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15 glamorous updos for curly hair

Are you one of the women who spent years holding your curls? Luckily, we’ve put together the best fifteen curly hair updos that prove curly girls have just as much fun. For women with waves, spirals or some serious curls, our curly hair updos cover everything from chignons, buns and ponytails to braided updos.

Read on to learn more about curly updos!

1. Curly High Ponytail:

Curly high ponytail

The Bonafide hottie and singer Jennifer Lopez looks adorable with her long, wavy curls tied together in a super-high ponytail. This curly hair updo is all about dimension, volume and texture – combine natural texture with textured mousse for easy style and dynamic curls that go with a party. If you have straight hair, take a curling iron and make short curls. Once you’ve styled your curls, grab your hair back and pull your hair into a super-high ponytail. Secure the ponytail with a discreet hair tie. For a polished look, grab your hair around the tie to hide it, and do not forget to dampen a hairspray that will not complain. Put on your favorite dress, add subtle make-up and refine yourself for a brunch or a girly night.

2. Put a scarf on it:

Put a scarf on it

Curly hair? Check. Fat hair color? Check. Messy updo tied in a scar? That’s what we’re talking about! When it comes to fancy hairstyles for fancier occasions, Rihanna’s funky updo can be the perfect option, proving once again that there’s nothing like diva like big, voluminous hair. DIY this look by shaping your hair into a loose knot. Fold the square scarf into a triangle. Now place the triangle base behind your neck and take the top of the triangle on top of your head. Next, tie a knot by pulling the two ends of the scarf together. Finish the look by taking off the scarf and fastening it with hair clips. And that’s it; You’re done with a perfect hairstyle for brunch with the girls.

3. Messy Blow Bun:

Messy Blow Bun

A perfect look that keeps your thick, curly curls away from your face and at the same time draws attention to your lovely hair – the curly whipped bun of pretty actress Emmy Rossum gives you the best of both worlds. To achieve this look, start separating the crown of your hair and shearing it out of the way. Then take the back of your hair and turn it up to make sure the grip is firm. Now secure the twisted bun with a discreet hair clip. After securing your spin, release the rest of your hair. Loosely grab the upper middle section and attach it with a needle so that it looks fluffy. Carefully turn the pages upside down and sculpt your curls with your fingertips and finish with a splash of shine spray.

4. Curly Pompadour:

Curly pompadour
The Pompadour Low Bun is modern and unexpected for curly hair, but is so low maintenance that you can not imagine it. Ideal for short and long curls, to create hottie Alicia Keys look, starting by cutting out the front middle part of your hair carefully. Then attach both sides with a pin by tying the rest of the leftover hair to a knot. Ideally, the bun may be shaggy, but since it’s a pompadour, you can skip that. Now roll the upper wavy middle part or let it untidy upwards. Secure the appearance with a needle. Next, put the pages in the crown, cross them and put the hair in the back of the head to your bun. To tame the survivors, straighten them with a strong hairspray.

5. Curly Chignon with a headband:

Curly Chignon with a headband

Actress Charlize Theron shines with her curly, blond hair in a disheveled, laterally curved chignon with a sparkling headband. We love her glowing hair color and the subtle volume of her blond curls – ravishing. Create Charlize’s up’do by splitting your hair on one side, tying it into a messy low chignon and securing a large section with a discreet hairclip. For the carefree yet elegant style, look for hair accessories like headbands, glittery hair clips and slides and pretty hairpins that can change your hairstyle.

6. Curly Topknot:

Curly topknot

Actress Thandi Newton looks glamorous with her long, curly locks, which are processed in a chaotic and stylish topknot. To restore the big, voluminous bun, start collecting all your curly hair into a ponytail over your head and securing it with a hair band. Now hold the hair in a ponytail and fasten the end with hairpins. Next, roll the ponytail upside down and put it in the shape of a knot.

