designs for medium length hair, medium hairstyle ideas

If your hair is naturally light and you have blue or green eyes, this white / ash blonde hair color is just right for you! Although it is a brilliant white-blonde, there are many balayage touches that soften the color. The roots are dove gray, and also in the mixture there are beautiful pearlized beige-blonde shades. Pearlized colors have a shiny finish that makes light blonde shades softer and more flattering. And so that the colors match perfectly with the color scheme of this model, there is also evidence of pink toner. It’s a wonderful, wavy, angled bob that’s ready to make an “entrance” on any special occasion!

Dove Gray Angled Bob with Purple Toner – medium length hair color ideas

Trendy Hair Color Designs for Medium Length Hair, Medium Hairstyle Ideas

The popular trend towards ashes and gray hair colors has really shaken people’s reaction to gray hair! It is no longer something we have to hide because we are afraid of the “aging effect” but a high-fashion option for all ages. This is a great example of mixed shades of gray, with a small purple and purple toner that adds warmth. The mid-length angled bob is suitable for most hair types and is very trendy this season. Gentle waves add extra volume to fine hair and the mix of shades of gray, from ash white to gray, creates a stylish 3-dimensional density!

Shaggy Medium Bob & Copper / Blonde Ombré for thick hair

Trendy Hair color designs for medium length hair, medium hairstyle ideas

This edgy, razor-cut style is a high-fashion look that’s perfect for getting the most out of thick hair! Long layers are thinned and structured at the tips, creating a shaggy, ragged atmosphere that is casual and trendy. Brunette roots gradually turn into warm copper balayage before letting them become sun-bleached blondes at the tips. The sides and back ends are ashen so you have seemingly sun-bleached hair on the front. But this is an expert color technique that creates a warm ribbon between the roots and the tips. It’s a fabulous way to add a simple, straight hairstyle to tons of style!

Flattering beige-brown update for brunette middle haircuts

Trendy hair color designs for medium length hair, medium hairstyle ideas

No wonder this hair color expert can not help showing off her handiwork in an exciting, new color design! Warm, mid-pear is a great way to give dark, coffee-colored hair a lighter, softer look. It’s also a fabulous hair color option for updating the dark blonde / mousy hair, rather than boring blonde stripes! This middle hairstyle is cut in long layers and retains the natural volume. Shapes are added at the tips, which are structured and refined to look thicker.

Fashionable gray to aschweiß middle Bob on fine hair

Trendy hair color designs for medium length hair, medium hairstyle ideas

Do you want a simple, easy-care Haircut for medium to fine hair ? Well, here it is! This no-nonsense bob can be cut to the same length or scaled forward. Long layers help fine and middle hair types look thicker. And the rough look of the ends, which are also heavily textured for a shaggy vibe, adds trendy “edge” to this fashionable style. Gray roots are gradually lightened to cool, ash-blonde ombré. And this model has also chosen a hair color that goes well with the deep blue and red shoulder tattoos!

Shaggy medium haircut in light gray & azure

Trendy Hair Color Designs for Medium Length Hair, Medium Hairstyle Ideas

Here’s a good way to go “blonde” without worrying about your hair having a hard or “tinny” yellow tone. It’s a youthful, medium-sized haircut cut in medium-long layers, making it easier to get a messy finish. It’s definitely a touch of glamor in the loose wave pattern, but the heavily textured tops are edgy and ragged. The wind-blown styling is a great way to add volume to fine or medium hair. And super-trendy graphite gray roots are gradually relaxing to cool ash blond, balayage highlights and ombré.

Blended brown-gray taupe with rose and gold tones

What a fabulously subtle mixed job it is! It’s hard to tell if it’s brown or gray, so I think the best description is “taupe.” “Taupe” is just the French word for “Mole” (if you’ve ever wondered). And since very few of us have ever seen a mole, they should have brown-gray fur. Anyway, it’s a hot, new hair color this season for anyone with dark blond, tan or mauve hair. The effect is slightly “grunge”, for those who love a grungy fashion style. But as with many color designs this year, toners have also been added to warm up, highlighting the hair in an exciting new way! And on an easy-care, long bob, this super mix of brown, gray, gold and purple brings the whole look to life!

Spectacular white ombré on brunette long, disheveled waves

Trendy hair color designs for medium length hair, medium hairstyle ideas

And finally, here’s a vivid, cut and color so full of texture, color and movement that it almost bursts off the page and starts to dance in front of you! I cheated a bit by putting a longhair hairstyle in my gallery medium haircut hair color ideas recorded. But this fantastic brunette, copper brown to beige and white-blonde ombré, would be just as good on one medium-length style work , The final and balayage work is outstanding and a great hair-inspiration at the end!

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