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15 great updos for short hair for every occasion to try

Short hair updos look just as good as updos for long hair. Sure, they may require that more hairpins and tricks be kept in place. From trendy to classic and beautiful, updos for short hair are really versatile by nature. If you’re one of the short-haired beauties, here are 60 inspiring short hair updos to inspire your style.

1. Updated Short Hair: Low Braided Buns

Updos for Short Hair: Low Braided Buns

Even if you have shorter hair, that does not mean that you can not try braids and braided buns. Note the exceptionally well-made braid, which is held by fixed hairpins nailed down for extra support. Do not sweat over the few rebel strands. They give a checked hairstyle for short hair more personality.

2. Simple updos for short hair: plaits and pins

Simple updos for short hair: lichens and pins

Use these lush strands to twist them and fix them in the perfect setting for a short hairstyle. Do you know what’s best about using twisted strands of hair and braids for an updo? The fact that they offer the opportunity to create as much volume and structure as you want.

3. Messy curls updo for short hair

Messy curls updo for short hair

You curly and waves can barely reach half your neck. This is not a good reason not to try this beautiful, romantic hairstyle for short hair. Either twist and fix some of the strands or use a headband to roll the lower curls and waves around them.

4. Easy updoos for short hair: twist and poke

easy updoos for short hair: turn and stick

Sometimes the simplest short hair updos are the ones that look the most complicated. Take this instance for example. While the updo is filled with individuality and it looks complicated, it is not. All you have to do is turn four large strands of hair and secure them in the back, leaving the ends loose.

5. Short Hair Updo: Faux Hawk

Short Hair Updo: Faux Hawk

If stylists allow us, this is a false hawk, a perfect example of a short-haired updo with many edges and personality. Start by creating a deep side panel. Sweep away most of the hair and create volume and depth for the hairstyle.

6. Beautiful messy short hair updo

Beautiful messy short hair updo

Pins this into a charming messy updo for short hair. Sweep the front backwards, fix the sides with pins and let the wonderful explosion of curls hit in the back.

7. Cute updos for short hair. Romantic updo

Cute updos for short hair. Romantic updo

A loose braid that gathers all your hair in a romantic updo is one of the best short hair updos. It’s quick and easy to do, it’s stylish and chic.

8. Sweet curly curls updo for shorter hair

Cute curly curls updo for shorter hair

This short hair updo is a breeze and a miracle to wear. Once again you should prepare your entire collection of hairpins, preferably thinner ones in a color that is as close as possible to the hair color. For added shine, add a precious hair decoration.

9. Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyle for Short Hair

Half-Up, Half-Down Hairstyle for Short Hair

If you feel uninspired one morning and all you need is a hairstyle that will get you out the door in less than ten minutes. Try that for the size. Make four twisted braids (two for each side) and secure them with pins on the back of the head. Leave the rest of your hair down to reveal the beautiful structure and volume.

10. Prom Updos for Short Hair: Side swept and curls

Prom updos for short hair: side swept and curls

The big night is almost here and all you need is a stunning short hair updo. Take your cue from this photo. With a low side part, sleek styling and loose, charming curls at the end, this is an edgy hairstyle for the front standing ladies.

11. Upsurved hairstyle for shorter hair

Upsurved hairstyle for shorter hair

If your hair is really short, you can not do much in terms of hairstyling. But if you need a change, just try this amazing hairstyle that definitely catches the eye. Sweet all hair in the back up. Do the same for the pages. Comb the top and play with fringes. The result is worth the extra time invested.

12. Free-flowing curls and pinned buns

Free-flowing curls and pinned buns

Short hair updos should not necessarily mean that all your hair is stuck in one. Take a look at this hairstyle. The curls are free flowing, while at the back they are secured in a low knot for extra freedom and style.

13. Updos for short hair

Updos for short hair

There are so many versatile hairstyles for short hair in relation to bridal hairstyles that it is a pity not to try them on. We love this voluminous updo that leaves the face uncovered and flatters your natural beauty.

14. Outgrown Pixie cut updo hairstyle

Outgrown pixie cut updo hairstyle

Outgrown Pixie cuts are great for experimenting with short hair updos. If the hair strands in the back are still too short, play with the tip. This hairstyle is an explosion of energy and style that is a must for short-haired beauties.

15. Pinned hairstyle for short hair

pinned hairstyle for short hair

This short hair updo is perfect for the intervening length that normally does not let you experiment too much. Sweep your hair backwards and fix it gradually, starting with the top. Gently pull the strands of hair as you finish to create this effortlessly voluminous look.

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