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10 ways to style a Half Up Half Down Bun

Styles Weekly is all about celebrating the latest styles with a bang on the fashion scene. Whether make-up, nails, beauty or our personal favorite, the hair, we want to put our finger on the fashion pulse. We are always eager to introduce you to the hot trends in the fashion industry – and we can say with certainty that this hairstyle is in there. Half the bread roll is something that has increased tenfold, and we love this chic casual hairstyle. Here are 10 ways to style a half-half-bread roll – or the “Hun” to keep your hair both trendy and out of the face.

Long hair with twisted bun

10 Möglichkeiten, eine Hälfte zu stylen Up Half Down Bun

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Selena Gomez looks great here and looks with her half a half bun as the perfect contrast to her beautiful long curly hair. To restore that look with your long hair, add loose curls along the length of your hair. Remove the front part of the hair from the face and wrap the hair over to create a super cute, curvy hair. Finally finished.

Petite Half Up Half Down Buns

10 Möglichkeiten, ein Half Up Half Down Brötchen zu gestalten


Your bun does not have to be big in size to be beautiful, as the wonderful Kendall Jenner proves above. To steal the style of Kendall, work in the hair loose waves. Take a thin spot from the front and pull it slightly from the face backwards. Turn into a tight little bun and get a cute look that’s also ready for a red carpet.

Messy Ombre Bun

10 Möglichkeiten, ein Half Up Half Down Bun zu gestalten



If you have beautiful ombre hair, sometimes the best way to show it off is by incorporating a half-half bun hairstyle into the mix. Take your hair from a light brown hair to a beautiful blonde with the ombre transition. Keep your hair straight, but confuse it easily. Work the upper part of the hair back together to make a bun and get that loose fit.

Blonde Space Buns

10 Möglichkeiten, ein halbes halbes halbes Daunenbrötchen zu gestalten


Why do you have one? Bread, if you can have two? This unique hairstyle is called Space Bun, and we think the look is just a dream. Curl your hair loosely from top to bottom and work a center in style. Separate your hair into two sections at the front. Transform them into a knot on each side of the head independently, like adorable Mickey Mouse ears!

Knotted bread roll with loose waves

10 Möglichkeiten, ein halbes halbes halbes Daunenbrötchen zu gestalten

This could be our favorite half-down bun look from this collection. If you have long hair, this is perfect for you! Add many beautiful loose waves in your hair. Use your fingers for a fantastic finish. Pull the front of the hair backwards to create a section on the top of the head. Twist it to create a knotted effect for the bun.

Brown to blond Balayage bun

10 Möglichkeiten, ein Half-Up-Half-Down-Brötchen zu gestalten


the moment – so why not combine with half a half roll for a double fashion statement? Color the ends of your beautiful brown hair like a bright blonde. Add loose curls to the ends from half of the hair. Pull back the fringe and top of the hair and attach to a messy knot at the back of the head.

White blond bun with ringlets

10 Möglichkeiten, ein Half-Up-Half-Down-Brötchen zu stylen

Sometimes the roll style is half height down for buns that are tight together and smooth. Sometimes they look better when they are deliberately worn out – as this lady proves. Opt for a beautiful white blonde shade anywhere in your curls. Add marigolds to the hair tips. Work the entire top section of the hair back and loose in a messy half-roll.

Bob with Half Up Half Down Bun

10 Möglichkeiten, ein Half Up Half Down Bun zu gestalten


Half of the rolls are not necessarily reserved for long hair. You look just as special, even if you have a haircut in the bob style! Make sure you add a lot of volume to your bob. Whether it is curling or adding volume to the fringe area and returning it to the back. Wrap the top portion of the hair through the hair loop to create this cute, semi-upright bun look.

Twisted Bright Blonde Bun

 ] Bei der vielleicht lockersten Frisur der Gruppe können wir einfach nicht genug von diesem wunderschönen blonden Stil bekommen. Wenn Ihr Haar eine schöne Blondine ist, halten Sie Ihr Haar gerade und glatt. Schneiden Sie es mit dem oberen Haarabschnitt ab und bringen Sie es nach hinten. Verdrehen Sie den Abschnitt rund und rund und befestigen Sie ihn, damit Sie diesen bezaubernden, verdrehten Brötchen-Look erhalten Einen Stil wirklich zum Leben erwecken - deshalb lieben wir diesen Look. Erneuern Sie sich, indem Sie Ihre langen Locken von oben nach unten zerquetschen. Kratzen Sie dann den vorderen Haarabschnitt nach hinten und schneiden Sie das Haar ab. Verdrehen Sie das Haar so, dass Sie eine Brötchenform haben, und befestigen Sie es für ein perfektes Endergebnis direkt auf dem Kopf. </p>
<p> Halbe halbe Brötchen sind nicht nur super in Mode, sondern auch unglaublich praktisch, da sie Ihnen helfen, Ihr Haar zu schöpfen von deinem Gesicht. Wirst du diesen Look für dich selbst versuchen? </p>
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