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10 trendy celebrity inspired short hairstyles

The hottest hair trend of summer – short hairstyles – is back! How will you wear yours? From Emma Watson’s lithe pixie, Kate Peck’s goody quiff, to Hayden Panettiere’s short twist, be inspired by our list of the hottest hairstyles from our favorite celebrities …

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1. Sleek pixie:

The beautiful short and polished locks of actress Emma Watson are a constant source of envy for most girls out there! In a golden, slim pixie, Emma’s hairstyle really brings out her highlights and accentuates her face beautifully.

A great I-only-my-hair-up look, this Pixie Celebrity Short Haircut is an easy way to create and maintain. That’s the beauty of this hairstyle, it’s easy and fast to make – all this hairstyle requires a flat iron and hairspray. Pair it with your dewy and glowing skin and voila, you have become an elegant and over chic style.

2. Pompadour:

To give your look an extra glamor, opt for a refined, soft curly hairstyle. Do it like Jaimie and finish it off with a touch of warm pink rouge and a dull red lip to be so chic.

To create this look, start by teasing the hair with a soft brush. Once you have created volume and shine, take large parts of your hair and tease the top of your hair with a fine comb and spray with hairspray for some added shine and texture. Release the top piece that you have thrown back, pull the rest of the hair and secure it with hair clips.

3. Side-Shaven Mohawk:

Dominique looks hot in this mohawk – and of course she can wear it well! Here we see the actress Sport a modern and super edgy look. Shaved on the sides and a mohawk in the top, this bold hairstyle is whimsical, stylish and perfect for the heart, square and oval faces. We love the amp-up look, and if you’re brave enough to wear it, use a lot of hairspray to keep that sky-high style.

4. Choppy Pixie:

Choppy Pixie

Soft, natural-looking chops were the perfect complement to the super girly premiere of actress Kiersey Clemons Focus News , Perfect peachy around the front to shape her face, we love her minimal make-up too. For those who want to take their natural black hair to the next level, we recommend this image from Cutie Kiersey as an inspiration to your hairdresser.

Elegance, fun and beauty at its best to recreate that glamorous hairstyle, you need textured gel along with a curling iron, that is, if you have straight, straight hair to make it a little untidy,

Tip: If your pony has an awkward length, then with the help of hairspray, side-by-side your tendrils like Kiersey.

5. Side-Fringe Pixie:

Side-Fringe Pixie

Actress Elsa Pataky has worn this natural look for a while and we were thrilled. Although adult goblin is difficult to care for, Elsa proves the opposite with her slightly split edge. The actress has her hair shorter on the back, while the longer parts of her side hairs just flow freely, and that really does bring out the brim in her looks.

To restore this easy-peasy hairstyle; Sweep your hair in one direction, spray a good amount of texturizing mousse and give the hairstyle a lot of texture and dimension with the help of your fingers. Keep in mind that the longer length of your hair can help frame your face perfectly while still looking like a rock star.

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6th Quiff:

lip color, which fits her loose hairstyle.

To get that look at home, start by cutting the hair off the crown. Now, if you want a more subtle look, make the quiff smaller. Perfect for the hair of the second day, if you have styling with freshly washed curls, add a generous drop of Kerastase Volume Active Mousse to the top section of your hair for support. Blow-dry the front part of the hair and start to tease the crown (backcoming hair from back to front). Once finished, take a soft round brush and style the rest of your hair by sliding it back. Finish with a spray of hair spray!

7. Curly Bob:

Curly Bob

Actress Vanessa Hudgens trades her normal long, wavy hair for short, unobtrusive curls on the bottom – and still looks very pretty. The singer’s subtle curls are big, voluminous and coquettish, give her a lot of life and make us envy.

Restore this simple hairstyle by blow drying your hair with a round brush for extra volume. Then use a slender barrel curling tong to create subtle waves. Wrap a few selected hair parts on a low heat around the forceps. Once finished, brush your loose curls for natural-looking waves and customize this hairstyle with sophisticated make-up for best results. Totally trendy hairstyle, we would try to focus this look on our next evening, brunch or get-together.

8. Layered Pixie:

Layered pixie

How much do we love Audrey Tautou and her layered pixie? Well, a lot. Nevertheless, we love her signature so much that we make an appointment with the hairdresser as we type this.

To copy this chic and modern look, use your fingers to apply a texturizing mousse to your damp hair and dry your hair. If your hair is super-short, you should use a curling iron to rework the parts for a smooth, yet uncut look.

9. Short twisted ponytail:

Short twisted ponytail

And this is how you style your shorthair into a ponytail. Actress Hayden Panettiere looks hot in her short, twisted pony with her blond hair. Prim and right!

To mimic Hayden’s appearance, straighten your hair straight to make it sharp, spray it with a strong hairspray (like Nexxus Exxtra Gel) for extra hold and texture. Now cut out the hair and twist it to the back of your hair and use handles to hold it in place. To accentuate the facial features, blow out the loose parts and stroke them aside. Fog in place. Gorgeous, right?

10. Side Bob:

Side Bob

Blonde hair color is a great addition to any hairstyle, especially if it’s a Side Bob ala Chloe Sevigny. The great thing about the rounded side bob is that you instantly have volume and texture without trying. Chloe’s style is absolutely stylish and with the side-folded pony, she gets a feminine and chic look. Make sure you consult your stylist before changing your hair color.

Bring out your short-lived creativity and try these celebrity short hairstyles yourself. Let us know your favorite hairstyle in the comment box below!

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