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20 adorable hairstyles for schoolgirls

It’s 10 minutes to 8 o’clock. The lunch box of your daughter Frozen is half full on the table and the school bus arrives every minute and starts howling. And if it goes away without your sweet little angel, you have to fight your way through the hell of morning traffic to get her to school. It does not help you now that she whines you, that you have to do her hair and make it look “pretty as a princess”. So, if you are in a time crisis, that’s close to your top blows off, just breathe a few times and remember that I’m here to save you! Below, I’ve put together 20 cute and simple hairstyles for schoolgirls that are currently in fashion … along with instructions on how to do them! I know, I know, you love me. So, without further ado, let’s start right now!

20 Adorable hairstyles for schoolgirls who will absolutely love your daughter

1. hair bow

1. Hair Bow

Who does not think that her beautiful daughter is a gift from above? So, dress her like one and decorate her hair in a delightful little bow. She will not only look cute, she will also have her classmates brought over her beautiful hairstyle.

What you need
  • hair Bands
  • hairclips
  • Hair Cutting Clip
  • Big curling iron
  • Teasing brush
  • Comb with fine tooth
  • Hair spray with a firm grip
How To Style
  1. Start by tying your little one’s hair into a neat, medium ponytail.
  2. Take a 2-inch hair from the top of your ponytail and cut it off with a cutting knife.
  3. Take one third of your ponytail from the left side and curl the top with a curling iron.
  4. Tilt this upper part down with a provocative brush to create volume.
  5. Smooth the breathed hair with a fine toothed comb.
  6. Bend this part of the hair into one half of an arched form and attach it to your head from below with a few hairpins.
  7. Repeat steps 3 through 6 on a side that was taken from the right side of your ponytail.
  8. Unclip the hairline that you cut off at the beginning, and just braid it about a third of the way down.
  9. Place her in the middle of her bow and put it under her ponytail to her head.
  10. Make 2 big curls with the tail of the ponytail.
  11. Spray on a strong hairspray to fix the hairstyle.

2. heart braids

2. Heart pigtails
Style your favorite variety with a few sweet hearts, why not? Apart from being oh-gorgeous, this sweet Valentine’s Heart braid lasts only about 5 minutes. Nobody will be able to stop awww – when they see your girl’s braids.

What you need
How To Style
  1. Start by brushing all the knots out of your daughter’s hair and tying them into 2 medium-sized pigtails.
  2. Create a gap in the hair directly above the elastic hair tied around your right braid.
  3. Turn them around Zipfel and into this gap to topsy tail it.
  4. Topsy cock her braid once more.
  5. Now divide your braid into 2 sections.
  6. Start twisting these sections until they start to bend upwards to create the two halves
  7. Bring both pieces together and tie them with a hair band to form a heart.
  8. Repeat steps 2 to 7 on the left braid to complete the look.

3. Triple Low updo

3. Triple Low Updo
Sometimes, the hairstyles that last less than 3 minutes are the ones that look the fanciest. A typical example is this triple low roll up updo. It’s perfect to do hair on the second or third day, especially on days when your daughter has physical education.

What you need
How To Style
    1. Start by tying the hair of your little lady in 3 ponytails horizontally next to each other
    2. Loop the ponytails halfway through the hair ties.
    3. Divide this looped hair to make messy round rolls and attach it to the head with hairpins. [19659027] 4. Faux waterfall
      4. Faux Waterfall
      How many times and how many different Waterfall Braid tutorials did you look at before getting discouraged and giving it up completely? Too many, I suppose. Well, this simple hack of a hairstyle is so pretty that your daughter can wear it to the many birthday parties she’s invited to.
      What you need
      How To Style
Share her hair deep on one side.
  • Take a 3-inch piece of hair from the side with more hair, braid it to the end and fasten it with a hair band.
  • Insert your index finger through the middle of the first stitch of the braid and pick up a small part of the hair from the front of your head.
  • Pull this section of hair through the stitch of her braid.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 along the braid until the waterfall effect is achieved in accordance with their separation on the other side.
  • Put the end of the braid in the back of your head, under your hair, to finish the look.

