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111 Best Layered Hairstyles for All Hair Types (2019)

Many new designs like layered hairstyles can be seen this season. There are trendy hairstyles for long hair, medium hair and short hair. To give a fresh and exciting look, create an asymmetrical hairstyle for your long hair. Get a more sophisticated look, you can rock beach waves for a unique style. Take a look at this gallery of 110 layered haircuts and be ready to be inspired! Over time, if you wish, add more layers, then go for it! Just do not forget to use the best hair styling product.

Layered hairstyles look very interesting, because it offers more beautiful shapes are very versatile. A layered hairstyle is usually made up of two layers with shorter hair on the face, but you are free to create many layers. There are a lot of options for the ends of choppy ends to smooth ends. By experimenting with these different levels and ends, it’s no surprise that you can discover really beautiful looks that you have not tried before.

Layered hairstyles with pony side

Why be strung haircuts with side pops in great demand now? Well, it’s because most women want to wear a flattering hairstyle. If you want to show off your beautiful locks then get a layered haircut. It can make your hair more manageable. At the same time, it can keep your long strands away from your face. There are different types of pony and textures for layered hairstyles. Here are some nice styles for long, short and medium length hair.

1. Straight Blonde Hairstyles with Side Pony

If you want to look different, then you can always add some pony to your hairstyle, make yourself attractive and young.

2. Long Layered Haircut with Long Pony

Sure to style your hair nicely in such a way that it fits the shape of your face.

3. Teenage girl hairstyles

With some long pony you can create a balance in your rounds face.

4.Layered haircuts for thin hair

Create a different impression on your face, creating an asymmetrical pony.

5.Layered hairstyles for long hair

Long layered hairstyles can look perfect, on all occasions.

6.Middle Length Hairstyles With Pony Side

If your face is then a long layered hairstyle may look good on you as it can make your face appear longer.

7. Side Fringe Long Layered Hairstyles

If you have thin hair, then you can enhance your look by adding a layered hairstyle, because it can add volume to your hair.

8.Long straight lines, levels with swoopy pony

Adding highlights to your layered haircut can enhance your look.

9.Medium length, straight hairstyles for thick hair

For those who naturally have straight hair, you can easily maintain your layered hairstyle.

10. Medium Layered Hairstyles

Add some definition to your layered hairstyle by spraying mousse on the ends.

11.Long Hairstyles For Oval Faces

Layered hair can be worn or of course you can also blow dry.

12. Really long hairstyles

Developing an excellent layered haircut can show off your unique style.

13.Simple and cute layered hairstyles with pony side

Your hair stylist can decide what particular hair design may be after your face.

14. Cute Layered Hairstyles With Pony Side

Long layered hairstyles can be done in just a few minutes.

15. Medium Straight Layered Hairstyles With Pony Side

This style is the most important choice for casual and elegant occasions.

16.Long Layered Hairstyles With Pony

There are many different hairstyles you can give, a modest and modest look.

17.Layered hairstyles with bangs

The hairstyles of famous stars turn out to be pretty well known in the fashion world.

18.Hairstyles With Side Pony And Layers

This is a beautiful curly prom hairstyle for long hair.

19.Long Layered Hairstyle with Side Bangs

The long layers on straight hair are perfect for girls who want a fresh-looking face.

20.Shoulder Long Smooth Hair With Side Pony

There is no doubt that a long layered hairstyle with pony will make you look young and dynamic.

21. Medium straight haircuts with side bangs and layers

With smashed layers for long, straight hair can make you edgy and modern.

22. Hairstyle for women with a long face

These long wavy hairstyle with side bangs are great for thick layers of hair.

Layered hairstyles for fine hair

When we talk about fine hair, we usually refer to soft and silky hair. It has a smooth texture that is very comfortable to touch. However, this is not the same with thin hair. Fine hair can also be sparse or plentiful. It’s called fine hair because it’s a thin strand compared to the normal hair. With layered hairstyles you can look great with your fine hair! Check out these amazing layered hairstyles for your fine hair!

