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110 Bob haircuts for all hair types

Bob haircuts are everywhere in the beauty scene, thanks to their sweet, chic and charming visual impact. It’s a flirtatious hairstyle that brings out the best in a woman’s bright personality, just perfect for spending every season in style. In fact, it is one of the few haircuts that women are willing to sacrifice their long locks for, thanks to the wealth of benefits. Find your dreamy Bob without further ado!

1. Bob Haircuts with layers

This chocolate bob immediately gives you a rocker feel when combined with a leather jacket. First of all, you can start with a deeper shade on your head and continue with some lighter ones until you reach your shoulders. Also, pull off some of the outer strands of hair so that you can create this layered, disheveled look.

This model is the absolute quintessence of cuteness and femininity with this delicate pink bob. You do not have to dye everything pink. In fact, you can go ombre or platinum blonde and just add a touch of fairy pink in the front. You can also use a small curling stick, paired with as much texture spray as you can to get that look.

A very slight bend in your curls, as well as a bit of natural ombre, will make you look younger than ever. Keep it coquettish and chic with a pink lip and a pair of oversized metallic aviator. Plus, parting your hair on one side gives you some well-earned layers and gives your bob new life.

That’s what Jackie Kennedy looked like when she got up in the morning. As a consequence, this look will give you the best of both worlds. A short bob that stands out with elegance and polish and the bed hair of your dreams to make you look flirtatious, natural and spontaneous. Disheveled has never looked so good!

Shorter than short, but still a bob was the motto of this lady. The hairline is very short in the back and leaves the neck almost free. At the same time, the strands near the face become longer and more blind. As a result, the effect is breathtaking, with a nice milk chocolate color on the back, dark chocolate on the head and very, very blonde strands in the front, softening their properties.

If you’ve ever thought for a minute that straight hair is boring or outmoded, you were wrong. Here’s a perfect example of a deep brunette uneven Bob that really makes her name proud. It looks classy, ​​shiny and elegant. Consequently, you will look like a real lady as you do this above. Plus, you can combine it with natural make-up so you do not go over the top.

Remember the classic asymmetrical bob, in an absolutely gorgeous shade of the ash blonde. As you can see, the hair at the roots is a bit darker, so it looks as natural as possible to that color. The beautiful hairline is perfect in its simplicity. It proves once and for all that sometimes less is really more.

Here you have the same concept, which means the asymmetrical ash or the platinum bob. However, this one has a touch of more personality than the stick straight. Therefore, you can choose how to style it. A straightener one day, when you feel cushioned the next day, when you’re in a hurry.

What is a praise, you ask? It’s a long bob. In other words, it’s a bob haircut that reaches your clavicles. For a fun look, you can always sweep your hair over the crown of the head. Also, consider choosing the separation a little closer to the ear than you would normally. All in all, you’ll look like you’ve come down with the tip in a fast car. How cool is that?

If the Pixie Bob haircut has a good side, it is this. It shows the beautiful facial features of your face. By and large, the hairstyle will highlight your cheekbones, as well as your jaw line. In other words, these are exactly the same areas that you want to contour with your make-up.

Choose a breezy, airy and light look by cutting off your curls like this lovely lady did. The shaggy ends make her look effortless, though she literally sits in a salon. When you’re home, put some hair foam in your palm in the morning and rub it roughly into your hair. Wackle around and let it dry. As a result, you get the look of this example.

Sometimes Short is just not enough. Therefore, if that’s your case, you can always go for the stacked bob haircuts. The inner layers must be longer so that they reach your jaw line. At the same time, the outer layers must be significantly shorter. As a result, you will add volume and depth to your hair.

Platinum Blonde Bob Haircuts will forever be our source of inspiration. They are both classic and upscale. The hue itself contrasts with any skin tone and brings out the color in your eyes and your sculpted properties. Do not be afraid to hack everything!

