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20 Amazing Layered Hairstyles for Curly Hair

20 Best Layered Hairstyles for Curly Hair

1. Layered Super Long Bob on kinky curls

1. Layered Super Long Bob on tangled locks

Having super long hair with tangled locks can be a literal pain in the neck. So, to reduce the weight on your head and give your beautiful curls the chance to unfold in all their glory, you should opt for a multi-ply super long bob that is so easy to style.

2. Long even layers on textured curls

2. Long even layers on textured curls
Carrie Bradshaw has been a style icon for the modern woman for years, and with good reason. She absolutely nailed the layered cut for her wild textured curly hair and how! Their long, evenly cut layers, which are split in the middle, ensure perfect hair for a woman who lives in the fast lane.

3. Dramatic layers on Beachy Waves

3. Dramatic layers on Beachy Waves
Joan Smalls sure knows how to serve some serious looks as you walk down the slope. If you have long and lazy wavy hair like it, then here is a cut that fits you perfectly. Decide on drastically staggered levels that will give your waves more definition and give them extra momentum.

4. Layered Bob and Pony on kinky curls

4. Layered Bob and Pony on tangled locks
If you take hair inspiration from Alicia Keys, take hair inspiration from the best. To take full advantage of the sheer volume of her tangled curls, she opted for a short multi-layered bob and subtle curls to create that afro-hairy look.

5. Bumps on tightly wound hair

5. Bumps on tight-wound hair
A great thing about a layered cut is that there are a lot of ways to experiment with it. For example, you could do what Zendaya did and cut randomly irregular layers on your tightly curled curls and leave your length long to make this wild and carefree hair look.

6. Shoulder-length layers on low curls

6. Shoulder-length layers on low curls
Does your hair do this weird thing where it’s straight up and curly on the ground? If this is the case then you are one of the few lucky ones on whom a shift cut looks wonderful. Just choose some shoulder-length layers to make your low curls look beautiful and look that stunning hair.

7. Shaggy Layers and Curly Bangs

7. Shaggy Layers And Curly Bangs
If you’re looking for a girl-by-door look, this is a haircut you must try. First, shoulder grazes are cut into their large, spiral curls. Then finish your sweet look by pony biting some of your front curls that ends right in front of your eyebrows.

8. Messy layers on long ginger curls

8. Chaotic layers on long ginger curls
One thing that all these boho-chic girls on Instagram seem to have in common is long curly hair falling down their backs. Restore this magical look by cutting your ginger curls into long, chaotic layers that require little or no time to style.

9. “Barely There” layers on thick curls

A big fear that many curly girls have their hair cut into layers is that they lose their volume. Well, let me tell you, a good shift cut will quickly tackle this problem. If you have thick curls, have your hair cut into fine layers that look as if they are barely there, and divide your hair on one side to create that beautiful natural look.

10. Step layers on springy curls

10. Quilted layers on feathery curls
If you are blessed with big, springy curls and looking for a good haircut, look at this style. A layered layer separates curls and lets them bounce around the room unhindered. Swoop rolls you on one side of your face to create a mysterious atmosphere.

11. Subtle Layered Bob on Kinky Curls

11. Subtle Layered Bob on tangled locks
The easiest way to slice your tangled curly hair is a more subtle approach. If your layers are too drastic and far apart, your bob can end up looking pretty triangular and awkward around your head. So, go for some subtle layers and finish your bob by the shoulder to create that simple and classic look.

12. Long sweeping layers on curly curls

12. Long Sweeping Layers on Loose Curls
When it comes to curls, no one can beat the beauty of Annalynne McCord’s 90210. Her long, curly hair looks even brighter due to the long, curving layers it is cut in. You can just wash your hair and make it look as beautiful as yourself.

13. Short Layered Bob On Dented Curls

13. Short Layered Bob On Dented Curls
Charlize Theron knows what she does with her hair when it comes to layering her. She has highlighted her beautifully dented curls by cutting them into a short layer bob. The even layers accentuate her sharp cheekbones and jaw lines to make her look like the Frozen she’s known for.

14. Ombre layers on low curls

14. Ombre layers on low curls
Do you know what you can do to improve the structure and beauty of your layered hairstyle? You could look for an ombre hair color. Their low curls are bound to flower and shine in this color and cut when split in the middle. Just make sure you take good care of your bleached hair if you want to keep your curls.

15. Shaggy Layers with Shaggy Bangs

15. Shaggy Layers with Shaggy Bangs
Of course, Rihanna knows what she does with her hair, and you have to be inspired by it. Take, for example, this short shag haircut. With shaggy layers and textured curly bangs she always looks as rocking as she is. If you want to look even brighter, bleach your hair blonde as she did.

16. Gradual layers on messy waves

16. Gradual layers on chaotic waves
Are not super-structured haircuts not your style? Do you like that your hair looks like it came naturally? Then this haircut will work perfectly for you with layers that gradually fall down and beautifully merge into their mid-length hair. Style it up smooth and on one side (like Frederikke Sofie) to create a bold and edgy look.

17. Layered Long Bob on frizzy curls

18. Layered Long Bob On Frizzy Curls
Trust Gwen Stefani either GO BIG or go home. And that’s what she does with this big curly hair look. Instead of trying to tame her wild curly locks, Stefani has hugged her and gone for a long multi-layered bob framing her face and making her look like the boss ass bitch she is.

18. Short textured layers and curls

19. Short textured layers and curls
Take a page from the Vanessa Hudgens lookbook and try this easy-to-send Bob cut to bring out your messy curls. Choose a short multi-layer bob and style it with tons of texturizing spray to get that goody look. And if you want to freshen up the ante, finish with some caramel balayage highlights.

19. Short stacked layers on soft curls

20. Short stacked layers on soft curls

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