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10 messy updos for long hair

Are you obsessed with the messy updo, but not sure how to style your long locks? And are you looking for a solution? Then you have arrived at the right place! We’ve found the ten simple messy updos for long hair that will help you! Whether it’s a delicate, braided up’do, a chic chignon or a pretty hair bun, you’ll find your perfect long hair guaranteed!

Continue reading to discover the secret of the artful look disheveled!

Chaotic updos for long hair – Top 10:

1. Half Updo:

Half Updo

The half-up hairstyles are made fast and just as perfect for a day or even a wedding. For hair with a lot of body, try bulging products, and a round brush for extra bounce like that Tomb Raider Actress, Angelina Jolie did. We love their bomb look, complete with a wave and lots of volume.

2. Updo Updo:

Updo Updo
Leighton Meester looks strikingly beautiful with her long, voluptuous locks in a casually braided updo. She wears messy and shiny hair twisted and pinned on one side, and we love the delicate, flying hair that frames her face. Create Leighton’s easy up’do by teasing your hair on the crown, before pushing it back a bit and then fixing your “bubble” of hair with a discrete hairpin. Easy

3. Messy Milkmaid:

Messy Milkmaid
Actress Jennifer Lawrence is a picture of perfection with her milkmaid updo. We love the fresh “undone” look of this hairstyle, which is not over the top. To repeat this, divide the hair evenly on the back and braid each section separately. Pull the two sections over the ear and over the crown to the front and secure to form a halo. When you are done with the braiding, wrap and fasten, haze with a little hairspray

4. Chaotic Updo with Side Swept Bangs:

Messy Updo with Side Swept Bangs
Here is an elegant chaotic updo for long hair with side fingered pony Jessica Alba! She trims her hair up for this goody, boisterous updo. The actress blends these two bold elements for a flashy final look, and we love that she has left hair flataway to frame her face. A perfect retro-inspired look! If you have super-long hair and want to knot it, make sure it is well secured with hidden hair ties and needles so it does not fall off.

5. Chaotic Topknot:

Chaotic topknot
Juliane Hough keeps attracting us with her stylish and sophisticated look. The topknot is a great hairstyle for brunch with your ladies or a night out as it is simple yet glamorous. While nobody else can crack a top knot, we are not averse to trying it! First straighten the hair, pull the curls into a high ponytail and fasten them with an elastic hair. Wrap the ponytail underneath and pin it down. The goal is not to be perfect when creating this chic style.

6. Chaotic updo with headband:

Messy updo with headband
Charlize Theron looks effortlessly beautiful with her unstructured, tender, super-romantic up’do. The actress keeps her look fresh and easy with dewy skin and soft make-up. For one extra touch, she has used a pretty and feminine headband to glamorize a casual chignon.

7. Loose Low Bun:

Loose Low Bun
Singer Carrie Underwood’s casual updo features curls loosely twisted into a low-hanging knot. She wears long, whipping side ponies that frame her face, and pretty gold earrings that draw attention to her neckline. The updo is great for oval, square, round and oblong face shapes and makes for a fun, yet elegant look.

8. Messy Updo:

Messy updo
The singer-songwriter Rihanna Fenty looks fabulous with her curly, black hair in a playful up’do. For a roughened yet elegant look, you should add waves to the curling iron before you start the braid. Do not sweat the loose strands as they all add to the rock chic style.

9. Loose Side Bun:

Loose Side Bun
Actress and singer, Zooey Deschanel added a dash of pizzazz to her classic side-bun by wearing the style with volume and a soft messy pony. To restore their appearance, comb their hair through the crown and the back of the head. Cut out pony and pull your strands into a side roll. To finish the look, dab it with hairspray.

10. Chaotic braided updo:

Chaotic braided updo
Dianna Agron looks elegant and feminine with her artfully braided chaotic up’do. For an extra ruffled updo like Dianna Agron, make sure you give your hair a splash of texturing spray before you start the braid. Once you’ve broken the style, go back and pull out each section to add body. All in all a breathtaking Long Up’do for an evening or a special occasion.

Try these effortless, cute yet goody chaotic updos for long hair today! Also tell us how you liked this post. There is a comment field below!


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