5. Easy Under Braids

5. Easy Under Braids
Well, this hairstyle is so easy, your daughter can do it herself in no time! (After all, even mothers sometimes need a break.) This cute, little hairstyle is chic, pretty and tied to make your little one the beauty of the ball, or rather, the class. (Although, actually, that should not be the kind of thing she should be worried about, all she should work for is her grades.)

What you need
  • hair Bands
  • Hairgrips How to style
    1. Share her hair on one side.
    2. From the side of their separation with more hair, take a medium-sized piece of hair, braid it to the end and secure it with a hair band.
    3. Take another strand of hair next to this first braid and repeat the previous step.
    4. These pancakes pancake by pulling them apart to make them look wider.
    5. Pull these braids back and put them under the hair of the back of the head to finish the look.

    6. Rose bun

    6. Rose Bun
    She always struggles with a haircut when attending a class party / school dance? Here’s a hair look that will get you out of the box quickly. These rose buns are very pretty and oblige to make your daughter look like the beautiful flower child.

    What you need
    • hair Bands
    • hairclips
    • Texturing spray
    How To Style
Divide the upper hair of your little one into 3 sections.
  • Braid these 3 sections individually and secure their ends with hair ties.
  • Pancake the left side of all 3 braids.
  • Spray on some texturing spray on it.
  • Hold the top of the first pigtail with one hand and start turning the pigtail clockwise with the other hand.
  • Hold the braid to your head each time you make a semi-circle
  • Put the end of the braid under the finished rose and fasten it with a few hairpins.
  • Repeat steps 5 through 7 with the other two braids to complete the look.

7. Elsa’s braid

7. Elsa's Braid
Be honest. Your little angel has you with his obsession Frozen and their constant need Let It Go to sing on her lungs, driven to the wall. Celebrate your hair in this Elsa-inspired braid, where she’ll absolutely love you. (Not that she does not love you otherwise, which will only bring you a few pluses.)

What you need
  • cutter
  • hanging brush
  • Fine tooth comb
  • Hair tie How to style
  1. Leave the front parts of her hair to frame her face, divide her hair horizontally (from ear to ear) to divide it into 2 sections.
  2. Clip the bottom section with a clip to hold clip
  3. Take the upper part of the hair to create volume.
  4. Smooth the upper part of the teased section and tie it with a hair tie into a ponytail.
  5. Lichen this half ponytail
  6. Once you have braided about 3 stitches, tap the bottom piece and insert hair into the braid with each stitch from the sides (start in principle)
  7. As soon as your hair goes out into the braid (when you have reached the neck), just braid until the end. Cut off the elastic hair at the top of the braid.
  8. Pull the braid apart and loosen it to make it wider and softer

8. Elsa’s Coronation Bun

Well, here is another Frozen – Inspired hairstyle that your daughter will adore. This time it’s the royal twisted bun that Queen Elsa wore on her coronation. This looks complicated, but can actually be made in the minutes before the little princess is sent to school

What you need
  • cutter
  • Rat-tail comb
  • scrunchy
  • Bobby pins
  • Ribbon
  • hair spray
How To Style
  1. Sharing the hair of a little lady on one side
  2. Using the tail end of a rat tail comb, create a horizontal divider from the end of its first divide the rest of the hair at the back of the head with a release clip
  3. Take a medium sized piece of hair from the right side of the divider and divide it into
  4. Start turning these two parts by turning the front part over the back and adding more hair to the twisted pigtail from the side of your head each time you turn it.
  5. Once the French braid is braided your ear and you have no hair left to add, just secure with a hair tie
  6. Put one end of your ribbon in the elastic hair
  7. Collect all her hair and twist it into a side roll under the French braid.
  8. Secure the bun to her head
  9. Spray on some hairspray to fix the updo.

9. Messy Mermaid Braid

9. Messy Mermaid Braid
“I’m sure your little lady dreams of being a mermaid every day. Although this can be a very unrealistic dream, it does not mean that you can not fulfill it in your own way. Put on your hair in this beautiful Mermaid Tail style and watch it with joy when you’re done! ”

What you need
    • heat protection
    • curling iron
    • hair Bands
    • Hairpins How to Style
      1. Prepare your little hair with some heat protection and curl the lower half of all your hair.
      2. Take a large section of hair from the right side of the head and braid it to the hairline end
      3. Fix the end of the braid with a hair band
      4. From the left side pick up a 2 inch long hair from the front, turn to the end and put in the first stitch. Now take another hair piece from the right, turn it to the end and put it into the second stitch.
      5. Change the sides in this way and work off the braid, braiding all her hair in the braid.
      6. Attach the ends to another hair band.
      7. Attach all parts of the hair. Pull the braid apart carefully to give it a fuller look.