Another blond shade that fits perfectly to a signature Bob is the filthy. Moreover, the reason they make such a great mating is the fact that applying a dirty blond over a dark root gives the haircut dimension and depth. In addition, you can also go for the asymmetrical type, and leave some longer strands in the front.

Do you have an advantage? Are you artistic and creative? Then this is the bob for you. Refined and stylish at the same time, that’s the Bob who has everything. Short hair combined with longer strands, side pony and open neck. In addition, the dirty blonde tint works very well here as well. It shows all angles and the wonderful geometry of this haircut.

Never has the punk rock style looked so good. Not to mention feminine! This wonderful idea for a bob consists of some pony sides, brunette roots and metallic gray curls. Combine it with eye-catching copper paint and a dark plum lip. Finally, you can add even more punk to this design by wearing a nose ring.

Take a curling iron to your freshly chopped curls and add some elegant curls to the upper strands. It will make you look elegant and fresh. Apart from that, the shorter hairs will expose the length of your neck and show how beautiful and tender you are.

Apart from being charming and elegant, Bob haircuts can also have a boyish charm to them. In fact not more than the undercut Bob. Simply put, this is Bob’s style, where you cut your hair boyishly in the back and leave a few long strands in the front.

Another great way to show off your bob is by shedding your hair in a beautiful ombre tone. Go for neon colors, like the beautiful purple mixed with deep blue that you can see in this picture. The idea behind this look is that if you dye your hair in a neon color in the front, it will show your eyes, no matter what color they may be.

This kind of Bob radiates elegance. The very deep brunette shade of the combed and perfected hair makes you look wild and stylish at the same time. In addition, you can combine this hairstyle with some oversized silver earrings and a plaid shirt.

These types of bob haircuts prove that beach waves do not have to be long in order to be considered perfect. Combine and combine the styles of your desire to get an exceptionally fresh look. As a consequence, cut your sun kissed curls Pixie briefly and throw them with some mousse. The bob can of course be asymmetrical or you can make it look like this by combing his hair over his head.

Even though the lovely lady presents this bob haircut in a deep shade of brown as she swirled it around, it looks as fresh and light as ever. Given that she has these roughly cut and chunky ends, she keeps it young and stylish, with a touch of skirt at the side. The spear-like silver earrings are wild to look at.

If you cut your hair short just below the ear line, you will look childish and feminine. Puff it with some mousse or texture spray and satisfaction is guaranteed. Her pearly shade reminds us of sunny days on the beach with the wind in your hair and the sun in your eyes.

The honey-colored bob of actress Jennifer Lawrence is one of our favorites. It is indeed a praise as it reaches her shoulders. If you want to copy this look, you just have to split your hair in the middle. Then use your hair straightener to reduce it to perfect-looking curls. Do not forget the hair shine spray. In addition, you will look like a true Hollywood diva with a Smokey Chocolate eye make-up.

Here’s a kind of bob that really fits all women, regardless of age or lifestyle. It is very short and leaves almost the whole back free. Still, it’s not a pixie cut, which is great because it’s a lot easier to style. Apart from that, it is also incredibly stylish and very low maintenance. All you need is a hair brush, hair straightener and a touch of your favorite hair product.

A bob and a pony? Wow, that’s really a brave and courageous choice. However, you do not have to be afraid to do it, especially if you have softer-looking features. Pony makes a typical edgy and strong look. Keep your curls straight to a line for a real 1920s flapper look.

If you want to achieve this look, all you have to do is contact your hair curler once more. Since this is a chin-length bob, adding extra volume and depth to curls would be a good idea. Therefore, you can randomly pick some of the outer hair strands and roll them around your curling iron.

Punk Rock meets hipster festival look with this kind of bob haircut and hair color. The brunette hair roots, dark undertones and white tips give this haircut an incredible perspective. Also, the fact that she has parted her hair down on one side and pulled it roughly over her top has made her look like she has a towering volume.

