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10 mistakes to avoid when applying make-up

When we look at women with make-up, we find that some look really stunning, while others look awkward and glaring. The women who do not make up well are the ones who have to make some of the usual makeup mistakes:

The first mistake is not brave enough : One thing you should always have when you want to look your best is total self-belief, and that should extend to new things without hesitation.

Forget to blind : Make-up would start with Concealor and Foundation and continue with blush, eye make-up and lip make-up, but if you do not mix that will give you a sketchy look. You need to mix the makeup well to have a coherent look, especially when it comes to blush, concealor and foundation. To make sure you have done a good job, make-up is to be considered in different types of lighting.

Excessive use of light colors : Bright colors make things pop and in the hot and hot weather, but do not overdo it. Plus, they’ll keep their eyes fixed on them, and that means you’ll only have to use bright colors after you’ve seen through things and more as an accent for something than the base itself.

Age at makeup make-up : The thing is, what did you like well, since young woman may not look so good in your mature years. In fact, you can be sure that it will not and you have to take this into account while choosing make-up. As you get older, your beauty changes, and that means your make-up needs to change as well.

4-in relation to your age

Carrying foundation that is wrong : We agree that finding the right amount of resources can be difficult to find the right foundation. The rule to follow is to choose the foundation that goes with the color of the skin on your neck and hairline. Also, you could use 2 shades of the foundation and mix it to get the right look if you feel the need.

Carrying foundation

Overboard with wax : While the plucking or waxing of the eyebrows is good and it keeps things looking and exaggerating neatly, this will give you that funny look. Plus grow in certain areas and also in the wrong direction you can permanently lose this hair. So be careful.

Do not give the eyelashes the curl As the make-up rules suggest, nothing is required, but there are some things that need to be done to loosen up the eyelashes. Is one of them. You will find that this helps to make the eyes look better and also helps with the application of mascara.

Applying make-up on a face that is naked : Usually skin has some oils and that will react with the makeup to give it a weird look, unless you give it some base. This means proper foundation in either cream or powder form so that the oils settle and then apply make-up. “Width =” 600 “height =” 400 “class =” aligncenter size-full wp-image-4780 “>

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Matte lipsticks completely wrong : The thing is matte lipstick needs to be moistened before applying the lips or else it looks pretty awful. This is because matte lipsticks have deliberately extracted the oils from them for the matte look and by applying matte lipstick to the bare lips, you’ll make it look weird.

Smoke a smoke : The one thing that causes more damage than most others is a smoke. And when you wear make-up, it will only serve to emphasize the harm that smoking has done to your appearance, rather than reinforcing it.

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