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10 Simple Pixie Haircut Styles & Color Ideas

Here is one simple pixie haircut idea for fine hair which has a new kind of waves that create an edgy texture. The basic short back and sides contain a fine line of shaven details at the nape and in the squared side point. The subtle beige-blonde hue looks very natural and forms a soft contrast to the underlying light brown roots. Instead of a long fringe, this is another of the latest ‘pixie haircuts’ with a naked forehead. The restrained quiff creates a wave in the beautiful profile and there is a nervous crease in the upper waves, for a new twist!

Classic asymmetric pixie in funky neutral blonde

Trendy Short Hairstyles for Women, Easy Pixie Haircut Trends

These Pixiefrisur has a long, side swept pony from a deep side parting, so it’s one of the classic pixie haircuts that flatter a large number of faces. Just pixies with extra height at the top, are particularly flattering for round faces. When your face is long, the diagonal long fringe effectively “cuts” the forehead and breaks the long, symmetrical shape. And if you have a heart face, this edge will hide a wide forehead and minimize a narrow chin by focusing on the central area. And to make sure that you have a suitably current color, try this trendy neutral beige blonde!

Chic platinum blonde all-over pixie hairstyle with texture

Trendy Short Hairstyles for Women, Easy Pixie Haircut Trends

These adorable pixie hairstyle Worn with a chic black dress / white collar, is an authentic, 1960s Mod Look. And this one maintained Style is currently popular with creative women in the fashion industry because it is chic and appealing. The multi-layered Pixie creates sweet, fluffy volume on fine hair and makes it easy to style. And all-over platinum blonde looks softer and more feminine than blond with dark roots. The uneven, delicate fringes can be shaped to fit your face perfectly and highlight a pair of beautiful, blue or green eyes!

Front view of blond pixie hairstyle with rolled up fringes

Trendy Short Hairstyles for Women, Easy Pixie Haircut Trends

What could be easier to style than this short, multi-layered Pixie haircut? And it’s such a versatile look that you can wear it with any fashion style. This Pixie cut features the latest low-key quiff, styled to create a rather curved frame around an almost bare forehead. It’s a great way to disguise a square forehead by covering the corners and creating a new, curved “hairline”. The sides are carefully cut to hug the face in flat layers that end directly under the cheekbones. And the result is one beautiful, pale blond short haircut with a view of the forehead and the center of the eye. So it is a good choice for oval, heart, round and mature faces!

Long brunette Pixie hairstyle with rolled-up details and antique-golden balayage

Here’s a super new long pixie hairstyle, with lots of texture that creates extra volume on fine or medium hair. The hair is layered, the feathery tips are chic and playful in detail. And short, fine layers on the sides were arranged in pretty curves on the surface, adding the illusion of thicker hair. The long, side-swept edge has a beautiful, golden-blonde balayage that gives the face a texture and a flattering frame.

Brilliant red pixie hairstyle with orange balayage

Along with the abundance of new blondes this year, there is a strong and welcome trend for orange-red hair colors! Blonde hairstyles tend to gobble up the pages of fashion magazines, so readers with red heads, bright copper and brown hair can feel overlooked. But this year, there has definitely been a trend towards all shades of orange, especially the intense new colors recently perfected by hair color brands. So instead of blending black to get the darker orange tones, the latest colors are “highly pigmented” hues that perfectly mimic natural reddish brown! This neatly cut, ruby-colored leprechaun has an orange-colored balayage top that enhances the texture and movement of medium-thick hair emphasized.

Ultramodern white-blonde & silver pixie hairstyle

Trendy Short Hairstyles for Women, Easy Pixie Haircut Trends

This maximum impact pixie gives the faux-hawk a fantastic new twist! It’s a style you can achieve on fine or medium hair types, as it does not depend on the volume to create the shape. The back and sides are cut close to the head and provided with natural, dark blond roots. The longer layers are cut from the forehead to just above the neck into a faux-hawk and look super-stylish in silvery white blond. Styled from the crown forward, the stylist has created exciting layer-on-layer textures and curves that soften this stunning, simple pixie haircut!


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