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15 impressive French pigtails

All French pigtails are based on the incredibly famous French braid, which is the simple version of the three-strand braid. Its two variants, if you want to branch out, are the fish tail and the Dutch braid. Do not worry, here are some examples of both in this article so you can find the perfect inspiration for any occasion. Here are 45 stunning French pigtails that you can wear day and night. Scroll to the end and find yours!

1. Double Braids in a Bun

We start our French Braid hairstyles list with simple French braids, each on one side of the head. The tails were neatly brought together in a low chignon at the back of the head. If necessary, use a donut for the chignon.

15 impressive French pigtails

2. Messy French Braid Hairstyles

Here’s a French braid that goes around your head like a crown or a headband. To spice things up, you can make a nice and messy knot in the back of your mind.

3. Everyday Braid Hairstyles

Braids are such a versatile hairstyle that you can wear them everyday. Here’s a simple version of the French that goes neatly over your head and ends in a smooth ponytail. You can find a friend to help you.

4. Top Knot French Braid Hairstyles

The combination of a half French braid with a top knot was one of the most sought-after trends in recent years. It is just a fashion look with a few embellishments and a handful of hair glitters.

5. Extra Long Braids

Sometimes a French braid inspire, not by its complexity, but by its length. It is true that there is one of the simplest and most basic types of braids. However, if you have long-haired rapunzel, you can still keep people in suspense.

6. Space Buns and French Braid Hairstyles

Double Top Buns are now called Space Buns. Especially if you mate them with French braids on their heads. Pastel colors can really help you to get this wonderful and modern look.

7. The high school ponytail

French Braid hairstyles, you can always make two simple ones, like the ones you would use for the Space Buns, and finish them in a traditional ponytail. You can even wear this style to school.

8. Fishtail and French Braid Hairstyles

Here is a great hairstyle that starts with a textured and voluminous French plait that slowly descends into a fishtail. You’ll need some clever braiding before you can pull this, but it will be worth it.

9. Little Girl French Braid Hairstyles

Little girls in pigtails are absolutely adorable. There is only something about this classic combination of a munchkin with her hair, all braided and melting our hearts. If you want more ideas about the hairstyles of little girls, check out this article.

10. The Bob, the Waves and the French Braid Hairstyles

It sounds like a fairy tale and it looks like one. It’s a pine-headed bob with beach waves and a french plait running around his head like a crown. We love the color of the hair, which is a dark and rich chocolate brown.

11. Romantic French Braid Hairstyles

French braids paired with long hair giving a fantastic result. They are very romantic and feminine. Here is an example of a simple French that has been raised a little so that it has more volume while the rest of the hair has been given a few waves.

12. The Beach Plait

If you’re on the beach, you’ll want to keep your hair out of the breeze and protect you from the wind, sand and seawater. Here comes the French braid, your best friend in summer.

13. Black and White French Braid Hairstyles

Here’s a professional tip – if you have two different hair colors, braids will present them perfectly. It wants to create a flawless mix of the two colors that show them from the root to the end in all their glory. You can never be wrong with braids.

14. The Half French Braid

This is a very interesting interpretation of french pigtails. It is specially designed for a wedding or a very special event in your life. It is half a French plait that goes diagonally over the head and a half, very deep and voluminous bun decorated with white pearls.

15. Coffee and Cream French Braid Hairstyles

What we absolutely adored about this idea was the colors. It’s a wonderful blend of dark brown brown and red hair. We called it coffee and cream.

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