7. Curly Tuck and Roll:

Curly Tuck and Roll

Tatyana Ali looks radiant with her absolutely goody curly up’do. The actress wears her medium-length hair, turned and rolled to the side. To prepare the curly hair, apply a hair conditioner into the curls and then saturate the hair from root to the end with volumizing mousse. Distribute your hair and then start to gently divide your hair and separate it into two parts. Of course, let the curly curls on your right side fall over your shoulder and turn your hair upwards. Try to integrate almost all of your hair and save for a little on the left side. Complete the look by gathering the teeth of your curly curls behind your left ear and making an upward turn on this side as well. Secure the curly bun with discreet hair clips.

8. Curly low updo with wispy bangs:

Curly low updo with wispy pony

The singer Taylor Swift looks charming with her wavy, golden blond, shiny hair in a low knot, with a long, vinous pony. The Blank space Singer keeps her golden-blonde look feminine and noble. A glamorous alternative to the classic bun, the low updo by Taylor is casual and easily undone. Secure your curly low bun in the neck for a modern and refined look and leave your soft pony to frame your face. Use texturizing gel for this extra texture and pull the rest of your hair into a messy knot for a romantic look.

9. Curly Low Braided Updo:

Curly Low Braided Updo

The actress Hayden Panettiere looks stunning with her wavy, deeply braided hairstyle. This is a great updo style for medium to long hair as it gives your hair more volume and definition. To recreate Hayden’s hairstyle, use volume-enhancing products for a goody volume to style. Then your locks with strong hold hair spray in the sky and create small braids in your locks, starting from your pony and towards your hairline. Now pull your braided curls back into a simple mini bun. Once you’ve styled your hair, put it on with light hair spray to keep it up all day long.

10. Messy Curly Ballerina Bun:

Messy Curly Ballerina Bun

Get ready for a night, but need a goody hairstyle that does not take hours? Well, you can thank us later for saving your precious time. We worship the long, caramel-blonde curls of actress AnnaLynne McCord in a big ballerina bun. To recreate that boldly defying gravity, but light up’do, wrap your hair into a large, twisted knot on your head in the shape of a donut. You can also use a hair donut to get the shape. Score

11. Low Bun Braided Updo:

Low Bun Braided Updo

Actress Kirsten Dunst steals the show with her refined short, wavy blond curls in a braided knot with a delicate floral headband. This is one of the most elegant curly updo wedding hairstyles, this crown trim bun look is chic, classy and super-stylish. To get this look, first make a crown braid by removing some of the curly hair from your temple and braiding it carefully. Drape the braids over your head and secure them with transparent pins to form a crown. For the final touch, spray on a good hairspray and decorate with a sparkling headband. Easy!

12. Side-swept low updo:

Side-swept low updo

Julianne Hough sees her whole hairstyle with good appeal, she looks absolutely beautiful with her blond hair, which are held in a laterally curved, wavy hair. do. To copy this striking look, divide the hair into small sections and wrap them loosely around the curls for soft, romantic curls. Next, secure the hair in a fine knot in the neck with wispy bangs before the attention. Spray some light hairspray to keep your updo in place

13. Curly Mohawk:

Curly Mohawk

Singer P! Nk has fun with her curly hair by wearing it in a funky Mohawk. The talented, Just give me a reason Singer wears a fabulous medium length hairstyle and we just love everything about this look. From the uncut, textured hair and edgy, curly mohawk to the chic pink hair color that gives a feminine touch, this crazy hairstyle is perfect for brave and confident women.

14. Messy Voluminous Bun:

Messy Voluminous Bun

High school Actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens looks conspicuous with her messy, wavy curls in a voluminous high knot. Adult version of the classic bun, the messy high bun is a fabulous day-to-night hairstyle. To duplicate Vanessa’s appearance, start by applying a hair conditioner, then put on the hair on the crown to form a hair. Now pump up your big locks with lots of volume enhancing products for a super goody medium up’do. Secure the bun with a good elastic tie. Glamorous, structured and good to go!

15. Wavy updo:

Wavy updo

The Desperate Housewives Actress Eva Longoria looks goody with her wavy hair turned into a perfect headscarf. With the help of hair spray her hair is secured with discreetly set pins and the fine, soft waves make her face nice and soft. Setting this look is easy. Start by creating curls or curls in the hair with a curling iron, place it where you want it, and secure it with hairpins for a refined and polished look.

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