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15 beautiful long hairstyles with tutorials

Would you like to get a completely new look for your hair this season? Well, I think we can give you some not so bad suggestions in our post. If you hope your long hair looks charming and glamorous, you should first keep your hair in good condition. Yes, I mean clean and healthy. To get fine textures of your hair, regular trims are needed. Scroll down our pictures and who knows, maybe you’ll see your new hair here!

Romantic Side Braid Hairstyle Instructions

Braiding your hair in front. Put pieces in the braid until you reach the ground. Twisted Updo hairstyle for short hair

For these short hair girls you can also have an elegant updo for your evening look. Pull your hair back into a low bangs and put it inside. Finally, you can use a pretty hairpin to fix your final look.

Slim Vixen Hair Guide

Slim Vixen Hair Guide

If you want to get that polished vixen hair look, you should first try to straighten your long curls straight with a straightener.

Simple Lace Braid Hair Tutorial

Simple Lace Braid Hair Tutorial

This lace braid hairstyle will work perfectly for this long hair girl. And the longer, the better. Pull your front hair back and make a braid out of it. Wrap the braid around the rest of your hair and secure it with a clear elastic band.

Romantic Twist Braid Hair Tutorial

Romantic Twist Braid Hair Tutorial

This is a stunning hairstyle full of twists and braids in it. You can even look it for your wedding hair, if with a long lace veil. You can first take an upper part of the hair, turn it to the side and fasten it with a hair clip. And then take pieces from both sides until most of your hair is pulled together.

Messy Side Braid Tutorial

This is an ideal hairstyle for those girls looking for a trendy and chaotic-chic look for their upcoming vocation. Cut your hair into two sections and make one of them into a braid. Loosely pull the braid with your fingers so that the other part can run through.

Low pigtail ponytail for medium hair

Here’s a great pigtail hairstyle for medium-length hair girls. Divide your hair into four pieces and braid them with the fishtail. Add additional pieces during braiding and fasten with a hair band

Braided Headband Hairstyle Tutorial

The braided headband hairstyle is the best way to keep our hair out of the face for a clean look. It also adds nice and funny details to your easy pony look. Braid the top sections of your hair into a braid around your head and wrap it around the base to cover the hair band.

Easy Prom Uploading Guide

This is a very simple yet chic updo for every girl. Divide your hair in two parts from the middle. Turn both into high ponytails and twist them tight. Wrap one around the other and add a hairpin for a finished look.

Cotton Candy High Bun Exercise

This is an ideal hairstyle for hot weather. It looks cute and lovely for pretty girls. Make a high bangs first and comb the hair for volume. Twist it in sections and attach the ends with bobby pins. Finally, define the shape with your hands.

Braided Bun Tutorial for long hair

Pull all your hair into a ponytail, find a position that you like and secure with a rubber band. Turn the bangs around the base to the ends and fix with hairpins. You can leave the front layers free to frame your face.

Braided pony hairstyle instruction

This is a beautiful braided pony hairstyle for pretty girls. Start by making your long front layers a small braid.

Braid Headband Hair Tutorial

Braid Headband Hair Tutorial

Do you want to create an interesting look for your hair? Take part of your hair over your ear and braid it loosely. Wrap the braid around your head and attach it to the other side of your head. Finally, gently tease your hair with a brush for extra volume over the crown.

Boho Braided Page Bun Tutorial

Chaotic side rolls are always a perfect look during your vacation. Make a side roll and use a hot iron to curl the other side of your hair. Finally, twist all your hair together to a low knot.

How to apply clip-in hair extensions

How To Make A Tall Ponytail With Hair Extensions

Hollywood vintage waves with clip-in hair extensions

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