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19 pretty long hairstyles with tutorials

We all love long hairstyles for their glamorous look. There are many different ways to treat a long hair. You can braid, twist or tie it. All of them will definitely make you the center of the crowd. If you want to change something, add a hair accessory if needed. In addition, most of the long hairstyle will work beautifully on both straight and wavy hair. Scroll down our post to find more ideas for your long hair!

Pretty headband updo hairstyle

Pretty headband updo

This beautiful hairstyle hairstyle can be made with just a few steps for girls. Lay a thin rope over your head and cut your hair in sections. Fix the final shape with bobby pins

Messy twisted bun idea for long hair

Messy twisted bun idea for long hair

To create this cute hairstyle updo, you need to divide your hair into four parts. Twist them tightly one after another and fix the final shape with bobby pins.

Messy High Bun Hairstyle Tutorial

Messy High Bun Hairstyle Tutorial

This messy high bun hairstyle is a great choice for schoolgirls. You can first pop your long side and make the rest of your hair a high knot. Fix the final look with your fingers.

Easy Twisted Bun for long hair

To get this simple twisted bun hairstyle, you should first disassemble the front part of the right side and then make the rest of your hair into a chic low bun. Finally, wrap the side panel around the bun for a finished style.

Easy low buns for every day hairstyles

It’s very easy to get this messy bun hairstyle by wrapping a low ponytail around its own base. You can also tease the hair for additional volume and fluffy look in your hair.

DIY Curls: How to Roll Rags Roll Your Hair

Here is a cost-saving way to curl your hair without curling iron. You can roll your hair with stripes and sleep with them. Release it in the morning and strengthen the curls with hair spray

DIY chains headband for long hair

Headbands are the most useful hair accessories for girls. This time you can wear hanging chains around your head to keep your long curls in place.

Cute Hair Bow Hairstyle Tutorial

This is a very cute hairstyle for pretty girls. You will find it very interesting to bow to your own hair. Pull your side hairs together, tie them together and secure them with hairpins.

Cute braided updo for women

This braided updo is a perfect hairstyle for women to attend a formal event. It looks so stunning with overlapping layers that formed a beautiful flowery shape on the back.

Classic French Roll Hairstyle Tutorial

The simple French roll hairstyle is a perfect choice for medium length hair. Comb your hair to the side and place bobby pins in the vertical line. Roll the hair slowly and insert the ends inside. Fix with hair clips

Braid in Bun Hairstyle Instructions

Here’s a flattering way to update your Donut Bun hairdo with a page weave. You can add a beautiful flower as you like.

Boho Braided Page Bun Tutorial

This boho braided side roll consists of stylish French braid on one side, while the other side is styled with big waves that is twisted together in the braid.

5 minute updo for long hair

This is a stunning braided bun hairstyle that every girl can do in just 5 minutes. Make a low ponytail, braid it and put it over the hair band. You can control the tightness as needed.

Vintage updo tutorial

Vintage updo tutorial

This is a nice updo for women. It is made in a polished look and can be worn for formal and informal occasions.

Side Fishtail Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

This hairstyle is a perfect combination of the French braid and the fishtail braid. It looks so gorgeous and looks wonderful on straight hair and wavy hair.

How to apply clip-in hair extensions

How To Make A Tall Ponytail With Hair Extensions

Hollywood vintage waves with clip-in hair extensions

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