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10 short haircuts for fine hair – great looks from the office to the beach!

Trendy short hair cuts with layers are a great way to get the most out of fine hair. Short pixies or bobs always attract attention to your eyes and there is a flattering style for every face shape. And everyone knows the latest color trends and edged cuts appear first on short haircuts! Say “hello!” To an exciting new “you” with one of the newest hairstyles for fine hair.

Smart, beige-blonde short haircuts for fine hair

Neueste Kurzhaarschnitte für feines Haar - Frauenfrisuren
Instead of struggling to bring density and volume into long, fine hair , this fashionable short haircut will reduce your styling time to almost nothing! Combed with a fantastic horizontal section around the crown, this super-chic urban look will stay smart from morning to night! I particularly like the structured back parts in light to dark shades. Since fine hair is not thick enough for stacked layers, the hair is divided into 3 different textures, which are accentuated by ribbons!

Perky Platinum Pixie – short hairstyles for fine hair

Neueste kurze Frisuren für feines Haar - Women Hair Styles
This platinum screen is loosened by a beige toner around the crown and a hint of light blue below it. The roots are just a little darker than the rest and there is a nice round shape on the back. Even the neck has rounded corners, so this is a more feminine look than the white-blond-black-root versions. This asymmetrical pixie haircut accentuates your eyes with a groovy new hairstyle!

Neutral beige-blonde with slipped back & sides – short haircuts for fine hair

Neueste Kurzhaarschnitte für feines Haar - Women Hair Styles
For a pretty natural blond tone, which is absolutely contemporary, this light, beige-beige color is hard to beat! It’s a gentle way to turn mouse-brown / dark blond hair into a chic look. The cut is edgy, back and sides are hummed briefly. In light color, however, they have no sharp, shaven mood. The deep side vertex creates an asymmetric, laterally swept edge that stands out from the short, lateral point. This ‘hip’ modern haircut keeps you cool all summer!

Beautiful long to short makeover on brunettes – short hairstyles for fine hair

Long hair was once called the culmination of a woman – nowadays we are more about tailor-made hairstyles! We can not fully see the face of the model, but I know that this short angled bob haircut flatters her face far more than straight, long hair. The back has been layered so it’s easy to get a sweet, fluffy volume and a nice texture around the crown. The front part of the side leaves an attractive section of hair to gently shine the eyes and frame the face soft and feminine. And for a casual look, it’s also a sweet and modern style, just pushing the hair behind the ear!

Chic ash-green-gray short haircuts for fine hair

Neueste Kurzhaarschnitte für feines Haar - Frauenfrisuren
Gray hair color trends have cut the line between fashion and naturally graying hair. This is great for hairstyles over 50, yay! There is so much choice of new color ideas for style-conscious women to spice up their gray hair . Embrace your gray with a playful color theme inspired by a windswept ocean. And sweet, baby blue highlights on the pony lend a youthful radiance. The fabulous horizontal texture under the crown is a trendy touch that adds lively movement to a beautifully balayaged hair design!

Exotic wavy texture & coral balayage

Neueste kurze Haarschnitte für feines Haar - Frauen Frisuren
This edgy hair design is definitely ready for an appearance at a special event! The hair has short, buzzing side points, but the hair has been cut into long sections above and below the blurred side vertex. This fits the theme of “contrasts”, seen between dark coffee hair and the beautiful beige-blonde and coral balayage . Defined wavy tresses have sharp, conical tips in another playful, wind-whipped look, in this awesome short haircut !

Oat-blonde & lavender tones on perky-high-quiff short haircut

Neueste Kurze Haarschnitte für feines Haar - Frauen Frisuren
This young and trendy short haircut showing multi-layered pixie cuts can have fabulous high texture with just a few polka dot styling product! The colors are light beige-blonde with lavender-pink toner, which was expertly applied between the quiff and the textured neck. There are no dark roots here, so the overall look is soft and flattering to skin tones with a warm undertone. No wonder the model looks so happy – she knows that this fabulous pixie cut fits her fine hair and fashion looks perfect!

Elegant silvery-white short hairstyle with long layers

Neueste Kurzhaarschnitte für feines Haar - Frauenfrisuren
Smooth make-up white and silver blonde hair is a great style for all ages! As a 50-plus style, it allows women to enjoy their natural white curls while wearing a youthful haircut that is totally fashionable.

And this style presents the upper part of the face, with gently shaped side points and an attractive wave around the forehead. The white hue has a touch of beige-blond on the roots and there is the slightest hint of lavender toner around the crown. The color is cool, so it fits best to a complexion with a cool undertone and the soft, blue-based lipstick fits in perfectly with this elegant shade!

Edgy easy-care Eton Crop in silvery blonde

Neueste Kurzhaarschnitte für Feines Haar - Frauen Frisuren
You would never guess in a million years that this was the regulatory haircut for almost all British schoolboys! However, this ultra-modern, bustling back and side style creates an interesting texture with a skilful use of contrasts. By defining and separating the even layers, the stylist has added a light and dark shade. This texture and the light touches of purple toner help fine hair look thicker. Short side points connect the upper and lower faces and you can adjust the separation to flatter your face shape!

Extremely shaggy short haircut in sun-bleached white

Neueste Kurzhaarschnitte für Feines Haar - Frauenfrisuren
We started today’s gallery with a super-chic “urban” hairstyle, so let’s end up with a hot, beach-weary blonde. The idea for this edgy style is over-bleached hair, with a matte texture and shaggy, separate layers. Extreme bleaching has thickened the hair shafts of this model. (N always do it at home .) The thicker texture can have vertical, “cut” layers with sharp, conical points and an irregular, angled bob line! This highly individual short cut fits perfectly with the personal style of the model!


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