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15+ hair color ideas for short hair

Ladies who want to innovate about their short hair, we have great suggestions for you. What do you say to try a new hair color? One should look at short hairstyles, dyed with Balayage and Ombre Techniques that are most preferred in everyday life, and also here you will find extraordinary colors.

Whenever we need a change, we want to give our hair a different look. If ordinary appearances do not suit you, the wonderful ones can short hairstyles and the colors out there inspire you! Short Haircuts the latest trend for 2018, and if you want to join this trend, just scroll down and look at these amazing Colors and haircuts ,

1. Balayage Front Highlighted Bob

2018’s latest Hair Balayage idea, blonde fringe, choppy blonde bob and dark blond roots, really does look different, of course, than the other bob hairstyles.

2. Short summer haircut and color 2018

This style is a great example of any age hair. Short Graduate Bob is one of the most popular styles these days, and you should try once in a lifetime.

3. Dark brown hair color with little light

Take a look at this amazing, twisted bob hairstyle and we’re sure you’ll really look stylish with this hair color. is a great hairstyle for the hairstyle.

4. Burgundy Bob Hair

A wonderful combination of an exciting hair color and a haircut that you can choose in the summer. Burgundy (dark red) hair color with straight bob cut look really modern and attractive.

5. ginger hair color

If you are looking for a really ambitious hair color, this ginger short bob is a perfect suggestion for you, too, you should have bright skin tones, because with this light skin tones, you will look perfectly perfect.

6. Dark blue

7. Stacked bob with rose gold balayages

8. Light pink and purple lights on layered bob

Best Short Hair Color-8

9. Peachy Colored Short Hair for Girls

10. Light blond

Best Short H Air Color-10

11. Gray hair inverted Bob

Best Short Hair Color-11

12. Tender pink

13. Casual Brown Stacked Bob with light brown lights

Best Short Hair Color-13

14. Long bob hairstyle for ginger

15. Assymetrical graded Bob Copper Balayages

16. Cotton candy hair color

Best Short Hair Color-16

17. Ash Blonde Balayage

Best Short Hair Color-17

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