Here is a combination of two ideas that we have already shown you. First and foremost, it is the symmetrical bob with very choppy ends dyed in a deep brunette color. Second, you also have the soft curls we mentioned earlier. Combine the two to get that gorgeous messy look.

Lobs and beach waves go well together. Oh, did we mention that you can add Ombre Hair to this equation and create the perfect haircut for this fall? The dearest lady in our example has dark gray roots and platinum-blonde tips. She has also done the magic of the curling iron for the perfect beach-inspired.

It’s no secret that the ’90s are back. We can see it everywhere, from the clothes we see in the new fall collection to make-up and music. In fact, while we’re on the subject of music, why not catch a cue from the videos and get yourself a nice hacked and lanky bob haircut?

medium length bob haircut

Source [19659006] 32. Gunmetal Gray

Is there anything sportier than red-gray hair? In fact, we believe it’s the perfect fall color as it reflects the rainy, cloudy weather outside. Apart from that, bob haircuts, which are also colored reddish gray, are incredibly easy to style if you need another argument.

Ash brown haircut


33. The Balayage

This year’s autumn months are filled with a single word: Balayage. We are absolutely crazy about it. On the whole, we love it because it gives our hair the opportunity to look as natural as possible, just like when we were kids. Combine your balayage ideas with a bob haircut for a spectacular result.

Ash Brown Bob Haircut with Purple Balayage


34. Different shades of blonde

Sticking to the Balayage idea, you can also go into Blond and Bob Haircuts. Consider dyeing your hair blonde and allowing your hairdresser to play with it. Consequently, he manages to give you some beautiful highlights as well as balayage strands. They consist of regular blond to whitish, platinum and ash blond strands.

graduated bob


35. The Layered Bob

This type of bob is perfect in its simplicity because it allows very little maintenance. Besides, it does not need much styling. Consider adding some highlights to your hair to soften your facial features and give the layers a perspective.

layered bob haircut


36. French Style

Here’s a wonderfully short and sweet kind of bob haircuts that makes you instantly think of Paris. So you can style it with some deep black eyeliner, a deep red lip and of course the striped shirt. Keep jewelry to a minimum for a true stylish act.

precise purple bob haircut


37. There is no need for length

Who says you need long hair to look goody and sleek? The right kind of bob in a nice shade of your hair will make you look as humid as ever. Pair it with the right make-up and jewelry and watch it turn heads no matter where you go.

short blonde bob haircut


38. It’s all over the edge

Here’s a fantastic example of how Bob Haircuts really can put you on the edge of style. This is an asymmetric bob cut that is extremely short in the back. But that’s not the only surprise, because this lovely lady also has an undercut that puts her at the top of her personal style. Apart from that, you can also be inspired by her beautiful, fiery red hair.

red bob and undercut


39. Auburn and gold

Forget black and yellow. Auburn and Gold is where it is this fall. To get this look, randomly pick a few strands of hair and twirl them around your curling iron. Divide your hair and let all the wonderful shades of reddish brown and copper shine against the light blonde. Talk about autumn in your hair!


40. Medium Bob Haircuts

The mean bob length is the one that reaches beyond your jaw line, but does not reach your shoulders or clavicle. You can wear your hair smooth and smooth, or you can roll it a little with an iron for more depth. Do not forget the highlights. Keep it natural and beautiful.

Balayage Bob Haircut


41. Queen of the ice

Be this image of frozen perfection with this icy blonde bob haircut. The unforgettable color and the asymmetrical bob will emphasize the color of your eyes as well as your natural skin tone. Highlight your cheekbones with a slight outline palette, if you want to achieve a more glamorous effect.

graduated blonde bob haircuts


42. The Two-tone Bob Haircut

Another way to make your bob haircuts look as natural as possible is by coloring your hair darker in the back and below and lighter on the front and top. In this way, it looks like you’ve got some fancy highlights or a very successful balayage.

inverted bob haircut


43. The chin-long bob

We mentioned earlier in this piece about the appearance of the flapper of the 1920s. Therefore, if you are interested in this look, you can always go for a very well-trimmed, chin-length bob. If you need another incentive, think more about it. This is the kind of bob most celebrities preferred over the years.

