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10 stylish long hairstyles from the 60s

Image: Getty [19659006] Launched in 1960 by stylist Margaret Vinci Heldt of Illinois, the hive has undergone a renaissance over the years and is now a symbol of retro kitsch. The actress Penelope Cruz looks with her in a large beehive hairstyle curls hot smoking. We love how Cruz, left bangs loosen up to frame her face and create a softer and less harsh outline of her face. Use Anti-Frizz and pin your hair to avoid flying hair!

They are chaotic, frizzy, totally relaxed, but they are chic, fun, and we absolutely love them. The hairstyle was first seen on Joan Baez with a medium, long, natural hairstyle – almost half a decade before she prevailed. You can just wear a strip of lace or satin to achieve this look.


Image: Getty [19659019] If you’re in a hurry and do not feel like playing with your ponytail but still want to look ridiculously glamorous, then you definitely have to look at Poppy Delevigne. Inspired by Catherine Deneuve, this 1960s style is simple and elegant. For the “pull your hair back in a high ponytail and comb your back of the hair on the crow for the height, and voila – you have it!

5. Half Up Half Down:

Half Up Half Down

Image: Getty

Get in touch with your inner Brigitte Bardot with this “Half Up Half Down”. This timeless Half-Updo is a perfect example of goody and playful, and fortunately for us it’s one of the simplest DIY retro look as well. Pick up a piece of hair to create a lot of volume before cutting halfway up.

6. Drawn Back Bouffant:

Drawn back Bouffant

Image: Getty

No sixties race would be complete without Jean Shrimpton’s famous Bouffant. This style radiates a flirtatious, feminine atmosphere that looks absolutely perfect! To achieve this beautiful style, start painting your hair over your crown. Then pull back the front bang area and fix it with pins. Finish the look with a strong hair spray.

7. Poker Straight Hair:

Poker Straight Hair

Image: Getty

It really does not get any easier, right? Inspired by Singer Cher’s 60’s long haircut, Ashley Greene looks stunning with her straight hair. The long curls work well with thin, straight hair, though you can use hair straightening tools to tame your hair when it is wavy or curly.

8. Victory Rolls:

Victory Rolls

Image: Getty

Want a 1960s style for shoulder-length hair? Look no further than Dita Von Teese. Pretty versatile, as they can be done on medium and long hair, the hairstyle is perfect for any occasion. Use a curling iron and heat-styling protective spray for the perfect, long-lasting curls.

9. Pin Curls:

Pin curls

Image: Getty

There is a reason why Marilyn Monroe is an icon of aging. In addition to her good appeal, diva style became the basis for what we still consider to be glory and glory. A perfect hairstyle for a big night, the dreamy, voluminous curls look good on any face shape. Give your hair a seductive makeover with the romantic curls – and if you have enough courage, try this platinum blonde who is screaming – attention!

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10. French twist with beehive:

French twist with hive

Image: Getty

Here comes one of the most elegant 60s long hairstyles. Ah, the beloved French twist. The style of the world famous British fashionista was outrageously goody. She posed elegantly and stacking the hair of her choice, and each girl wanted a piece of her self-confidence signature. To replicate that, all you need is a rat tail comb to turn the ends of the ponytail to the side, and a couple of bobby pins to fix them and tease the crown to make a combination of updo and hive.

Try It These classic 60s hairstyles for long hair and hypnotize your colleagues! And tell us how you liked the post! There is a comment field below.

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