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10 messy braided long hairstyle ideas for weddings and holidays

The publication of this fashionable, messy braided long hairstyles means it’s time to choose your summer casual and wedding styles! This selection of 10 fashionable plaited should make the choice of a special half-up style an absolute pleasure. Whether you want a laid-back look for weekend outdoor activities or a semi-formal beach wedding style, come and join in the “come as you are” party!

Brunette Side-Braid on Warm Beige-blonde – messy braided long hairstyle

10 messy braided long hairstyle ideas for weddings and holidays

Chaotic long hairstyles are a key look for summer fashion this year. This half-up style brings a new look for trendy girls! The beautiful mix of dark and light tones creates wonderful patterns in thick twists that decorate the back and side of the head. Beige tones mixed with the ultra-loose braided hair draped on the back make a 3-D structure. And that’s a great way to make your hair look thicker. Loose tendrils relax the line around the face in this super, smart-casual look!

Rustic style with glam twist – messy braided long hairstyle

For the avant-garde bride who is proud of her original style, this long blonde look with a huge, floral corsage could be just what you’re looking for. The hair is parted in the middle of the back in a schoolgirl gesture, before the hair is braided in a very chic, inward-looking pattern. Mid-gray roots show up nicely against the white-and-blond Ombré. And the asymmetrical sides ponytail is a show stopper all to yourself! Loose strands on the sides keep the look casual enough for a semi-shaped wedding or an outdoor date, if you want to make a relaxed glam-impression!

Pretty Waterfall Pigtail & Sweet Blue Ombré – Messy Braided Long Hairstyle

This modern semi-braided hairstyle on long hair has a pleasant touch of fantasy. The top is a natural-looking hazelnut tone, which gradually brightens from beige-pink to blonde and with pretty blue balayage and ombré ends. So it’s definitely a new and original color design from a colorist with a lot of artistic talent. The cute, round headband and the beautiful back braid with pulled-out, flat details are youthful and dainty, in a fresh and feminine new look!

Boho Glam Ponytail & Scarf – messy braided long hairstyle

10 messy braided long hairstyle ideas for weddings and holidays

Here’s a dashing look that’s perfect for summer evenings, drinking cool wine with a group of friends! The flat side mesh decorates one side of the head in an asymmetrical touch and then turns into a chaotic herringbone braid. The black and white striped scarf evokes the dark roots beneath a real cascade of pale, natural-looking beige-blonde. The profile view shows an impressive silhouette with exaggerated volume on the crown and adds a trendy “Sex in the City” atmosphere.

Matching Bride & Bridesmaid – ruffled half hairstyle

These two beautiful chaotic half-up styles perfectly illustrate how the same basic hair colors have been matched to different skin tones. For this reason, we always recommend that you contact an experienced colorist to change your natural color. The hair on the left side has more golden tones than the cooler blonde balayage on the hairstyle on the right side. Since one size does not fit all, remember that skin has warm undertones warmth beige blonde balayage needs. And skin with cool or neutral undertones looks great cooler neutral beige-blonde shades

Refined ash blonde half-up hairstyle

This is an ingenious hairstyle that combines a refined upper half with tousled, goody loose hair underneath. What could be better for a special date or a seductive bridal hairstyle? The ash-yellow color has many beige tones to soften the effect on the skin with a warm undertone. Fresh, fresh twisted barrel curls add attractive pattern and texture over a lovely gray and blonde horizontal pigtail. It’s a beautiful and original look for every special event!

Romantic half-up hairstyle with plait detail in beige-blonde

With a Bardot blouse and hair that spreads goody around the bare shoulders, that’s a super attractive young look. Two pretty braids give the crown a “traditional village virginity appeal” and the 3-D structure of a flat braid on the back is a sophisticated touch. The blonde hue is a beautiful blend of light taupe and beige-blonde, making the hair look very natural. It’s a gorgeous style for long hair that will conquer hearts wherever you go!

Sexy messy half braid with waves

I would not recommend it for an evening event or anyone will think you were drunk when you arrived! LOL! On a model with casual jeans and a T-shirt, however, you look like a very relaxed person with a super cool attitude to life. It’s a lovely young look for long hair which softly combines soft colors and soft waves. Brunette roots are gradually changing into chic and natural-looking, beige-and-blonde cascades on the back – under a ‘shaky’, eccentric, flat braid that really very is goody!

Platinum-blonde over mid-taupe roots with trendy pigtail detail

Fabulous, right? And you do not have to wait 5 years to grow your long one because anyone can fake that gorgeous look on mid-length hair. Everything you need for this stunning summer wedding style is a faux ponytail! The roots are dark, but in a trendy shade of gray that is softer than black roots. And the platinum blonde tone is in shades of beige to give the pale blonde shade a bit of balancing warmth. Braided detail and a nice mix of vertical and horizontal movement around the head show the texture and color above it irresistible long, blond ponytail!

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