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10 Simple Stylish Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair – Inspired Creative Braided Hairstyle Ideas

It’s amazing how far we go in designing modern braided hairstyles have come since their return a few years ago! And this trend continues to delight and surprise thanks to the artistic talents of so many experienced stylists / colorists! This gallery will inspire you everything to reconsider Zopffrisuren for formal and informal clothing. So get ready to see fabulous ash blond, gray, blond-balayaged brunettes and copper braided hairstyles that will look stunning for any occasion!

Young and casual high ponytail – simple stylish braided hairstyles for long hair

Long hair through creation of this impressive high ponytail enliven with simple plait details! A tall, swishy pony is always a flirty choice and this strong braid refreshes the look to a more modern style. A beautiful texture adorns the back on both sides of the shiny braid. And the beautiful, copper-brown hair color is also very popular this season.

Winding waterfall braid on beige blond – simple stylish braided hairstyles for long hair

Extra long hair is perfect for a dramatic braided hairstyle and this beautiful waterfall design will always give you a second (and third) look! And the beautiful mix and the interplay of delicate, beige-blonde highlights makes the asymmetrical braid come into its own! The colorist has used dark brown roots as background for vertical highlights that rise to pale ivory blonde. This creates amazing color patterns and the contrast helps to make hair look thicker.

High fashion gray chic – simply stylish braided hairstyles for long hair

The city style is always up to date with hair fashion and this ultra-chic, gray pigtail hairstyle is perfect for chic social evenings! Of the asymmetric braid is full of textures created by a broad, fishbone-like fishtail that adorns the back. And the central, low ponytail has a light blue strand to decoratively cover the closure. The expert colorist has graphite gray on the roots, with a nice shade of light ash blonde (with pink / beige tones), for the ombré. And as you can see, this inspired color combination is already transforming you trendy braided style in a total scenegänger!

Super stylish braid hair design – stylish braided hairstyles for long hair

The natural mousey the model, light gray-brown color is no longer something to cover up! soft greige is one of the favorite colors of the season and is brightened by a beautiful, medium golden blonde Ombré. The stylist has created trendy faux-hawk texture and volume top before the braid starts at the crown. Two tight braids adorn one side and the back and give one amazing, loose, low braid even more asymmetry!

Romantic bridal hairstyle on long light-copper hair

This ultra-romantic hairstyle, with a dainty flower ring, is one of the sweetest braided hairstyles any times! As a bridal hairstyle, it’s perfect for an informal wedding – in summer or abroad on a sunlit beach. The clever colorist has added subtle blonde highlights in strawberry blonde, adding 3-D color depth and pattern in the mesh. With just a touch of crimping, this is a gorgeous party hairstyle that is full of fabulous texture and wavy movement!

Big braid on brunette hair with subtle blonde balayage

10 Simple Stylish Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair - Inspired Creative Braided Hairstyle Ideas

You can see an experienced colorist helped create this wonderful new pigtail hairstyle! In the best places you have put light blond details on the braid to imitate the look of reflected light! And fine, vertical accents in beige and gold tones transform you simple, low ponytail in a dazzling bronde Fashion feature. This big, beautiful braid creates a super 3-D texture by enlarging itself to the nape. And there is a lot more texture in the crossed side strands!

Half-up faux-hawk in brown & beige blonde

Since it is a popular new braided hairstyle I thought that you would like to have instructions on how to do it at home! The loosely braided plait helps to enhance the impression of thicker hair and dark roots that emphasize the great textures. And you can see how human hair extensions give the length and density we naturally desire. Retracted from the face she leaves her forehead bald, but the teasing gives up height that is flattering to round faces.

Artistic semiformal braided hairstyle in gray & azure

Some special occasions hairstyles are so artistic and full of fashion flair, they deserve to be in an art gallery! This talented stylist has chosen a symmetrical design that is perfectly presented in different shades of gray. The dark gray roots move through medium shades of gray with just a touch of beige, to soften the look. And the super-center braid with ‘pulled out’ sections, stands beautifully in pale ash blonde!

Pretty Party Ponytail & Braid Hairstyle

10 Simple Stylish Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair - Inspired Creative Braided Hairstyle Ideas

Here’s another style that you can easily fake by picking up a cute ponytail hair piece! It’s a fabulous style for a party or other semi-formal event, and looks great with a summer dress or a backless evening gown. There is a lot of style and texture in the pages, as dark roots and wheat-blonde balayages emphasize the weave. Extra height above is good for extending your face shape. And who does not enjoy the convenience of being cut into a slippery ponytail from time to time!

Demanding triple connection ‘big braid’ in ash blond

10 Simple Stylish Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair - Inspired Creative Braided Hairstyle Ideas

The popularity of different shades of gray has encouraged smart stylists to create spectacular “big” ones Designing pigtails ! And styles that may have been “over-the-top” in multicolored blond or copper hair colors just look stunning in black and white! There is no doubt that when you stand next to this model at a dinner dance, you immediately feel that your hair or dress is too light! This magnificent triple loop and pigtail hairstyle should all Attract attention in a sophisticated blonde look!

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