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10 Ultra ponytail hairstyles for long hair parties!

Hairstyle should be comfortable to wear, flattering to the skin tone and sufficiently noticeable to attract attention without having to do anything at all. And this completely new, braided technology is the flagship of the season with fancy braids! Thank you Heaven for photos, because if I had to explain this fabulous twist braid in words – it would be difficult! The super-trendy ash blonde color is perfect for the beautiful light and dark texture in this world famous Ponytail for long hair !

Soft copper with blond balayage ponytail hairstyles for long hair

Fashionable, fresh and feminine describe all these innovative ponytail for long hair ! And I did not even touch the beautifully soft copper color. The talented colorist has combined several blonde and copper tones to highlight the fabulous mix of 4 different textures. Defined pages to show the 3-D color depth and the beautiful French twist on the back are amazing. This is a style that you can wear for any occasion! I’ve heard that ‘Orange’ is the new black, but now – ‘Orange’ is definitely the new ‘Blond’!

Stunning ash blonde ponytails for long hair

If you want to make an unforgettable entrance to your next party date – that’s the style for you! It looks easy, but on closer inspection you can see that the braid is connected in three ways. There’s an ultra-modern sci-fi atmosphere for this stunning, ash-blond, braided ponytail that’s effortlessly elegant. The basic form is a half Mohawk, with the plait on the crown creating a flattering height. With taupe, a soft contrast at the roots, and a balayage-ombré in beige ash-blond, the 4 fantastic textures are beautifully presented. This show stopper will give you many admiring glances!

Super cool stylish copper beige flat textured mesh

Dressed with a noble felt hat, this imaginative use of braids and dyes is another eye-catcher Ponytail for long hair , Although this ponytail hairstyle is modeled as a casual, everyday look, it’s not something most of us at home could do! So you need an expert to copy the complicated fish braid, which is framed by curvy, “pulled-out” limbs that make this style something special. The colors are absolutely trendy, with a deep copper balayage that gently vanishes into a beige-coppery blonde ombré – the color of hazelnuts! Ideal for a semi-formal bridal style or a social occasion where it is not too warm to wear this beautiful, thick braid.

Sophisticated, half wound hairstyle with blonde ombré

This is a well put together Version of the “Village Girl” circus pot that looks so cute on teens. And it’s amazing what this stylist and colorist did to give the whole thing a modern twist! Flat plaited braids are very popular again this year, and pulled-out limbs make beautiful color and texture patterns! The basic color of the hair is dark blond / mousey brown, which looks fabulous with the multicolored balayage-ombré and gives a lively appearance. The main blonde shade is a trendy, neutral golden shade, with darker blond lowlights.

Super trendy boho vintage black and white braids

10 Ultra ponytail hairstyles for long hair parties!

How about this black and white braided style to show off your beautiful long curly hair! It has a vintage vibe and would be a great, bridal hairstyle for an informal wedding or beach ceremony! Two head braids move just above the neck to a V-shape, where a dark strand of hair covers the ponytail. The ponytail is divided into two smaller braids that adorn the loosely draped hair. The symmetrical braids make a nice pattern and there are many interesting textures and movements for special occasions or summer casual!

Sizzling Hot Ponytail with Sex Appeal

10 Ultra ponytail hairstyles for long hair parties!

Combined with a backless dress, this is definitely a very goody ponytail braid full of confidence and casual style! The rich contrast between deep, rich brown and light, beige-blonde is beautifully controlled to make a fabulous cable pattern. And the braid is asymmetrical in the braid technique for a casual finish, emphasized by loose strands on the head. The last few inches of the ponytail braid also remain loose and give this beautiful summer style even more texture!

Artistic beige-gray braid with cable pattern

10 Ultra ponytail hairstyles for long hair parties!

I love this color design because of its cleverly balanced blondes to highlight this beautiful hairstyle. This mix of shades of gray and neutral blond tones uses at least 5 balayage colors and also has a hint of light blue! The back is decorated with a loose, flat braid, showing the dark roots and the light gray balayage. The neck has two braids braided into a beautiful, curly braid, and warmer beige-blond lights up the ruffled waves underneath. I’ve seen a similar style on brown hair with copper balayage, and that also creates an amazing look!

Pretty braid ponytail in golden brown with blonde ombré

This youthful look is perfect for brides, bridesmaids, balls and parties! This is a fabulous color combination for pale skin with warm undertones. The contrast between gold-brown at the roots and the mid-blonde Ombré adds so much fashionable style! The braid begins at the front with small limbs and increases the volume to the neck. This texture contrasts with carefully defined pages that create a beautiful 3-D color depth. And a ruffled ponytail completes this sweet, textured style with a casual finish!

Ultra-modern party ponytail with flat pigtail detail

10 Ultra ponytail hairstyles for long hair parties!

And today finals Ponytail hairstyle for long hair has earned his fashion look in the final! Extreme styles, like this beautiful creation, are always an indication of the “next big thing” in hair fashion. The neutral brown roots move through several warmer, golden-blonde hues. But the color cools off again with neutral beiges. Of the Ponytail is different because it starts halfway up the head and uses volume to create gently styled curves. And the popular, asymmetrical side braid continues in a ponytail. This creates a fabulous focal point for the Goldbalayage, which emphasizes the curvy texture.

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