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10 Trendy Ponytail Hairstyles for Long Hair – Simple Ponytails

We all want that – super-trendy, Ponytail hairstyles for long hair can you do at home! These lightweight ponytails are also packed with style and personality – plus gorgeous and surprising, new hair color ideas. If you have not seen “salmon pink” rising from vintage corsets to the latest high-fashion hair color, do not miss this gallery. Come in and enjoy chic ponytails with minimal effort!

Cute half-up trick – trendiest ponytail hairstyles for long hair

Trendiest Ponytail Hairstyle for Long Hair, Easy Ponytail

Here’s a good example of the saying, “Work smart – not hard”! This simple design can easily be duplicated at home with two matching or contrasting ponytail clips. Clips that match your hair color, such as this copper band, which emphasizes the copper highlights in the neck, provide extra style! The threefold blond Balayage and Ombré in golden blond tones enliven the light brown hair. And all in a daily style with an additional closure. How about a simple but trendy new look?

Add a sweet hair extension – trendy ponytail hairstyles for long hair

Trendy ponytail hairstyle for long hair, simple ponytail

This is a super-fast way one trendy ponytail on long hair or with a hair extension to create. The mid-blond hair of this model is tied at the neck in a ponytail, with straight hair around the head. The pages were twisted and braided to create a beautiful ribbon of color and texture that is hidden by the closure. The wavy ponytail can easily be teased and disheveled to increase the thickness and a contrasting, casual texture on the back. Pull some loose tendrils down to soften the profile!

Quirky peachy pink & chocolate brown – trendiest ponytail hairstyles for long hair

Trendiest ponytail hairstyle for long hair, light ponytails

Here’s a great idea for those who love the individuality and casual boho look! The color scheme of deep chocolate brown contrast to peachy-pink looks great, because both colors come from the warm shades of brown. There’s also a definite hint of black lowlights in the loose braid that adds to that 3-D depth that we all love. The sides are loosely pulled back and plaited, with a low-set, tousled ponytail draped in defined waves on the back.

Dreamlike feminine honey blond ponytail

Trendy ponytail hairstyle for long hair, light ponytails

Honey Blonde is a sensational color that comes back into fashion after a long absence. I know that because a couple of years ago I had a doll with honey blond hair! But this color design is new and super-attractive, with fine, light beige accents and ombré. The look is very soft and flattering to pale skin with warm undertones. The pigtail on this ponytail has thick, curvy limbs like a refined chignon. But the low ponytail, spread out to show the delicate honey-beige ombré, keeps the look informal.

Simple chic half ponytail – beige-blond with gray-blue roots

Trendiest ponytail hairstyle for long hair, simple ponytails

Depending on the color settings of your computer, it is a blond style with graphite gray or deep blue roots. Whatever you see, it’s a refined look with a smooth finish and a well-groomed style! If you already have long white hair, adding gray or indigo blue roots is a good option, some modern ones zing!, Add in a subtle way. This is a good style for medium-sized or fine-textured hair, as blunt ends make the hair look thicker. Gray and beige-blonde strands hide the ponytail elastically with a pretty pattern on this attractive, natural look!

Double-knit big-link braid & ponytail hairstyle

Trendy ponytail hairstyle for long hair, simple ponytails

I love this extra large, loose braid that adorns the back of this fashionable ponytail hairstyle! And it’s no coincidence that the model wears a thick knit sweater because that’s the inspiration for a fabulous new ponytail style. This style gains a lot of extra movement from the ivory blonde highlights that run through the hair. The dark blond roots create much 3D texture against white blonde balayage in the braid. And with the gently sweeping, wide ponytail hanging from the neck, you’ll be as warm and fashionable as a panda when temperatures drop!

Let’s turn again – fab chaotic light ponytail

Trendiest ponytail hairstyle for long hair, easy ponytails

What a brilliant idea – everyone can make such turns and every day one wearing trendy ponytail hairstyle ! With 3 wide, twisted bands that make a nice V over the ponytail, this style has a fashionable new look. It’s a “messy” ponytail style that’s designed to look casual, so the fluffy silhouette and strands that frame the face are part of the design. And the beautiful, brunette hair of the model was kept in fine, coppery blonde to highlight the textures!

Trendsetter silver & ash blond space-age ponytail

10 Trendy Ponytail Hairstyles for Long Hair - Simple Ponytails

What a super look for anyone who loves the limelight, whether you’re a “stage act” or just a trendy fashion fan! This high blond ponytail Reflects every bit of light with mixed silver and ash blond for a fabulous platinum blonde finish! The absence of contemporary darker roots also helps to present it as a futuristic style with a particular, anime sci-fi / fantasy atmosphere. The finely woven side braid makes a cute decoration, contrasted with the wild, disheveled high bangs, which is very glamorous!

Clever simplicity on pink & gray ponytail

Trendiest ponytail hairstyle for long hair, light ponytails

This simple ponytail tail features a fabulous new color combination – gray roots with salmon pink blond! It’s another color combination that is revived by the current interest in vintage clothing styles and colors. What we have here is “Underwear” Pink – a color that was popular for satin lingerie and as panels in old fashioned corsets! And it’s a very attractive and feminine hue that has never before been used as a high-fashion hair color. It makes a very tasteful contrast to gray roots on this Send, straight haircut. The fine pigtail details are just as innovative, and you can add fake pigtails to get the same look.

Accessory low ponytails with fashionable velvet bows

Trendy ponytail hairstyle for long hair, Easy ponytail

These two hairstyles show how the right accessory can turn your Bad Hair Day into a Happy Hair Day! They show beachy waves and straight hair, cut in long layers, so you get a loosely defined diamond shape in a low ponytail. Anyone with long hair should have a variety of ribbons, bows, vintage brooches and chunks ready to give your hair a little more personality! Black velvet has always looked good on blonde ponytails and half-up styles, but you can also customize or contrast the hair accessory to your outfit or your eyes. Green or purple velvet ribbon acts on copper-orange hair as well as indigo or rich brown. Have fun trying out new accessories!


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