A-line Bob Haircut


44. The Stacked A-Line

This is different from the traditional stacked bob haircuts that we have presented above, in the sense that it almost resembles an inverted bob, only with more puff in the back. In other words, it has a few longer strands in the front that caress the jawline. In the back, the haircut is short and bloated, which gives your work considerably more volume.

Short hair haircut


45. Bob Haircuts for Thick Hair

Of course, if you have thick hair, this type of layered bob naturally helps to relieve some of that thickness. In addition, it will also give you a lot of exercise for your hair. You can opt for a shiny finish, smooth and straight or curled for a few strands to soften your features.

stacked layers Bob haircut


46. ​​The Blunt Bob Haircuts

The dull bob is nothing new. In fact, it came from the imaginative thoughts of Vidal Sassoon, one of the most famous hairstylists in the world, in the 70s. The haircut works for most face types. That’s one of the reasons why it passed the test of time. Exclude the pony this time and add dramatic make-up to steal the look.

blonde highlights and dumb bob haircut


47. Textured with Chunky Tips

This particular bob haircut has a bit of a shabby-chic feel about it. It still looks as classy and elegant as possible. The overall texture given by the upper strands that have been rolled into submission represents the bob and, of course, its absolutely fabulous silhouette.

blonde short bob haircut


48. Wavy Chin length in icicle blonde

This is really the stuff dreams are made of. Everything was done perfectly here. Note the icy blonde color that highlights the lady’s face in a dazzling way. The eyes immediately go from her hair to her make-up and her beautiful facial features. Also, the bob haircut itself has a flattering part on one side and a few short and sweet beach waves to complete the look.

A-line symmetric inverted bob haircut with bleach and tone


49. Sandy Blonde and Minimal Makeup

This shadow from Sandy Blonde has cleared a path in the limelight for the natural short bob. It is finished with a very light side panel. In addition, keep your makeup to a minimum. Golden or bronze eyeshadow paired with a natural pink lip and some rouge on your cheekbones make you look as if you’ve just rolled out of bed and stepped on the red carpet.

wide-spread Bob haircut


50. Blunt Cut with Ombre Hair

In fact, you can also wear the blunt cut with ombre hair. Obviously, it will not show how precise your haircut is like a straight bob, but you can still notice how tight the ends are. The reason is that they separate naturally, thanks to the soft and large curls. Also, a midsection will balance your entire face.

messy bob haircut


51. Long and Swoopy Bob Haircuts

This lob, or longer bob that reaches to the shoulders, allows you to keep part of the hair length if you need it for practical reasons. If you cut it in the middle of the middle and put a big curling iron on it, you get some very fine and long curls. As a consequence, they will hang around your face, frame it and give it some edge and texture.

Choppy and dull Bob haircut


52. Shaggy Gray

There’s something about the metallic shades of gray that just seem to work with every single face type, skin tone, and eye color. Not to mention hairstyle. Here’s a shaggy bob haircut in a powdery gray. The strands in front are much brighter and approach an Arctic blonde. Make sure your roots are darker, so that the hair can look a little natural.

icy blonde bob haircut


53. Chocolate for the Classy

This bob haircut in this beautiful chocolate brown tone speaks volumes about class and elegance. Notice how you can wear it straight and in soft curls. The latter selection shows the highlights in your hair, while the first brings everything in balance. As a consequence, the amazing thing about this hairstyle is that it works on every occasion.

blonde wavy bob hairstyle


54. Reddish brown at an angle

The angled bob hair cuts fit perfectly if you have a hair color like in the picture. The reason is that you want to show the color of your hair, but you also want to keep your hair short in a bob. The result? An angled bob that gives you a certain length at the front and a very short back at the same time. What do you want more?

