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10 Stunning Up Do Hairstyles – Bun Updo Hairstyle Designs for Women

Up Dos is not only incredibly practical, it keeps all your hair off your face and makes you feel good, but also very beautiful. If you carry your hair up, you can offer a variety of eclectic looks, each one as breathtaking as the last, and with a few simple tips and tricks, you can create a wonderful selection of hairstyles that will help you get away from it all to take off the crowd. Here are some of our most popular updos for you to recreate in your own time.

Pulled and Pinned Blonde Bun Updo

Chic Loose updos prom wedding holiday hairstyles-2018

If its about up dos goes, pins and bobby pins are your best friend. This lady has brought back her stunning blonde hair by twisting hair and creating this unique, sweeping finish. She twisted and pinned the ends of her hair to create that beautiful effect, dropping a few thin strands around her face to finish it off.

Braided brown to copper ombre bun

loose-braid-updo-hairstyle-2018-messy updo-for-summer

Is there a better way to show off your beautiful Ombre Locks than with a curly up that brings both colors to perfection? This lady has a dark brown to copper hairdo, and she has taken the front strands of hair and made them into French braids that gather at the back of the head to meet in this beautiful handcuffed and curled hairstyle.

Swept Back Blonde Up Do – Casual Updo for Women Medium Long Hair

pretty-messy updo-casual everyday hairstyle-for-women-2018

Sweeping back the front of your hair creates a cool and contemporary fringe look that looks absolutely incredible when you put it in a needle – as this lovely woman proves it. Her white, blond curls are curly and have been crafted into a wonderful, twisted and pinned look that is as pretty as we are sure.

Braided and pinned blond Bun Updo

braid-hair updos for girls with medium to long hair

Balayage hairstyles are so beautiful, especially if they are put into a pretty make-up like this one! The brown to golden blonde hair of this lady was pulled into a messy tied bun at the back of her head. The front parts were plaited backwards in a French braid style to hit the ends of the hair that make up the bulk of the dough.

French Braided Updo Hairstyles


French braids are lately the rage, offering a wonderful way to do your hair in an up. The beautiful brown to blonde balayage hair of this lady was worked from the front of the head to the back in a French braid, which holds the hair tips up for this fantastically curved, finished look. Loose strands fall around the head for the ultimate wispy end.

Drawn, braided and twisted golden rolls

pretty-updo-hairstyle for prom

When your hair is full of golden highlights like this dear woman, it is important that you learn how to create a breathtaking up to show the colors at work. From the front of the hair is a French plait collected, swept all the hair up and pulled back. The strands are pulled loose to the effect, then the ends of the hair were for this magnificent curly knot Effect turned and pinned.

Half French Braid Half Curly Bun Updo


A story of two halves; This remarkable hairstyle includes two stunning hairstyles in a remarkable appearance and creates a beautiful hairstyle that is easy to die for. This rich dark brown style was divided into two sections. The front part is worked from one side of the head to the other in a French braid, with the other hair half to this artful Curl rolls is processed.

Blonde ring necklace with low bun – updos for curly hair

curly-updo is perfect for a wedding prom or any other formal occasion

Ringlets were edited by this luscious blonde hairstyle, which is a collection of golden colors, from root to tip, creating this stunning curly style that is full of bounce. She has the ends of her hair to one twisted knots processed, which she pinned at the nape of her neck. We love the loose strands that surround her face!

Knoted Blonde fixed updos for short hair

chic updo hairstyle ideas for short hair

Up dos don ‘t just work on long hair – they look just as nice on short hair! This lady is blessed with a ravishing bob that ends around the jaw height, and has worked the ends of her hair knotted into this incredible, clinging to the hair to create this incredible finished look. The end result is really something special.

Twisted and Tucked Under Updo – Balayage Hairstyles

Quick-and-cute updo for shorthair

Wir beenden unsere Gallery of updos in fine form with this stunning twisted and undered style. This lovely lady has her golden curls incorporated into this unique hairstyle by twisting a hairline and wrapping it around the back of the head. The ends of the hair have been underlaid to create this unique and pinned look that is so stylish.

From long to short hair, from curly to straight, a unique hairstyle will completely change your look. This gallery offers an overwhelming range of hair inspirations that you can replicate in your spare time – so be brave and try it out!

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