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10 pretty messy updos for long hair

Ups are not only incredibly practical; especially in the summer, to turn the hair off your face, but at the same time also very stylish – and that’s why they are becoming increasingly popular! From weddings to formal occasions, just a casual ponytail for work or play; The Up Do is so versatile and that’s why we’ve collected this collection of stunning, messy Up Dos to inspire you to do something different with your hair! Let us know which is your favorite style.

Braided Baby Blue Up Do

Pretty Messy Updo for Long Hair - Braid Updos 2018

This extremely eye-catching baby blue hair is pastel-colored perfect – especially if this stunning color is shown with such an amazing up! A beautiful plait was worked from one side of the head to the other across the top, and then most of the hair was whipped up and twisted into a beautiful knot at the back of the head.

Braided Low Curly Bun

Updo with loose braids - messy updos

This stunning brown glaze balayage hairstyle has been curled up to down in a romantic style to tight curls. She has worked an incredible French braid on one side of her head and has attached the remaining hair in a beautiful low knot. Loose ringellets are randomly designed to create the most beautiful style perfect for a formal event.

Stacked high loose bread roll

Messy, High Updos - Prom Hairstyle Ideas 2018

This totally gorgeous up is the perfect chaotic braided style we just can not get enough of – how nice is that? This lady has brown and blond balayage hair, and the color change is perfect with this stacked high messy knot swept onto her head. Loose curls fall around the front of the face and back for the perfect messy ending.

Red and blonde curly buns

Chic messy updo hairstyle for long hair

This lady is beautiful red hair Completed with beautiful blonde ends thanks to a striking Ombre transition. Her wonderful hair has curled up in tight curls from top to bottom, and she has tied the hair back and fastened it to a curly knot at the bottom of the head. Loose curls are dropped around the jaw line for the perfect, romantic finish.

Loose braided blonde rolls

Cute, Messy Braid Updo Hairstyles - Updos for Long Hair 2018 - 2018

This absolutely great, could only be our favorite of the group. This striking Bohemian style is so striking. From a dark brown with beautiful caramel blond highlights, this stunning lady has presented her remarkable hair tints by working a loose braid from front to back and then turning the rest of her hair into a nice, loose knot.

Messy Blonde Twisted Bun

Simple, messy twist updo French

This beautiful blonde hairstyle is oh so beautiful – we just can not get enough! With a beautiful white blond shade, this lady has blown the front piece back into a beautiful and loose bodice and then turned the rest of her hair into a curly knot loosely attached to create this striking silhouette. We adore this stunning style, right?

Chocolate Brown Pinned Up Do

Simple, messy updo hairstyle

Another absolutely stunning up to inspire you! This eye-catching and messy up shows the beautiful brown curls of this beautiful lady to perfection. Do not you agree? She has turned the front part back into a cool chasm and then pinned up the rest of her hair to create this messy and twisted style so that ringlets fall loosely around her face.

Drawn braided lace

Pretty braided updo hairstyle

We can not get enough of this eye-popping braided doing! With a plethora of beautiful blonde tones, this stunning lady has decided to braid her entire hair into a French braid by loosely pulling her braids to create this gorgeous voluminous look. The bulk of the hair has been made into a showy, twisted knot to finish perfectly.

Braided crown with flowers

Perfect Boho Updo with Flowers - Messy Braid Updo Hairstyle 2018- 2018

This absolutely gorgeous bohemian up can only be the perfect style – just gorgeous for a wedding or a festival, do not you think? Several braids work from the front to the back of the head and are attached to form this beautiful crown above the head. She has worked beautiful pink flowers throughout the braid to create a stunning and feminine finish.

Blonde twisted up with voluminous ruffles

Nice Updos for Prom 2018-2018

This beautiful golden blond hair is perfectly accented by this eye-catching curly hair up from which we simply can not get enough! The front of the hair has been returned to a voluminous fringe section and has curled the ends of her hair to this breath by pinning it up, which is perfectly perfect. This is a stunning style that is perfect for formal occasions or special occasions!

This absolutely stunning collection of chaotic ups gives us some serious hair inspirations – we hope that is true for you as well! Let know what styles we should explore for you.

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