Red Brown Shadow Bob Haircut


55. Northern Blonde meets Balayage in a bob

The natural-looking brown and maroon balayage hair color ends in Northern blonde lace. And which haircut could be better than a bob to show it all? Opt for a reversed bob, with longer strands in the front and a low-key back. Let the front do all the talking for you. In addition, you can turn for both sides or split off in the middle, since they both work.

inverted bob blonde balayage


56. The symmetrical bob

They know what they say – if it is not broken, do not fix it. Regular bobs are as cool and trendy as all the other adorned ones. In fact, the Balayage and A-Line spectacles are spectacular to behold, but simplicity still takes the cake. Add sideways swept pony and a nice and deep shadow and you will look like a movie star.

symmetrical bob haircut


57. Thick and shiny

Here’s another idea on how to keep it simple. Choose a smooth and shiny bob haircut that reaches just below your chin. Use a hair straightener if your hair strands are not straight to achieve this beautiful effect. Use plenty of hair care product and heat protection before turning to the hair straightener. Fix it with some mist and shine it with a bit of oil.

simple straight bob haircut


58. Back to the roots

Here is a very simple type of Bob Haircut that will remind you of your childhood. Who of us did not get a bob haircut as a kid? In fact, now they are back in vogue. Split your hair on the side so you can clear half of your face. Besides, the other side will look a bit flatter thanks to the abundance of castles.

short bob haircut


59. Very short A-line with pony

Out of all the bob haircuts out there, this one is the most forgiving. Why? Quite simply, because it hides many of the features that you might not be satisfied with. First of all, the ponies pick up part of your face and cover your forehead. They also attract the viewer’s attention in this area. Second, the chin-length and straight bob framed your face, hiding your ears and your jaw line.

short bob haircut


60. The Ultimate Hipster

This is a look that will definitely make headway no matter where you are. The absolutely sparkling pastel-blue hair with ombre-spikes and inky roots expresses the beauty and femininity in your face as if you would not believe it.

Long-blue pastel-bob haircut


61. Short Bob Haircuts

Do you dare to be short? This traditional short bob is an amazing option for women in two main situations. On the one hand, it’s great for those who used to have a pixie haircut and want it to grow nicely. On the other hand, it works for ladies who want to cut their long hair stylish.

Short Bob Hairstyles


62. Earth Tone Ombre Bobs

When it comes to colors, Bob hairstyles offer a whole range of options. Ombre is a very popular choice, usually with earth tones like brown or dirty blond. Feel free to experiment with lighter shades as well.

Earth tone ombre bobs


63. Bob haircuts for black women

Bobs look absolutely stunning on black women. Whether they are with their natural hair or with the help of a weave, a wig or other extensions, it is a very flattering look. Likewise, do not hesitate to play with different color options.

Bob haircuts for black women


64. Bouncy Bobs

Women with thick hair will fall in love with this look. The reverse technique emphasizes the thickness of the hair and makes it easy to bounce around. The mid-length approach also paves the way for many styling ideas.

Bouncy Bobs


65. Dark Brown Long Bob Hairstyles

We talked about the recurrent “praise”, but what would it look like dark brown? Whether that’s the natural color of your hair or your hair color, your average haircut will look fabulous. The length of your praise can reach the shoulders or surpass them by an inch or two.

Dark Brown Long Bob Hairstyles


66. Blonde Angled Bob Haircuts

You already know that angled bobs are a lifesaver for fine hair. Still, you should know that these bob haircuts are very flattering for women with any type of hair texture or thickness. Here is an example of thicker hair; is not it beautiful?


67. White Frost Bobs

Do you have the guts to take your platinum blonde to the next level? Go against the grain with this white frost tone that looks great next to pale skin. It is indeed a daring choice, but fearless queens will own it.

