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10 stylish symmetrical hairstyles to inspire you

Gone are the days of asymmetrical hairstyles. Today’s version is chic, trendy and symmetrical on average. From singer Rita Ora, actress Nina Dobrev, singer Beyonce, and actress Ashley Greene – we’ve put together a list of A celebrities who rocked these show-stinging hairstyles

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1 . Long, Side Parted Hair:

Long, Side-Parted-Hair

Image: Getty

When it comes to long, straight hair, nobody does it better than Machiko Ono. Her split-sided hair gives the look a light, effortless appeal and the texture gives it a nice dimension. To emulate Machiko Ono’s 66th annual Cannes Film Festival style, you naturally start to dry your hair or dry it with a brush. Once you’re done, stretch your hair with a flat iron and follow it by applying a texturizing spray.

2. Long Bob with Blunt Bangs:

Long Bob With Blunt Pony

Image: Getty

Cool? Yes. Fancy? Certainly. Hot without trying? That too. Supermodel Tyra Banks, long bob with pony is a perfect hairstyle – for everyone, at any age. Dull and smooth with no layers, the super-light hairstyle extends your face and makes you look more flashy.

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3. Bob with Side Swept Bangs:

Long Bob With Blunt Pony

Image: Getty

The Bob of the model with laterally curved bangs flatters every face shape. The incredibly straight and shiny hairstyle is perfect for a night, a black tie event or a date evening. Just achieve the look with a hair straightener and a shine serum like John Frieda Frizz-Ease 100% shiny shine.

4. Wavy Bob:

What’s cool about Jessica Szohr’s hairstyle is her natural texture, a bit of disheveled bob, and those subtle layers that make it an effortless look, by the way. Be inspired by Jess and keep the look well structured with regular strands, anti-frizz serum and volumizing mousse.

5. Pulled Back Hairstyle:

Long Bob With Blunt Pony

Image: Getty

The actress Rita Ora looks edgy and trendy with her white blond hair, set back in a symmetrical bob. The textured hairstyle allows you to clearly see their hair color and this beautiful facial feature. So good that you just want to recreate it as fast as possible.

6. Sleek ponytail:

Long Bob With Blunt Pony

Image: Getty

Selena Gomez, a wavy bob with a curved pony on the side, is timeless and chic. We love the subtle curls on the bottom of her hair, as well as the shiny texture. To restore this easy-to-use hairstyle, use Volume Mousse, Curling Tong, and Shine Serum.

8th page Parted Long Bob:

Long Bob With Blunt Pony

Image: Getty

The short castle of Ashley Greene is perfect for a stunning side thrust. We love the bicolor hair color, and her smooth, swept-up hair allows her to extend her face brilliantly. Simply apply a smoothing gel to wet hair and blow dry with a round paddle brush. Finish the ironing by ironing your hair and brushing it with luster serum

9. Half Updo:

Long Bob With Blunt Pony

For the California premiere of Monster House Spencer Locke opted for a casual half. Perfect for your date night, to create this flirtatious hairstyle, use hair spray and a hair dryer to stretch your hair. Once you’re done, tease your hair on the crown and daub it with a light hairspray. Finish the look with a neutral pen.

10. Long, Poker Straight Hair:

Long, poker straight-hair

Image: Getty

At the 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Beyonce looked divine with her long, straight hair. To duplicate the look, cut your hair in the middle and blow dry the hair. Next, apply a styling lotion to straighten your hair. Once you’re done, spray your hair with a shine spray and flatten it with a flat iron.

So you have it – our favorite symmetrical hairstyles. We hope you enjoy reading this post. Tell us your opinion in the comments!

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