23. Pretty Long Straight Hairstyle

This is the best way to get rid of your boring look.

24. Layered Haircut For Fine Hair

There are various ways of styling your curly hair to make your fabulous appearance.

25. Layered hairstyles for short hair

Layered hairstyles for short hair are really hot today!

26. Layered Hairstyles For Fine Hair

Get an expert design from your hairdresser!

27. Beautiful levels

You can get an inspiration from celebrities and discover a new hairstyle that you can try.

28. Bob hairstyles for fine hair

That’s nice, cheeky and cute look!

29. Fine Layered Hairstyles

Laying in short hair can help improve the texture and volume in your locks.

30.Best hairstyles for fine thin hair

This hairstyle can look great on women of all ages.

31.Layered Hairstyles For Short Fine Hair

This can inspire your current hairstyle!

32.Simple and easy-medium layered hairstyles

This is an effortless style with a messy feel to it.

33.Medium Layered Hair

A short layered haircut is very popular these days.

34.hort chopped layered hairstyle

This short layered haircut is simple, comfortable and very easy to care for.

35. A classic style

Do not worry if the ends do not work either. This is what makes it look fabulous!

36. The grunge look

With a fine hair is the best, because it is very manageable and malleable.

37. Fabulous Short Naughty Hairstyles

Short hair is suitable for most styles.

38. Short Layered Hairstyles For Fine Hair

With a fine hair, you can choose to add different styles, live your boring haircut.

39. Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Some celebrities are pretty good at creating award winning hairstyles.

40.Short Blonde Hairstyles

Just apply some hairspray and you are ready to go!

41. Short Layered Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Clever layering can give depth to your dark blond locks.

42. Cool Medium Hairstyle For Fine Hair

With some pony is actually not required, but it can really do wonders.

43.Short Layered Hairstyles with Curls

Curls are also great for styling.

44. Medium Layered Bob Hairstyles

With the right haircut and styling products, create the best looking hairstyle.

Layered Hairstyles for Curly Hair

If you feel sorry for the curly hair, then you should be curious about the girls who resort to various methods to obtain. If you are gifted with curls, then you should look into these pictures. This gallery will make you aware that a curly hair is not a curse, but a big advantage. Choosing the right hairstyle will make you look great everyday, whether you are looking for a casual or formal look.

So you think layer haircuts can only look good on straight hair! Well, not necessarily. It may also be looking for beautiful women with curly hair too. Curly layered hairstyles are very versatile as there are numerous types of styling. Here we have collected some amazing layered hairstyles for women with curly hair. Check it out and be inspired!

45.Hairstyles For Long Faces

With the right hairstyle, you can get creative with your curls!

46. ​​Curly Medium Hairstyles

It looks a bit classic, but it still looks adorable.

47. Layered Hairstyles For Naturally Curly Hair

This is an inspiring hairstyle to get more hair volume.

48. Hairstyle for women with curly hair

With curly hair, there are a variety of hairstyles that you can choose.

49.Middle Length Curly Hairstyles For Round Faces

This is curly medium hairstyle can make you look attractive, charming and beautiful.

50. Medium Layered Blonde Curls

If you are a very busy woman then this is the best simple style for medium hairstyles that will make you look elegant.

51.Layered Hairstyles For Curly Hair And Round Face

Some people believe that if you have a round face and curly hair, you also need a long hair to look beautiful. But the fact is, with the right hairstyle you can still look great on your short, frizzy hair!

52.Long Layered Blonde Curls

Get the best hairstyle, work with your hair!

53.Med length curly hairstyle

If you have naturally wavy or curly hair, then try to hug it instead of fighting it.

54. Messy Layered Curls

Add a little chaotic flair to your curls!

55. Hairstyles for Thick Curly Hair

Get a casual look by adding soft curls to your short hair.

56. Side-Parted Layers With Curls

To make this classic hairstyle, just part of your layered locks on one side and create curls on the ends. Beautiful!

57. Haircut For Medium Length Curly Hair

Just by rocking this awesome hairstyle, you can definitely be an eye-catcher on every occasion.

