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15+ cute and short hairstyles for women in 2019

Hairstyle for women is always a hot topic as women are too aware of their hair and style. Women are able to care for every hair length, depending on their choice and the level of care they can devote to their hair. Many women find it a tedious task to take care of long hair as they need to be cared for constantly, while others are just big fans of Sweet and short hairstyles for women are.

There are many ways that women can style their short hair to make it look beautiful and appealing. With this styling guide you will discover numerous ways to cut your hair short and style to rock the trend. The short hairstyle is not a monotonous and boring hairstyle anymore and certainly does not resemble the patent style of men. If you follow these tips, you can be sure that you are presenting your new short hair with style to the world. Choose the hack and style it with these trendy hairstyles. Nowadays, women have started making tattoos on their bodies as well, so here are some cute little tattoo designs for women.

  • Before you have your hair cut, always ask for expert opinion to judge if the look is right for you. Once your hair is chopped off, it’s a long way back to the starting line.
  • Never try a haircut that you can not trust.
  • You will find a number of bold haircuts in the list below. You need good styling and an attitude that you can wear well.
  • Maintain and maintain your hair even after they have been chopped off to preserve their natural shape and style.
  • Use small round brushes to comb your hair and keep it naturally loose to achieve a natural volume.
  • Let your hair feel the air and do not use excessive heaters on your hair and scalp, as they will eventually worsen your hair.
  • Always take care of your hair is dry before you go to bed so that it retains its original shape and style.
  • Haar-Accessoires sind nur für bestimmte Frisuren, mehr für diejenigen, die eine schulterlange Haar-Funktion enthalten.
  • Over-accessorizing your hair can be a disaster, so choose wisely. Always get a haircut according to the shape of your face, as some styles do not match well with certain face shapes.

Below is a list of some exciting and trendy hairstyles that can be tested on your hair. It’s time to smile as a bunch of hot and simple DIY hairstyles for medium and long hair are just a click away.

Asymmetric curly hairstyle

sweet and short hairstyles for women in 2018

Neatly cut short hairstyle

Pretty and short hairstyle for women (5)

It is suitable for those who like to keep it low maintenance. This hairstyle fits almost every face type and the fine separation on one side looks good. The hairstyle can also appear feminine with bobby pins and hairbands.

Uncombed Kurzwellenfrisur

Cute and Short Hairstyles for Women (15)

An unconventional hairstyle, this style is not common in women. The short waves along the middle length of the hair give a flattering appearance, but need confidence. The style is self-contained and needs no additional accessories to accentuate the look.

Fashionable hairstyle with side opening

Nice and short hairstyle for woman (17)

For those who want to keep their look classic, this side-vertex hairstyle promises to win hearts. Best suited for women with a diamond shape or an oval face, the design features uneven hair lengths that are stylishly cut to give a clean and trendy side parting.

Chaotic asymmetric one-sided hairstyle

Cute and Short Hairstyles for Women (21)

If you are a fan of the unusual and new, then you can try this hairstyle. The style has a one-sided break with a haircut of various lengths, which is further styled to give a chaotic look. The design looks trendy and modern and can be tried on for a different look.


Sweet and Short Hairstyle for Women (22)

In the past, the hairstyle was evergreen and a common view to see. The style never really went out of style and can be adorned by women with a long face structure. The look is well stocked with iconic sunglasses, which is everything you need to rock this style.

Cute curled hair style

Cute and Short Hairstyles for Women (26)

A completely feminine style, the hairstyle has slight curls along the middle length of the style to the ends. The soft and loose curls give the style volume and definition. It is most often seen at evening events or parties where the style suits the delicate skirts and dresses. Accessorize it with hair clips or side combs or even a hair band.

Short male hairstyle

Nice and Short Hairstyles for Women (27)

The easy-care hairstyle has cut hair to a very short length, making it look similar to a man’s haircut. It is often worn by women who care less about long hair and is also popular with many celebrities.

Pony with long hair

Sweet and Short Hairstyles for Women (30)

This hairstyle is a good combination for those who want to keep the length of their hair at shoulder level. The style is characterized by a uniform, equal length bangs, which ends just above the forehead. The remaining hair falls empty on both sides of the head.

Short cut hair with lateral parting

Sweet and short hairstyling for women (32)

The look is a combination of short-cut hair and side pony-shaped pony. The style looks comfortable on women with an oval and skinny face. The classic mix of two styles makes this hairstyle a cool alternative to sports and can be combined with both casual and formal outfits.

Hairstyle with ruffled hair

Multi-trimmed hairstyle

Sweet and short hairstyle for women (34)

Short hair can be cut with different haircuts. This style has a long side parting with a long haircut to add volume to one side of the head, while the other side remains relatively short, cut short. The look is a trendy move over traditional hairstyles.

Side rolled hairstyle

Sweet and short hairstyle for women (36)

For women who want to stay their heels to shoulder height, this style provides an excellent companion for your dresses and formal outfits. While attending an evening event, try this style where hair is curled up along both sides along the middle part to the ends. The look looks charming with a side parting.

Straight dyed hair

Sweet and Short Hairstyles for Women (47)

A hairstyle that uses minimal styling tools, leaving hair loose and free with no curls or rollers. A center divider looks best when you try this style. The hair on the ends can be dyed or highlighted to accentuate the look. Bobby pins on the side can give the style extra charm.

Clean Sweep-back style

Sweet and short hairstyles for women (48)

Another easy-care hairstyle, the hair in this style are cut equally long and can fall back freely. A hair spray or gel is used to comb the hair clean to get a well-managed look. The style looks great on a dress or skirt and even formal pants.

Asymmetric pony with long sides

Cute and Short Hairstyles for Women (61)

This style is a funky and casual hairstyle. The hair is split on two sides and provided on each side with different length pony cuts. The hair on each side is long enough to reach the shoulder level. The look is accented by casual outfits.

Simple, sideways hairstyle

Cute and Short Hairstyles for Women (62)

This style is a combination of side crest and low cut hair. It provides the freedom of low maintenance while still providing a feminine look. The low cut does not stop you from wearing it on formal occasions. In fact, the hairstyle looks good when combined with an evening dress or skirt.

Funky cropped hair on center

Cute and Short Hairstyles for Women (63)

Totally different and unique hair, this style promises to highlight you from the crowd. The hairstyle shows short cut hair on both sides and a ruffled cut in the middle. The style suits a casual outfit as well as formal outfits.

Wavy curly hairstyle

Cute and Short Hairstyles for Women (65)

A beautiful hairstyle for a part or an event, this style can be rocked with a sumptuous evening dress or gown. The hair receives a wave-shaped twist from the front starting from the base of the hair along its entire length. The hairstyle can be provided with side combs.

Laser cut style with pony

Nice and short hair style for women (67)

If you want to keep it casual, this hairstyle proves to be the ultimate design. It has short bangs on the forehead and hairs on both sides shaped in a laser cut. If you want to add a spark to the style, give the hair highlights and color at the ends.

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