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15 Trendy Celebrity Short Hairstyles that you want to copy

You think it’s annoying and too lazy to style your long hair before you move out every morning? You always get up late so you can take care of the messy hair? Why do not you change your hairstyle for fresh morning? Short hair can be easily and quickly styled by some important steps.

If you no longer like the long hair, you can have your hair trimmed for the new look. You can say that short hair will not be good for combining your summer look. Prominent short hairstyles prove that you are wrong. The shorthair looks are still versatile and pretty for many outfits.

There are 15 shorthair ideas from celebrities. You can check the post first and look at your own short hairstyle. From medium-long hair to fairies, you can find ways to find the solution.

Clare Bowen Cute Hair

Clare Bowen has a cute short hair for her event. She curls her curls and sweeps her pony aside. The pink make-up goes well with her hair look. If you want to style this look, you can wear light make-up everyday.

Clare Bowen Sweet hair via stylebistro

Milla Jovovich Messy short hair

Milla Jovovich’s short hair looks great with his super chaotic style. The key to the look is the stylish pony. If you go out with the look, you should spend time to make the long pony big.

Milla Jovovich Messy Short hair over stylebistro

Kristen Stewart Side-sweeps waves

Kristen Stewart looks nervous in her side waves. It is a bicolor layered hair. The actress has curled her longer layer and sweeps her aside. It’s perfect for her to wear a smoky eye make-up to pair the look.

Kristen Stewart Side-swept waves over stylebistro

Evan Rachel Wood Just short hair

Evan Rachel Wood also has a side swept hairstyle, but she styles it a different way. She does a layered job and fixes it. The warm clay make-up can also be a perfect match for your hair and outfit.

Evan Rachel Wood Straight Short hair via stylebistro

Elizabeth Debicki Short curly hair

It is sweet for the actress to wear the short curly hair without a pony. The hair is short so it can show her face and make an ultra-fresh look. It can go well with light makeup too.

Elizabeth Debicki Short curly about stylebistro

Lizzy Caplan Ash Brown Bob

Does a bob look like your favorite hair for this summer? You will not miss Lizzy Caplan’s stylish bob. She adds light curls to her mid-length bob and chooses Ash Brown for the hair color. The color is beautiful and it is easily paired.

Lizzy Caplan Ash Brown Bob about stylebistro

Kristen Wiig Wavy Bob

How to keep your middle length bob or praise alive? You can get solutions from Kristen Wiig Hairstyle. She simply adds subtle waves and a deep side part to her hair. Her look is great.

Kristen Wiig Wavy Bob via stylebistro

Aubrey Plaza Dumb Bob with a pony

Dull bobs can always bring back a young look. Aubrey Plaza looks fresh and pretty in the dull bob.

Aubrey Plaza Blunt Bob with pony over stylebistro

Alexa Chung Medium-long waves

It seems that Alexa Chung’s outfits never go wrong. So does her hair. She puts her untidy curls behind her ears and creates a central part to emphasize her make-up.

Alexa Chung Medium-length waves via stylebistro

Cate Blanchett Blonde Bob

Cate Blanchett loosens her short bob and has more movement to look.

Cate Blanchett Blonde Bob about stylebistro

Jessie J Platinum Pixie

If you decide to have a super short hair, you can choose Jessie J hairstyle. The Pixie is perfect for any face shape and its pretty style brings a lively atmosphere to the look.

Jessie J Platinum Pixie about stylebistro

Kusch Jumbo Stylish Pixie

Kusch Jumbo has a stylish pixie for her v-neck outfit. She looks elegant with the Pixie.

Cush Jumbo Stylish Pixie via stylebistro

Teri Polo Pretty Pixie

Teri Polos Pixie is a textured hairstyle. The pony is long and covers her forehead. The hair can shorten the long face.

Teri Polo Pixie via Stylebistro

Jaimie Alexander Short hair

Inspired by the boy’s haircut, you can also make a Mussy-style hair do for your short hair. The actress Jaimie Alexander succeeds in designing the look. She is edgy and gorgeous.

Jaimie Alexander short hairstyle about stylebistro

Tilda Swinton haircut

The look is boyish, but Tilda Swinton meets pink lips to pair her blonde hairdo and makes a pretty look. The actress looks pretty.

Tilda Swinton Windblown haircut via stylebistro


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