58. Side Swept Pony For Curly Hair

This is easy, easy and super fun!

59. Brown curls with blond highlights

This is a super goody style and super manageable as well.

60. Everyday Hairstyles For Curly Hair

These silky lure glamorous and ultra-wearable anytime.

61.Middle Length Haircuts For Thick Wavy Hair

This is pretty challenging and very easy to wear. With this hairstyle, you can even save a lot of time in the morning.

62. Spiral curls

This style allows you to enjoy the glory of long lure without too much hassle.

63.Middle Length Curly Layered Hairstyles

These beautiful curls can complement any style, from casual to glamorous.

64. Wind whipped beach waves

By wearing this style, you will see how you are just getting back from your Caribbean vacation.

65.Short Wavy Hairstyle with Side Swept Pony

This is the best wash-and-go style for everyone.

66.Short Layered Hairstyles For Curly Hair

Want to look perfect, with just a simple style? Why not try this one?

Layered hairstyles for round faces

Which hairstyle is best for round faces? In case, if your face is round, then this gallery is for you! Having a round face shape also means that you have wider cheekbones and yet you also have the finest symmetry. You can choose hairstyles that can disintegrate the symmetry and integrate the lengths and angles to compensate for your broad cheeks. Check out these hairstyles for round faces and hug your face shape. Most of them do!

67.Long Layered Hairstyles For Round Faces With Pony

This stunning hairstyle can make your face look, slim and emphasize your best features.

68.Hairstyles For Round Faces

A deep parted hair is an ideal option for women with round faces.

69.Hairstyles For Round Faces

Having a short hair makes it very easy to deal with, while the deep separation makes it even more interesting.

70. Layered Pony For Round Faces

To create a unique look, add fringes to your hairstyle.

71. Medium Hairstyle For Round Faces

This style is perfect for women with naturally straight hair with medium to thick hair.

72.Long Thick Hair On Round Faces

This trendy haircut can give you an edgy style!

73.From Medium Length, Loose Waves For Round Faces

The deep side vertex adds interest to this curly style. A perfect hairstyle for the night!

74. Long Layered Hairstyles For Round Faces

If you do not want to lure those tight, then go for a rippling style that screams elegance.

75. Medium hairstyle

Best for women with fat and fair hair.

76.Layered Hairstyles For Round Faces

If you are curling natural then do not be afraid to show it!

77.Layered Hairstyles For Oval Faces

The face-framing layers can make the round face look slimmer.

78.Dark Brown Medium length hairstyles

A simple and elegant hairstyle with a deep side parting.

79.Medium Haircuts For Round Faces

Medium hairstyle with side swept pony.

80.Short Choppy Layered Hairstyles For Round Faces

This is the perfect hairstyle for the summer!

81. Short Wavy Hairstyles For Round Faces

This beautiful and glamorous style is such a nice option for women with round faces and curly hair.

82.Long Layered Hairstyles For Round Faces

The long curls flatter all angles in the round face.

83. Tall, brown curls with blond highlights

Adding pony to your wavy hair can create volume and dimension.

84.Beautiful hairstyle for round faces

The loose straight hair creates a traditional look.

85. Short wavy hairstyle

Of course it is possible to have sweet and goody style like this one.

86. Medium long blonde waves

If you’re a bit curious, then a side piece is the perfect way to go.

87. Medium hairstyle for round faces

This is a cute style!

88.Middle Length Bob Hairstyles for Round Faces>

If you are already feeling bored with your current style, you can always change it anytime.

Layered Hairstyles for Thick Hair

With a thick hair, this is a challenge and a blessing. If you are the wrong kind then you might look a bit strange. However, having a thick hair can allow us to make beautiful rock styles in an easy way. If you are still confused to choose what is the best hairstyle to give you a compelling look, then check out these great hairstyle ideas for thick hair.

89. Medium Hairstyles For You To Try

Women with thick hair face the challenge, the best style that works best for their thick hair.