White Frost Bobs


68. Blunt Bob Hairstyles

We’re head over heels in love with the perfect line of this blunt bob. If you choose this uniform look, we recommend working with an experienced stylist for the best results. The black and blue ombre is definitely a detail to keep an eye on.

Blunt Bob Hairstyles


69. Short bob haircuts for black women

Another wonderful look for African American women is the classic short bob. You can straighten your hair or leave it curly to switch your hairstyle every other day. Feel free to rock your natural hair color for this gorgeous look.

Short bob haircuts for black women


70. Edgy Glam Bob Haircuts

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most impeccable of them? This is a perfect hairstyle for daring women who are not afraid to show their rebellious side. The best part is that it’s a super-class haircut.

Edgy Glam Bob Haircuts


71. Medium bob haircuts for straight hair

We presented the spectacular medium-length bob, but in a version with curls. Well, treat yourself to the stunning alternative for straight hair. Style your stuff in style, no matter what your outfit of the day is.

Medium Bob haircuts for straight hair


72. Bobs with Half Up Top Knots

At first glance, one could say that Bobs are hard to style because of their brevity. Think again, ladies. The seductive, half-high knot that you can see everywhere is also absolutely possible for Bob hairstyles. Wrap half of your hair in a messy bun and do not look back.

Bobs with half tip up


73. Cute Pinged Hairstyles

Well, that’s what we call a gorgeous hairstyle. It is much easier to nail than you would think, with only three or four hairpins required. Just pull back a few strands of each side and turn them in the middle as desired. Use the pins to secure the hair and you are good to go!

Nice pinned hairstyles


74. Asymmetric Black Bob Haircuts

Stand out from the crowd with a great asymmetric bob. This type of haircut can be as uneven as you like. In other words, you can hack one side drastically and leave the other super long. However, this photo shows how you can achieve a pleasant balance.

Asymmetrical Black Bob Haircuts


75. Curly Bob Haircuts

Keep those curls flowing! Stacked bob haircuts are on the way to show off natural or styled curls alike. If your hair is naturally curly, this look becomes effortless. If you curl your hair, you still do not need a lot of time to get ready.

Curly Bob Haircuts


76. Double Bun pigtails

Cute is an understatement for this hairstyle. Any lob can be easily styled into double bun pigtails, provided it’s long enough in the back. Do not forget to twist the sides too for an ultra pretty outcome.

Double Bun Pigtails


77. Layered Bob Haircuts in Honey Blonde

If we had to pick one go-to aspect for a successful hair style, it would undoubtedly be layers , It can not be stressful enough to have a haircut. Take a look at this marvelous bob and judge for yourself.

Layered Bob Haircuts in Honey Blonde


78. Cotton Candy Pink Bobs with Undercuts

When it comes to lively hair colors, pastels are Alles the rage. One of the most beloved shades for women of all ages is cotton candy pink. Add this color to bob haircuts with undercuts and you have a fierce and feminine look all in one.

Cotton Candy Pink Bobs with Undercuts


79. Wavy Bob Haircuts in Warm Blonde

Even though bob haircuts are most popular in women with straight hair, they never underestimate the power of wavy locks. Among the countless benefits is that wavy hair tends to fall perfectly in place naturally. Well, the warm blonde looks for this look is definitely on point.

Wavy Bob Haircuts in Warm Blonde


80. Metallic Pastel Fusion Bobs

So, you know about pastels, but what if you can not just choose one color? Even more so, what if you want to add more edge to your look? Metallic pastels wants to become your best friends. Here you can see how blue and dirty pink amazingly for a memorable hairstyle.


81. Two Color Bobs

By contrast, you can mix colors that are more down to earth. For women who prefer natural shades, a dark brown undertone and a blonde make cover for a dreamy combo. You can switch the colors around or go for other shades from a similar range.

