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15 Artistic short hair with pony ideas

1. The Jennifer Lopez

Although the singer has become an actress famous for her long mane, she could not resist the allure of the short hairstyle. Here she is with a long bob, complete with an oversized pony that makes her look windswept and like the diva we all know.

Jennifer Lopez short hair with a pony

2. The Jessica Alba

If you look closely, you’ll find that actress Jessica Alba has exactly the same hairstyle as Jennifer Lopez. The difference is that Jessica went for the 2000 version of it, with the ends outward. Do you remember how we all did this before?

Jessica Alba Short Hair with Pony

3. The Diane Keaton

Does not it feel like Diane Keaton wore this hairstyle for an age? For this reason, we believe that we should give her a price for perseverance and fidelity in style. She loves short hair with pony and you too.

diane keaton short hair with a bangs

4. The Susan Sarandon

Speaking of hairstyles that have forgotten the time, here’s Susan Sarandon with a proud depiction of the 90s reverse bob. What we love most are the highlights and lowlights, both blonde, in their always red hair.

Susan Sarandon short hair with bangs

5. The Ophelia Lovibond

You know her Guardians of the Galaxy and W1A, and now you also know her as inspiration for short hair with bangs. The English actress has a fantastic head of dark red hair and very heavy fringe hair stroking her eyelids.

Ophelia Lovibond short hair with bangs

6. The Jennifer Love Hewitt

Although she is usually a brown-haired girl and we love her so much, we really can not get Jennifer Love Hewitt as a brunette. This shade of dark chocolate with a touch of cocoa around her asymmetrical pony to sweeten her eyes mesmerized us.

Jennifer Love Hewitt short hair with bangs

7. The Taylor Swift

Hello? No, I’m sorry. Old Taylor with long, blond hair can not come to the phone right now. Why? She is with the stylist. This amazing short hair with bangs, style of the 60s. Did you notice the smoky blondes around the roots? Wowza!

Taylor Swift short hair with bangs

8. The Krysten Knight

You know her Jessica Jones, Breaking Bad, and Vamps , She is usually your favorite goth girl or vampire and for a good reason. Here she is with a nice darker than the night classic inverted bob with dull baby pony.

Krysten Ritter short hair with bangs

9. How to style short hair with a pony

If you do not know how to style short hair with bangs, you can always watch actress Felicity Jones. She went for a mid-sized bob with a very heavy set of pony and some light and textured beach waves.

felicity jones short hair with bangs

10. The Alexis Bledel

Alexis Bledel was always a sweetheart himself and decided to make sweet curls in her hair as well. They fit perfectly with her tender pony as she frames her face and flaunts her wonderful blue eyes. Rory has grown into a beautiful woman!

alexis bledel short hair with bangs

11. The Emily Deschanel

If you did not know, Zooey Deschanel has a sister named Emily, who is also an actress. Not only that, but they look the same, both prefer bangs. The difference is that Emily has beautiful green eyes instead of blue and shorter, mahogany hairs.

Emily Deskanel short hair with bangs

12. The Sandra Bullock

Sandie B is one of the most popular funny ladies in America, she is also a gorgeous woman. Here she is with a straight, shoulder-length bob and a very interesting pony. They were wiped aside to sweeten their very square face.

Sandra ochlock short hair with pony

13. The Ciara

We love her as a blonde, but we definitely will not say no to singer Ciara as long as she wears this dark cherry gay. It’s asymmetrical and choppy in the right places, as are the fringes, and she looks as if she’s traveled time from the 1920’s. Wow!

Ciara short hair with bangs

14. The Zendaya

Another lady with a fresh pony is the very beautiful Zendaya. Her fringes stay close to her brow line, which we can add looks a bit too contoured. For the rest, we love the short hair with a pony idea.

zendaya short hair with bangs

15. The Kerry Washington

If in doubt, you should make pony. And here’s actress Kerry Washington to demonstrate the perfect length. Your pony should be exactly between eyelids and eyebrows. Then they will flatter you the most.

kerry washington short hair with bangs

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