90. Medium Hairstyles For Thick Hair

The layered hairstyle is one of the favorites for women with medium-length hair.

91. Cute Medium Hairstyles For Thick Hair

One of the most popular hairstyles among women as well as housewives of the layered style.

92. Heart-Shaped Face Woman with straight hair

The darkest brown hairstyle works well with thick hair.

93.Layered Hairstyles For Medium Thick Hair

The layered style is very easy to style and maintain.

94. Sweet Short Hairstyles With Layers

This look is one of the most versatile hairstyles for every woman.

95.Medium Bob Hairstyles for Thick Hair

A layered hairstyle can lessen the volume of your hair without losing its elegance.

96. Bob haircuts for thick hair with bangs

Just sweep your long side pony to one side and you’re ready to go.

97.Layered Bob Hairstyle

The layered hairstyle is one of the best hairstyles that can look good on all types of hair lengths.

98. Medium length hairstyles for thick hair

Layered style is just a simple addition to your regular haircut yet it can completely change the overall look.

99. Long Hairstyles Ideas For Thick Hair

This hairstyle can increase the volume, which is just enough to make any woman look stylish and beautiful.

100. Fabulous Layered Hairstyles

The long side pops make your look more glamorous.

101.Long layers cut, with conical ends

To the fabulous style, long layers on your hair.

102. Layered Hairstyles For Thick Hair

The key is to add textures on the edge.

103.hort Hairstyles For Thick Hair

This hairstyle for thick hair looks stunning, with subtle highlights.

104.Layered Haircuts For Thick Wavy Hair

Choose the right hairstyle to make your wave look superb.

105. Nice formal hairstyles

This is a side parted hairstyle for wavy golden blonde hair.

106.Hair cuts for women with round faces and thick hair

Have a sweet and elegant look, just combine your curls with side parting.

107th Straight Hairstyle With Broken Ends

This is a classic style for a shoulder length hair. It is not too long nor too short, just perfect!

108th Medium Hairstyle With Pony

This fantastic style with bangs and chipped ends, is perfect for any face shape.

109. Short Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Complete your hairstyle by adding bangs on your forehead.

110. Semi Formal Hairstyles with Highlights

The face-framing layers and waves provide softness to this elegant hairstyle.

111. Celebrities Layered Haircuts

Most celebrities also loved layered hairstyles, including Rita Ora.

Pros And Cons Of Layered Haircuts

Hairstyles come and go, but layered haircuts will always be here. Haircuts with layers that look nice, but if you’re always used to having a length-style, then you may be hesitant to change to a multi-layered look. Before the transition, be sure to familiarize yourself with the benefits and disadvantages of layered hairstyle to help you make the best decision.

Benefits of Layered Haircuts

There are a lot of benefits that you can enjoy when wearing layered hairstyles like:

  • It can add volume to your hair. This is beneficial for women who have fine or thin hair.
  • If you naturally have curly hair then having some layers can add more, curls and waves to your hair.
  • This is the ideal hairstyle for mature women because it can make you look younger.
  • It can flatter a variety of facial shapes. Layered hair can add to the height, round face shape. The layers can accentuate the cheeks of women with diamond faces. There may also be more focus on the ladies’ chin with heart shaped faces.
  • You have less time to dry your hair [3] ,
  • It can highlight your highlights wherever you go.

Disadvantages of Layered Haircuts

Here are some of the disadvantages of having layered haircuts. However, there is no need to worry as not all women will be affected.

  • You have to pay more for layered hair.
  • It requires regular maintenance to continue the unique shape of your hairstyle.
  • You may have difficulty tying your hair at the back. This will be a problem during your workouts.
  • Sometimes it’s hard to style at home, especially if you have a big curling iron when styling.
  • Some ladies experience difficulties in dealing with your layered hairstyle especially if you are frizzy. However, this can be solved by the use of shampoo and conditioner that is effective in combating frizziness.

Not sure yet layered hairstyles ? The most important thing to remember is there is no need to do a lot of shifts when it’s your first time. Just a few layers can already make a difference.

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