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10 Trendy Medium Hairstyles and Top Color Designs

This is another fabulous example of how to make the appearance of thicker hair on medium or fine hair. The palette consists of a series of close-fitting beige and gold blonde hair colors, with some low-lights in cocoa-brown color. The cut is a middle bob that grazes the shoulders in layers of the same length. This is a great option for fine hair as the undulating waves and “messy” finish add volume and thickness.

Flattering medium Goldenblond – of course trendy middle hairstyles

Clever 3-D Blonde & Brown come together in a shaggy, angular medium bob to create a light copper look. This color design is perfect for spicing up mousy or dark blond hair to a fairly natural color. It does not need more attention than finger styling for a fashionably disheveled, everyday style. It’s also long enough to create fancy upstyles for special events. And this warm caramel color is very flattering to medium skin with warm undertones!

Dark & ​​Light multicolored angled bob for fine hair

Trendy Medium Hairstyle, Women Shoulder Length Haircut Ideas

This is the right length for fine hair so it does not look long and thin. And this chic and casual, mid-height bob haircut has a slightly tapering outline of slightly textured peaks. The color mixture creates a lot of color depth from coffee brown at the nape of the neck to some white-blond highlights on the sides. But this contrast is nicely broken up by the beautiful light beige and pale golden shades in the middle!

Beautiful shaggy long / medium hairstyles – mixed blonde & auburn

Trendy middle hairstyle, women shoulder length haircut ideas

And that’s a super-thin, shaggy haircut for those with thick hair! The fantastic wave movement starts at the roots above and wiggles in long layers to the heavily textured peaks. The long and lovely wave pattern is gently broken by the lively mix of dark and bright balayage. The shades are pale gold and darken to a natural caramel beige with cocoa brown on the neck. These colors match wonderfully to medium skin with warm undertones!

Plum roots with a fashionable ash blond wavy bob

Trendy Middle Hairstyle, Women Shoulder Length Haircut Ideas

This is one of our favorite cuts and colors this week for many reasons! The ‘Vintage’ Ash Blonde has pale, pearl beige accents skillfully placed to accentuate the curvature of the waves. And the plum-blond roots above look chic and modern. This hair color design reminds us how important it is to choose colors that match our clothes. And you can see that the colorist chose this shade to complement the fashion outfits perfectly! Simply coordinate lip and nail polishes for a perfectly “neat” finish.

Pearly light brown shaggy bob with multi-balayage

Trendy Medium Hairstyle, Woman Shoulder Length Haircut Ideas

This very clever colorist has used silver, gold and ash shades to create a pearlescent effect on a light brown base! We have never seen that! And the result is a very refined look for long hair! The more you look at this fabulous color design, the more you marvel at the mixed colors. There is a beautiful touch of warm, copper-brown on the top – yet the laces are cool shades of dark ash blonde. This inspired mix of warm and cool tones brings amazing movement and texture to the long layers of this very fashionable (and noble) praise!

Edgy shaggy angled bob with razor-sharp tips

Trendy Middle Hairstyle, Women Shoulder Length Haircut Ideas

If you want to draw attention to a sweet face, try a chopped off, highly textured bob with pointed tips! The contrast between straight lines and choppy hair emphasizes the soft curves in your face in a chic way. very chic. This shaved, angled bob is perfect for thick hair with enough density to support stacked layers around the neck. Vertical, blond accents in caramel and white-blonde tones accentuate the strong lines. And the messy ending adds a casual mood to a precisely cut urban-chic look!

Glam Brigitte Bardot blonde waves

Trendy Medium Hairstyle, Woman Shoulder Length Haircut Ideas

This glamorous wavy blonde hairstyle is another homage to the famous 60s actress Brigitte Bardot! Maybe this year you’ve seen off-the-shoulder “Bardot” summer tops that the goody French movie star has made popular. And if you combine this updated tumultuous blonde B. B. hairstyle with a Bardot blouse – Ooh la la! – Instant Man Magnet ! We love the soft, medium-beige hue that forms the basis of this beautiful color design. It adds a sophistication that removes the gaze from an over-balanced look of “footballers and girlfriends.” And the result is a gentler, more classic blonde hairstyle!

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