Bob Hairstyles

15 Medium Bob Haircuts

15 Medium Bob Haircuts

Medium bob hairstyles are classic and fashionable. Wavy and straight, shaggy and smooth, asymmetrical and symmetrical bobs offer you the modern look, variety and comfort you expect from a hairstyle. People often turn to the middle lengths bob hairstyles too, since the short layered does not look appealing. They are quite easy to create because they are longer than that short bobsleigh and easier to handle. You can also do it with your creativity and inspiration. To add more wow factors, you can add a highlight. Let’s take a look at these 15 Medium Bob Haircuts

1. Medium Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Best Medium Bob Hairstyles

2. Middle Bob with highlights

Mid wavy bob

3. Medium wavy bob haircut

Soft Wavy Middle Bob Haircuts

4. Medium Red Bob Haircut

Medium Red Bob Haircut

5. Short bob ombre hair

Short Bob Hair Ombre Styles

6. Medium Stacked Blonde Haircut

Medium Stacked Haircuts Styles

7. Medium Brown Bob Hairstyle

Best Medium Bob Hairstyles

8. Medium long blond hair with fringes

Medium length bob hair with fringes

9. Blond Medium Bob Highlighted Hair Side View

Best Blond Medium Bob Highlighted Hair

10. Straight Medium Blonde Straight Bob Hair

Straight Medium Blonde Bob Haircuts

11. Brown Haircut for Fine Medium Bob Hair

Best Haircuts for Fine Medium Bob Hair

12. Medium Shaggy Bob Hair with Layered Pony

Best Medium Bob Hair with Layered Pony

13. Slender Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle

Best Medium Straight Bob Hairstyle

14. Middle side swept Blonde Bob hairstyle

Middle side swept Bob hairstyle

15. Side swept Medium Sombre Bob Hair

Side Swept Medium Bob Haircuts

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