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10 short straight hairstyles for round faces

Avoid many people with round face shapes short hairstyles because they think they are emphasizing the curve of their face. With the right haircut can a round face shape pull off more than just short hair, it looks great! A round face has slightly wider cheekbones, but also a great symmetry. Try out styles that help break the symmetry and include lengths and angles that help balance broader cheeks and lengthen the face. Take a look at the following collection 10 Short straight hairstyles for round faces and learn to hug the face shape you were born with and make the most of it!

1. Short layered straight hairstyle for round faces

2. Pretty straight short hairstyle for round faces

3. Short blonde haircut for straight hair and round faces

4. Short blonde hairstyle for straight hair and round faces

5. Asian copper short straight hair with round face

6. Straight Short Dark brown hairstyle with highlights for round faces

7. Straight Brown Bob hairstyle for round faces

8. Highlighted layered just short hairstyle for round faces

9. Chic Fine Straight Short Hair for Round Faces

Fine straight short hairstyles for round faces

10. Just fine line bob hairstyle for round faces

Straight Line Bob Hairstyles for Round Faces

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