      10. Triple braid

      10. Triple Braid
      I know that you have these days when you do not feel like getting out of bed to send a child to school. What makes it even worse is the thought of going through all the moves she’s disguised with. On these lazy days, here’s a simple hairstyle for schoolgirls that will take less than 5 minutes and make your daughter look presentable at school.

      What you need


      How To Style
    • Divide all of your daughter’s hair into 3 sections.
    • Braid these 3 sections one at a time and attach the ends with hair ties. They should end with 3 adjacent pigtails.
    • With these three braids acting as single strands, braid them into a huge braid and secure it with a hair band at the end.

11. Dutch pigtails

11. Dutch pigtails
Here is a hairstyle that is perfect for your little angel if she has any sport or tournaments. In addition to being so trendy, Dutch braids work well to keep all their hair clean from their faces. Another plus point for you is that after loosening these braids, it will be very easy to brush out your hair as they can prevent knots and tangles in your hair.

What you need

hair Bands

How To Style
      1. Share the hair of your little one slightly off-center.
      2. Break down to the neck to divide her hair into two parts.
      3. Remove the hair from the front of the left hairline and make a 3 – inch piece of hair and divide it into 3 sections.
      4. Begin Dutch weaving these 3 sections by alternately turning the side strands under the middle strand and adding more hair into the braid from both sides with each stitch of the braid] Once the Dutch braid has reached the neck and you run out of hair, just add Add the rest of the way and attach the ends with elastic hair.
      5. Repeat steps 3 through 5 on the right side of your head to complete the look.

12. Messy Bun

12. Messy Bun
Close the snooze button way too often, right? And now you do not have time to buff your child’s hair. But wait a minute! This is exactly the time when Zoella will come to your rescue! Your simple messy bun will take you about 2 minutes to get your baby’s hair done and make it look super sweet.

What you need
How To Style
      1. Brushing all the knots and entanglements out of their hair
      2. Tie all her hair into a high ponytail
      3. Turn the ponytail to the end
      4. Roll the twisted ponytail into a knot and lay it flat against her head. Make sure the ends are under the knot.
      5. Attach the bun with a hair band.
      6. Pull out some sections from the front to frame your face.
      7. Attach loose parts of the bun with hairpins. Finish with the look.

13. Simple Twisty Bun

13. Easy Twisty Bun
The end of the school year is reached and the summer heat begins to set? There’s only one way your little lady can be prevented from driving herself (and you) to the wall through the heat – tying her hair together into a ravishingly twisted updo.

What you need
      • hair Bands
      • Bobby pins
How To Style
      1. Divide your daughter’s hair in the middle and divide it into sections.
      2. Tie the two pieces to ponytails at the back of the head.
      3. Divide the left ponytail into 2 sections
      4. Turn these two parts into each other until the end.
      5. Fold the two twisted parts together and attach the end with elastic hair.
      6. Wiederhole die Schritte 3 bis 5 am rechten Pferdeschwanz.
      7. Tie these two twisted ponytails into a knot and attach them to your head with some hairpins.
      8. Carefully undo the twisted roll to give it more dimension and finish the look.

14. Classic pony

14. Classy pony
Too often, kids complain about their tight ponytails that cause them a headache. Here is a simple hack hairstyle that will solve the problem and add a sweet little twist to an otherwise ordinary ponytail. All you need are a few hair clips to perfect this look.

