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12 fast and easy braided hairstyles – Braids Inspiration

Braids are a very traditional hairstyle that has become a popular style for men and women throughout history. Putting your hair in pigtails is a great way to get your long curls out of your face and out of the way while still looking sweet and presentable. Braids keep your hair free and secure no matter what you do. In addition, they create a complex, complex style for your hair that is both practical and beautiful at the same time.

When it comes to braids, there are no limits to how you can style your hair. There are countless different types of braids that will provide you with endless ways to style on the days when a cute and comfortable braid seems to be the only option. If you think of braided hairstyles, there are probably just a few styles that come to your mind. In actuality, however, years of style creativity have led to the development of tons of different braided styles that you can experiment with when you are in the mood for braided hair.

These braided double buns are a great choice if you want a sweet and sporty look. This style is perfect for athletic girls. The buns and braids keep your locks strong and secure all day, no matter what you are doing or how much you are moving.

This style is another delightful braided bun. It’s a perfect twist on a classic low roll, which makes the style a bit more elegant. Instead of looking like you’re getting out of bed late and choosing a simple bun, you’ll look much more formal and presentable. You can take this braided woven bun everywhere, from work to the cocktail party.

Long-haired beauties can easily peel off this long braided style. This style is more for style than practicality or safety because it leaves most of your hair loose and free. However, it is very beautiful and leaves a filigree waterfall braid, which looks wonderfully carefree.

You might think braids are just for casual or athletic days that’s definitely not true. Many braided styles are perfect for extremely formal events. The intricate braided updo above is a perfect example of a braided style that works for a wedding or other formal event.

One of the best things about formal braided updos like those pictured above is that they give you an elegant look while still keeping your hair safe. Even as you dance the night away at a holiday cocktail party, a tight braided updo keeps your hair beautiful and fresh all night long

This half-up, half-down braided style is actually extremely simple. It’s perfect for the morning if you want your hair to look presentable but do not have much time to style it. All you have to do to achieve this style is a small tip of your hair. Then turn the ends into a chaotic updo and you’re done!

Braids - Braided hairstyles

This braided style keeps your hair firmly secured throughout the day. Also, it is very easy even if fancy hairstyles are not your strength. All you have to do is split your hair in the middle and braid the top part into two separate braids. Then just attach the ends in a tight ballet bun and you’re good to go.

This beautiful, loosely braided style lets most of your hair out for free while adding some complexity to your look. The best part is that the style is actually much easier to achieve than it seems. It’s just a simple fishtail braid. However, it does contain an extra section of hair in a ponytail under the main braid for extra pizazz

Mermaid braids require a bit of extra work as they involve curling up your hair. However, they are great for lending volume to your hair and fixing it in a beautiful, secluded style.

Fishtail braids seem to be daunting for the average hobby hairdresser. However, as you can see from the step-by-step tutorial above, these braids are not as hard to achieve as they seem. All you need is a little patience.

Braids - Braided Hairstyles

Do you dream of being a fairytale princess? If so, this is the braided hairstyle for you. It is a classic braided wreath bun that works well for formal events. To add a little more magic to the style, simply attach some small flowers with hair clips.

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