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11 stunning long hairstyles

1. Long hairstyles with a lot of volume

If one of our hair is all, then the volume. Sometimes, the more the better. One way to get there is to blow your hair out. Otherwise you can use hair rollers.

2. The Rosie Huntington-Whitely

A proud supporter and wearer of long hairstyles is none other than supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whitely. Her beautiful face and slim, tall figure are complemented by a head of straight, sandy, blond hair.

3. The Rita Ora

Here, the singer Rita Ora decorates the red carpet and looks stunning. She strove for old Hollywood glamor with very soft curls that had swept neatly on the shoulder. Their color is a solid block of light beige with darker caramel tones at the roots.

rita ora long hairstyles

4. Less is more

When it comes to long hairstyles, sometimes less is really more. If you’re wearing a heavy dress, statement jewelry or dramatic make-up, it’s a good idea to tighten your hair. Straighten it and just wear it with a middle part on the back.

Smooth less is more long hairstyles

5. Double fishtails

We saw a fishtail, but how about two? If you are clever enough, you can crown them around your head and tie them in the back. Let the rest of the hair fall loose on your shoulders.

Fishtail double pigtails long hairstyles

6. The Simple Low Bun

Long hairstyles wise, let’s call this perfection. Why? Because it’s incredibly easy to pull and because it works on every conceivable occasion. In the office, in a formal situation, outside with friends, when cleaning your house and more.

simple low bun perfection long hairstyles

7. Bohemian Long Hairstyles

Are you a fan of boho chic? Then you are lucky, because long hair is an essential part of it. Weave some very fine strands of hair and mix some silk or wool threads as well as feathers or pearls.

8. Indian inspiration long hairstyles

Here’s a great culture where you can be inspired. The Indian culture. Their headwear is absolutely gorgeous and you can wear one, for example, at your own wedding if you so wish.

9. Sweet, long hairstyles

If you want to beautify your look, you can always try a satin or silk bow in your hair. However, if you do not want to look too childish, choose a simple one in a solid or neutral color, like black, white or beige.

10. The messy sides ponytail

Not all ponytails need to be behind, just as not everyone has to be upside down. We are especially in love with this messy side ponytail, full of loose strands that make you look sweet and innocent.

messy side pony long hairstyles

11. Headgear and long hairstyles

If you find it difficult to put all your long hair in a cap or cap in the cold season, just use a large headgear. It covers most of your head and keeps you warm without damaging or holding your hair.

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