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10 techniques to get chic wavy hair

What comes to my mind when I say Beach Bum? A beautiful sun kissed girl with beautiful wavy hair as a result of sea salt laden air. Who did not dream of having such a relaxed hair? I certainly have! But the thought of using a curling iron on my hair to create a style that looked effortless seemed too funny to me. So I scoured the Interwebz to find ways to get those beautiful waves in my hair as effortless as possible. And as always, the internet has not failed. So here I bring you the 10 simplest techniques to get gorgeous wavy hair!

How to get wavy hair – 10 simple techniques

1. Princess Leia Bun’s technique

Princess Leia buns technology

Image: Source

The power will certainly be with you as you embark on this journey to get wavy hair. All you have to do is roll up your hair in 2 buns (a la Princess Leia) and you’ll end up with the hair of your dreams in the morning!

What you need
  • hairbrush
  • Anti-frizz serum
  • Bobby Pins
How To Style
  1. Brush all the knots and knots out of your still wet hair.
  2. Apply anti-frizz serum to your hair so it does not scratch it dry.
  3. Divide your hair in the middle.
  4. Take a 2-inch piece of hair from the right near the left side of your crest.
  5. Start twisting it as you add more and more hair from both
  6. As soon as this twisted section of hair passed your ear, the hair twisted the rest of the way down to the end.
  7. Roll this twisted hair into a knot and pin it behind your ear. You can also use some hair ties to further attach it.
  8. Repeat the same process on the right.
  9. Sleep with these twisted buns in your hair overnight.
  10. Open your buns the next morning and shake off your hair.
  11. Rub a little argan oil over your wavy hair to make it shine.

2. The hair knot technique

The hair knot technique

Picture: Instagram

I love it when I find a completely new styling technique. And this particular one is so awesome that I can not believe that I did not think of it myself. Seriously, whoever thought of curling his hair, it’s a genius.

What you need
  • hairbrush
  • Claw clips or double clips
  • hair spray
How To Style
  1. Brush all knots and mattings from your damp hair.
  2. Take a 3-inch piece of hair from the front and make a loop with it near the roots.
  3. Pull the back end of the hair through the loop, but not all the way through.
  4. Click this knotted section of hair on your head.
  5. Create such knots with all your hair.
  6. Leave the knots for a few hours until your hair dries.
  7. Spray on some hairspray before opening the knot.
  8. Brush your hair to give your waves a softer look.

3. Twisted Crown Technique

The hair knot technique

Image: Source

Girl, you are a queen, and everything you do must be regal. This twisted hair technique lets your hair sit like a crown on your head as you doze. Unravel the crown and you will end up with amazingly wavy hair.

What you need
  • Haarklemmen
  • U-pins
  • Light hair spray
How To Style
  1. Divide your damp hair center and divide it into 2 sections, one on each side.
  2. Just turn the hair left, right to the end.
  3. Place this twisted hair over your crown and put it behind your right ear
  4. Insert additional hairpins and U-pins to secure them further.
  5. Repeat steps 2 to 4 on the right.
  6. Hold this crown in your hair overnight.
  7. Spray on some hairspray over your hair before untangling it and shaking the waves.

4. The scarf technique

The hair knot technique

Image: Source

Here is a style that you can play while doing sports while making waves. This scarf hairstyle makes a delightful pin-up style, and once you open it, your hair will be its best wavy self.

What you need
  • Texturing spray
  • A scarf
  • Hair elastic [19659011] How to style

    1. Spray on texturizing spray over your damp hair.
    2. Tie a hair elastically just a few inches over the ends of your hair.
    3. Tie a knot in the center of your scarf.
    4. Hold your scarf behind your head and fold the end of your ponytail over it.
    5. Start rolling the scarf to your head while wrapping your hair around it.
    6. When you have reached the hair roots, tie the end of the scarf to the head.
    7. Sleep with this wrapped hair overnight and remove it in the morning to get gorgeous wavy hair.

    5. The straightened-braid technique

    The hair knot technique

    Image: Source

    Now here’s an innovative way to get that wavy hair in an instant. This technique requires some straightening, but gives the hair some well-defined waves and tons of ink.

    What you need
    • hair Bands
    • straighteners
    • Hairspray with a light hold
    How To Style
19659012] Start with the dry hair and thread all your hair into several braids, depending on how thick and long your hair is.
  • Loosen your braids to make them as flat as possible.
  • Pull your straightener at the top of your first pigtail and hold it there for a few seconds.
  • Then pull your braid down a little, hold your iron again and hold it for a few seconds.
  • Repeat this until you ”
  • Repeat this process with all your braids.
  • Spray some hairspray before opening your braids.
  • Shake your hair to create more volume in your waves. [19659023] 6. The hair scrunch technique
    The hair knot technique

    Image: Source

    Looking for a goody way to wear wavy hair? Hair Scrunching is what you need to do! And the best part? No comb, no brush, no clips. Your hands are everything you need!