Two Color Bobs


82. Blonde Bob Haircuts with Bangs

Ah, T. Swift, can you get any more adorable? We are totally fangirling over her sweet bob and round bangs look. It has a visibly innocent touch, while maintaining full attitude thanks to the courageous length.

Blonde Bob Haircuts with Bangs


83. Auburn Stacked Bob Haircuts

Bring on the stacked bobs, anytime, anywhere! This picture gives you a sneak peek of how your magnificent bob would look in a warm shade of auburn. You can lighten your hair color towards copper or go darker, according to your tastes.

Auburn Stacked Bob Haircuts


84. From Pixies to Bobs

Plenty of women choose bob haircuts to shorten their hair. But what about ladies who had shorter hair and are trying to grow theirs out? You can easily see how a bob is the perfect transition for growing pixie cuts or other short haircuts.

From Pixies to Bobs


85. Bridal Hairstyles with Bobs

Ready to say “I do” with an extraordinary hairstyle? This medium-length bob comes to life gracefully with bohemian-inspired styling. It’s twisted up and sprinkled with a handful of tiny white flowers for an eye-catching effect.

Bridal Hairstyles with Bobs


86. Clean Cut A Line Bob Hairstyles

In this example, you can see how A-line bob haircuts like this deserve a gold medal for precision. The reason why this is the meticulous way the hair is cut in a perfect line. This detail is a must when dealing with A-line bobs.


87. Purple Bob Haircuts

If you are fancy pastels, but are not quite into pink, lavender is always the next best option. The cool part is you can make it up with your makeup, like in this photo. All in all, this cheerful color is enough to brighten up any person’s day.

Purple Bob Haircuts


88. Slightly Asymmetrical Bobs

King Kylie is, without a doubt, one of the top beauty queens in the game. You can usually see her with long, raven locks, but she’s known for playing around with wigs. Her ever so subtle asymmetrical bob is major eye candy.

Slightly Asymmetrical Bobs


89. Balayage Bobs

We have spoken all about ombre, but what about one of the biggest hair trends this year? We’re talking about balayage – the melting color technique that is ubiquitous nowadays. For a successful balancing with the perfect gradient, consider using warm tones.

Balayage Bobs


90. Inverted Bob Haircuts in Blonde

Yet another way that you can invoke bob haircuts is in this all-natural dirty blonde. If your natural color is like this, you can easily hit the scissors and start cutting away. If you need to dye your hair, you can count on this shade for sure.

Inverted Bob Haircuts in Blonde


91. Flirty Long Bobs

Sassy ladies will adore this tousled version of a long bob. It’s flirty, chic and fluttering for literally any shape, thanks to the inner angle. The middle part is the key to leaving a long-lasting impression with this hairstyle.



92. Short Curly Bob Haircuts

Rita Ora is yet another one of the A-list celebs that we stalk for beauty trends. She’s famous for her blonde curls, but she shines through a brave, chin-length bob. Needless to say it’s phenomenal.

Short Curly Bob Haircuts


93. Formal Hairstyles for Bobs

Fancy occasions call for remarkable haircuts and styles. This formal bob hairstyle is just what you need for a cocktail party, wedding or a candlelit date with someone special in your life. Bobby pins and a bit of patience wants to lead the way.


94. Braided Bob Haircuts

Box braids are endeared by virtually all women in the African American hair community. These dazzling braids look amazing with a long bob haircut. You can add a few beads to your braids to spice up the overall look.

Braided Bob Haircuts


95. Afro Bobs

Speaking of delightful afro-textured hair, how about going for an afro bob? If you’ve got this playful texture, you can get all the volume you’ve ever dreamed of with a bob. Take your pick from short, medium and long bob options – they’ll all look brilliant.

Afro Bobs


96. Waterfall Braids

Hard as it may seem to believe, you can create various braids even with short hair. A waterfall braid, for instance, is one of the most prettiest choices you have at hand. The results will leave you in awe, and they’ll make you an impressive appearance at any event.