What you need
      • Elastic hair
      • Haarklemmen
How To Style
    1. Omit the front of her hair, all tie her hair on the back to a medium ponytail.
    2. Part of her front hair on one side.
    3. Take all the hair on the side of your head with less hair and pull it back.
    4. Place the spiked strand of hair over the top of your ponytail and put it on the opposite side, next to the elastic hair.
    5. Repeat the previous step with the front part of the hair on the other side to complete the look] 15. Bubble ponytail
      15. Bubble ponytail
      Easy to do and looks super cute, this Bubble Ponytail will be the new favorite hairstyle for your baby’s school. With a few hair ties you turn her boring ponytail into a stylish hairstyle that begs her every day anew.
      What you need
      How To Style
      1. Brush all her hair back and tie it into a ponytail at the back of her head.
      2. About 1/3 of the way on her ponytail, tie another elastic hair.
      3. Now pull the hair between the hair ties to give it a blistering effect.
      4. Tie hair ties and “bubble up” your hair until you reach the end of your ponytail.

      16. Rope twisted ponytail

      16. Rope Twisted Ponytail
      Trying to send your child to school with a ponytail, but she protests that it is “too boring”? A quick hack to get out of this situation is to incorporate this twisted style into her ponytail. Takes about 2 seconds and you are both happy!

      What you need

      hair Bands

      How to style
      1. Tie your baby’s hair into a high ponytail.
      2. Divide the ponytail into 2 sections
      3. Turn both parts clockwise until the end against each other.
      4. Turn both parts counterclockwise until the end.
      5. Attach the end with a hair band.

      17. Stolen ponytail

      17. Stolen ponytail
      Your little girl will grow up and soon she wants to rock hairstyles that make her look ‘cool’ in school. Be prepared for this day by trying out this ponytail look that is suitable for school but still looks smart.

      What you need
      • Hair elastic
      • Bumpit
      • Fine tooth comb
      • hanging brush
      How to style
      1. Insert a bump under the hair on the crown of her head.
      2. Use a fine tooth comb to straighten the hair over the bump.
      3. Collect all her hair and tie it in a medium ponytail level
      4. Tease the hair at the base of her ponytail.
      5. Smooth the hair over the hairy hair with a fine tooth comb to finish the look.

      18. Triple twisted ponytail

      18. Triple twisted ponytail
      Try all the funky sweet hairstyles on your little one while you still have time, because soon she will be a cranky teenager who will not let you near her hair. This lovingly twisted side ponytail style is one such look that you must try on.

      What you need

      Hair Elastics

      How To Style
      1. Split your little hair in the middle and continue the crown to the nape to divide your hair into two parts.
      2. Tie a piece into a low ponytail.
      3. Pick up 1/3 of the other piece, turn it to the end and tie it with the side ponytail
      4. Take another 1/3 section from the right below the first and repeat the previous step.
      5. Add the last section of hair to the ponytail in the same way to finish the look.

      19. Ballerina Bow Bun

      19. Ballerina Bow Bun
      Make your sweet little princess into a ballerina with this hairstyle (even if she is not). This adorable bun style will neatly keep her hair out of her face while she still looks so cute. All you need is a small hair bow to complete the sweet look.

      What you need
      • hair Bands
      • hairclips
      • hair bow
      How To Style
      1. Tie your little hair in a high ponytail.
      2. Leave a 2-inch section of hair from below, roll her ponytail into a knot and fasten it to her head with a few hairpins.
      3. Divide the exuberant hair into two sections, turn them to the end and confuse them.
      4. Wrap this twisted hair around the base of her tuft and pin it down.
      5. Attach the hairbow under the knot to finish the look.

      20. The 2-way braid

      20. The 2-way braid
      Get ready to thank me, because I am showing you 2 hairstyles at the time and effort of one. This braided updo can be done in two ways that look just as great. Ask your little lady what style she wants for this day and leave the decision to her!

      What you need
      • scrunchy
      • hairclips
      • Bow / flower accessories
      How To Style
      1. Divide your little girl’s hair into the middle and divide it into two parts.
      2. Lichen the two strands of hair to the end and fasten them with hair ties.
      3. One way to style this look is to place the braids over the back of your head, folding and pinning the ends together and securing with hairpins.
      4. Another way is to place the braids over their top of their head and pin them behind their ears on the opposite sides.
      5. Complete the look by strapping on a cute hair bow or flower.

      Phew, it’s really tiring to be a mother! But all these efforts to style the hair of your little angel are worth it, how happy and sweet she will look in the end. So, comment below and let us know which schoolgirl hairstyles you absolutely loved and which ones you know your little one would be excited to give it a try!

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