    What you need
    • Volumizing Mousse
    • towel
    How To Style
    1. Apply a blob of volumizing mousse to your hair right after you step out of the shower. 19659009] Towel dry your hair as much as possible.
    2. Bend your head forward so that your hair falls in front of you.
    3. Now start crunching your hair from the ends by pressing them into your hands and squeezing for a few seconds.
    4. Do this every 10 minutes until your hair is completely dry.

    7. The snake braiding technique

    The hair knot technique

    Picture: Instagram

    OK, ladies. Get your nimble fingers ready for this insane braiding technique. This Dutch braid that snakes around your head makes for a really cool hairstyle before it’s opened to unravel your wavy hair.

    What you need
    • Elastic hair
    • Hairspray with a light hold
    • tuft of hair
    • 19659011] How to style
      1. Brush your damp hair to remove all knots and tangles.
      2. Turn your entire hair forward, in front of your head.
      3. From near your left ear, to your neck Begin Dutch by braiding your hair horizontally.
      4. Take a 2-inch piece of hair and divide it into 3 strands.
      5. Braid this hair by twisting the side strands under the middle strand and adding more hair to the braid with each additional strand.
      6. Once your Dutch braid has reached the right ear, change your pattern and continue braiding in the opposite direction.
      7. Lichen so that all your hair is braided a ‘snake pattern’
      8. As soon as you have no hair left to add braid, just plait the rest of your hair down. Put this tail of your braid on your head.
      9. Leave this “snake” pigtail until your hair is dry.
      10. Spray on some hairspray before you open your braid.
      11. Brush your hair to reveal gorgeous, wavy hair.

      8. The Fishtail Braid Technique

      The hair knot technique

      Image: Source

      Perhaps the simplest species out there, the Fishtail lichen technique is the easiest way to make the chice. What do you have to do? Only fishtail braid your hair. That’s it.

      What you need
      • Texturing spray
      • Elastic hair
      How To Style
      1. Spray texturing spray over your almost dry hair.
      2. Divide your hair into 2 sections. 19659009] Take a thin strand of hair from the outside of your left section and add it to the inside of your right section.
      3. Take a thin section of hair from the outside of your right section and attach it to the inside of your left section.
      4. Repeat steps 3 and 4 in turns until you reach the end of your braid and then fasten it with a hair band.
      5. Sleep with this braid overnight.
      6. Open your braid the next morning and shake your hair out of your waves.

      9. The Friar-Tuck technique

      The hair knot technique

      Image: Source

      You would be surprised how many options an elastic headband can offer you. A good purpose is to create super defined waves in your hair. Another is to use it as a slingshot to attack your enemies.

      What you need
      • hairbrush
      • Sea Salt Spray
      • Elastic headband
      • silk scarf
      • dry shampoo
      How To Style
      1. Brush all the knots and balls from your dry hair.
      2. Split your hair in the middle.
      3. Moisten your hair by spraying with sea salt spray over it.
      4. Put your headband in such a way that it lies on your forehead and all your hair is underneath.
      5. Take a hair from your left side, flip it up and put it under the headband.
      6. Now add more hair (19659009) Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you reach the back of your head.
      7. Then repeat the whole process of tapping on the right side.
      8. Tie a silk Peel your hair so it does not curl and leave it overnight.
      9. Remove all your hair from the headband the next morning and take out your tangles.
      10. Finish with a little dry shampoo to give your waves more support.

      10. The flat iron technique

      The hair knot technique

      Image: Source

      I get it. Sometimes you make your hair decisions at the last minute. This wavy hair technique is for one of these days. Because it is not possible to wait a few hours to style your hair in waves, this flat iron technique will bring you results in minutes!

      What you need
      • dry shampoo
      • 1.5 inch flat iron
      • Sea Salt Spray
      • Hairspray with a light hold
      How To Style
      1. Start by spraying dry shampoo on the hair roots.
      2. Cut off the upper half of the hair.
      3. With a flat iron, curl the bottom half of the loose hair below
      4. Clip the hair on top and repeat the previous step
      5. Spray on some sea salt spray and scratch your hair with your hands to give your waves more structure
      6. Close with a little hair spray to prevent your waves from unraveling through the day.

      Well, there you have it! Our selection of the most effective ways to get wavy hair. Well, since you know how to get wavy hair, what are you waiting for? Comment below to let us know which wavy hair techniques are best for you.

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