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19 popular prom hairstyles for girls with medium-length hair

You have the most beautiful dress for your prom and matching shoes. You’ve also gone through endless YouTube tutorials to complete your make-up look. But you’re still undecided about one thing – one thing that can make or break your outfit. This is of course your hairstyle … * Keyword: Blood Clotting *. If there is one thing that keeps me from a big event at night, it must be the thought of styling my hair. Well, I know that many girls choose to make their hair professional for this important occasion. But honey, you do not have to pay a dime here. Just look at our list of the top 20 hairstyles hairstyles for medium length hair and you will see that you can do all these types in no time!

Top 20 gorgeous prom hairstyles for girls with medium length hair

1. lots of waves

1. Loose waves

Now that you’re a young woman about to finish high school, you’ll want to experiment with some goodier styles. What better day to do this than prom? This rugged and sultry curly hair, worn by Mila Kunis, is perfect for a subtle and elegant ball gown.

2. Messy Side Bun

2. Messy Side Bun

Running for Prom Queen? Then you definitely need a hairstyle that is royal. And you definitely have to go for an elegant updo. This elegant, messy side-bun look is perfect for adding a soft and romantic feel to your look and will make you the queen of the prom court!

3. Half Up Curls

3. Half Up Curls
Did you work hard to maintain your Straight A series all year round and do you want to go downhill? Well, you can literally do that with this effortlessly chic hair look! Channel your inner, good girl with this curly hair and pouf worn by Carrie Underwood.

4. Low roll

5. Low Bun
Prom is a time to purify and adapt to the nines. And what could be better than choosing a super-classic bun hairstyle? Low buns like these have the spectacular ability to turn you into a mature young adult who looks like he’s in control (even if you’re unlikely to)

5. Messy curls

6. Messy Curls
Go wild, go crazy and make all the boys and girls faint over you on prom with this goody curly hair look! Just do what Keke Palmer did and go for some tight spiral curls that will jump around beautifully as you make your favorite songs sound.

6. Perky ponytail with loose pony

7. Perky ponytail with loose pony
Want to spend your prom like a breeze and without worries about refreshing your hair or outfit? Then take a page from Jennifer Aniston’s lookbook. To focus all her attention on her beautiful dress, she opted for a simple ponytail with a loose pony.

7. Romantic twists

8. Romantic Twists
If you look at yourself as a girl next door, who likes to keep her hair cute and simple, then combine your ball gown with this hair look with twisted accents. This simple hair look takes about 3 minutes and works great to give your whole look a romantic feel.

8. Classy Side Ponytail

9. Classy side ponytail
Oh, Anna Kendrick … you can not go wrong, right? Honestly, the girl can give a master class on how to make your hair look simple yet sophisticated. This ponytail style side rocks the line between casual and fantasy to create a look that is as elegant as it gets.

9. Chignon knot

10. Chignon Knot
Are you going to your prom and want to show everyone that you are a smart, independent woman who does not need a husband? Then check out this super chic Chignon bun that’s effortlessly gorgeous and stylish. Wear this over a goody dress with strapless shoulders and look at all the boys you did not invite to the prom.

10. Classy Ribbon Updo

11. Classy Ribbon Updo
Are you worried that you will get too much sweat and your hair is matted half way through the prom? Then I have a hairstyle that solves this problem in no time and still looks stunning. Choose a simple roll style and decorate it with a black ribbon to create this stunning hair look.

11. Kitty Ear Buns

12. Kitty Ear Buns
Would you like to add a touch of humor to your prom? Then take a look at Bella Hadid’s adorable kitten ears hair look! Remove the traditional updos and French braids in favor of this super cute hairstyle. These kitty ear buns will help you to channel your inner bizarre side.

12. Frizzy ponytail

13. Frizzy Ponytail
Trust Zendaya to choke her hair without lifting a single, heated tool. If you are planning to wear a solid ball gown, then you need to tie it in with this frizzy ponytail that will have you transforming into the beauty of the ball.

13. Retro headband style

14. Retro headband style
The best hairstyles are those that merge the old school with the modern age. And Maia Mitchell shows us how we can achieve this seamlessly. Beautify your retro beehive style with a thin headband to create a unique style that sets you apart from the usual prom masses.

14. Serpentine Bun

15. Serpentine Bun
Shay Mitchell does not bother styling her hair for a big event. If you’re looking for a hair look that’s different from the same low buns and half updos, then check out this amazing top bun by Mitchell, inspired by the way a snake winds its way. Wear this dress with a goody sequin dress to kill the fashion game over there.

15. Greek Half Updo

16. Grecian Half Updo
If you want to wear one of these Flowy Grecian Style dresses for your prom, you need to wear a hairstyle that complements the look. This half-height style, borne by the ubiquitous Trojan Bellisario, looks beautiful to turn her into a Greek goddess – as Athena perhaps?

16. Sweet Side Braid

17. Sweet Side Braid
Anyone who has told you that your hair can not be in a simple plait at prom was seriously wrong. If Ariel Winter can do it, that sure means the style gods think it’s acceptable. Besides, look how ethereal and gorgeous she looks in this hairstyle!

17. Boho accent braids

18th Boho Accent Braids
For your Bohemian free spirits there is a breathtaking hair look that you simply should not miss. Laura Marano’s beautifully textured and voluminous curls are a beauty in themselves. But the boho plait accents added add a boho-chic look to a whole new level.

18. Big Frizzy Hair

18. Big Frizzy Hair
From time immemorial, girls have always opted for smooth and elegant hairstyles prom. But if you want to roll on the wrinkled side, you have to be inspired by Skyler Samuels. She dropped the pretty and sophisticated updo for a grungy wild hair look that creates a great contrast to her pink sequin dress.

19. Sleek high ponytail

19. Sleek high ponytail
Another great way to take the unconventional route of styling your hair for prom is the brave ponytail. Bailee Madison has paired her pretty pink outfit with a sleek high ponytail that makes her look totally tough and cool. An added bonus here is that you can dance your heart without worrying about messing up your hair!

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