Waterfall Braids


97. Messy Bob Hairstyles

There’s nothing quite like an effortless hairstyle to enhance a woman’s confidence. Ladies, you should never be afraid to rake your fingers through your hair and leave your bob beautifully messy. Not only is it fashionable, but it’s super cute.

Messy Bob Hairstyles


98. Bob Haircuts for Round Faces

Women with round faces often find difficulty in the most fluttering haircut for their face shape. Even though this photo of Selena Gomez is not from this year, it shows just how a little bit inverted.

Bob Haircuts for Round Faces


99. Bobs with Headwraps

Out of ideas for styling your bob haircut? No need to worry, headwraps are here! This lovely boho hair accessory only takes a minute to put into place. Moreover, it works remarkably well with shorter haircuts, like the one shown in this image.

Bobs with headwraps


100. Choppy Bob Haircuts with Highlights

We can not get enough of choppy bob haircuts! Just like messy hairstyles, this glows with a carefree vibe that makes the bearer irresistible. Think about spreading some highlights throughout your hair to boost the impact of the look.

Choppy Bob Haircuts with highlights


101. Bobs with Short Bangs

If you are in the style of alternative style, short bangs are the ideal detail for your hairstyle. The rest of your haircut can either be asymmetrical, like in this example, or with an even length.

Bobs with Short Bangs


102. Feathered Bob Hairstyles

Are you drawn to a look that inspires hair blowing in the wind? A feathered bob should doubtlessly be on your short list. We warmly recommend this hairstyle for mature women with serious style and refined beauty tastes.

Feathered Bob Hairstyles


103. Long Bobs with Tiara Braids

Your hippie heart wants to skip a beat when you lay your eyes on this hairstyle. Not only is the silver-lavender balayage a beauty to behold, but so is the thick tiara braid. Festivals, here we come!

Long Bobs with Tiara Braids


104. Red Bob Haircuts

Natural gingers or women bobbing for their next haircuts. They maximize the mystery and allure that natural redheads have already, while complementing their facial features too.

Red Bob Haircuts


105. Casual Hair Styles for Bobs with Bangs

If you have a bob with bangs, you’ll love this 2-minute hairstyle. The “messy” trend proves once again that you can not go wrong with a hair tie or two bobby pins with this carelessly casual look.

Casual Hairstyles for Bobs with Bangs


106. Super Curly Bobs

Our splendid ladies in the natural hair community can rely on bobs for bringing out the best of their ringlets. With a stacked and layered haircut like this one, their tiny corkscrew curls will blissfully bounce around every time they take a step.

Super Curly Bobs


107. Swing Bob Hairstyles

If your aim is to get extra volume, a swing bob will answer all of your problems. The hair should be cut at a slight angle, and the rest is up to styling. At home, use a round brush and a blow dryer to get this lavish shape.

Swing Bob Hairstyles


108. Deep Wave Bob Hairstyles

Speaking of shape, how about deep waves to show off your bob? You can get this impressive silhouette by braiding your hair and leaving it in overnight. The next morning, carefully unravel them and run your fingers through their hair to get that natural look.

Deep Wave Bob Hairstyles


109. Long Bobs and Braids

This braided hairstyle for long bobs is similar to the tiara braid we presented earlier, just narrower and messier. It’s the casual version of the aforementioned hairstyle, making it easy to wear on a day to day basis.

Long Bobs and Braids


110. Retro Bob Haircuts

We know Christina Aguilera for some iconic pin up looks, including this curly retro bob. While the top part reminds us of retro finger waves, what makes up the hair is styled in soft and loose curls.

Retro Bob Haircuts



To put it in a nutshell, bob hairstyles are ideal for women with a sense of adventure and class. Not only is it a top trending haircut this year, but it’s also a fantastic way to spread your vibes through your appearance. No matter if you opt for a classic bob or try out a “lob”, make sure you match it with a broad smile to brighten every day.

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