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20 Bob haircuts for all hair types

Bob haircuts are everywhere in the beauty scene, thanks to their sweet, chic and charming visual impact. It’s a flirtatious hairstyle that brings out the best in a woman’s bright personality, just perfect for spending every season in style. In fact, it is one of the few haircuts that women are willing to sacrifice their long locks for, thanks to the wealth of benefits. Find your dreamy Bob without further ado!

1. Bob haircuts with layers

This chocolate bob immediately gives you a rocker feel when combined with a leather jacket. First of all, you can start with a deeper shade on your head and continue with some lighter ones until you reach your shoulders. Also, pull off some of the outer strands of hair so that you can create this layered, disheveled look.

Bob haircuts with layers

2. Sweet Bob haircuts in pastel colors

This model is the absolute quintessence of cuteness and femininity with this delicate pink bob. You do not have to dye everything pink. In fact, you can go ombre or platinum blonde and just add a touch of fairy pink in the front. You can also use a small curling stick, paired with as much texture spray as you can to get that look.

Cute Bob haircuts in pastel colors

3. Natural-looking Bob

A very slight bend in your curls, as well as a bit of natural ombre, will make you look younger than ever. Keep it coquettish and chic with a pink lip and a pair of oversized metallic aviator. Plus, parting your hair on one side gives you some well-earned layers and gives your bob new life.

Natural-looking bob

4. Jackie Channeling

That’s what Jackie Kennedy looked like when she got up in the morning. As a consequence, this look will give you the best of both worlds. A short bob that stands out with elegance and polish and the bed hair of your dreams to make you look flirtatious, natural and spontaneous. Disheveled has never looked so good!

black disheveled bob haircut

5. Shorter than short

Shorter than short, but still a bob was the motto of this lady. The hairline is very short in the back and leaves the neck almost free. At the same time, the strands near the face become longer and more blind. As a result, the effect is breathtaking, with a nice milk chocolate color on the back, dark chocolate on the head and very, very blonde strands in the front, softening their properties.

Shorter than short

6. Perfection in a picture

If you’ve ever thought for a minute that straight hair is boring or outmoded, you were wrong. Here’s a perfect example of a deep brunette uneven Bob that really makes her name proud. It looks classy, ​​shiny and elegant. Consequently, you will look like a real lady as you do this above. Plus, you can combine it with natural make-up so you do not go over the top.

Perfection in a picture

7. The Asymmetric Ash Blonde Bob Haircuts

Remember the classic asymmetrical bob, in an absolutely gorgeous shade of the ash blonde. As you can see, the hair at the roots is a bit darker, so it looks as natural as possible to that color. The beautiful hairline is perfect in its simplicity. It proves once and for all that sometimes less is really more.

The Asymmetric Ash Blonde Bob Haircuts

8. Same idea, more personality

Here you have the same concept, which means the asymmetrical ash or the platinum bob. However, this one has a touch of more personality than the stick straight. Therefore, you can choose how to style it. A straightener one day, when you feel cushioned the next day, when you’re in a hurry.

Same idea, more personality

9. The praise

What is a praise, you ask? It’s a long bob. In other words, it’s a bob haircut that reaches your clavicles. For a fun look, you can always sweep your hair over the crown of the head. Also, consider choosing the separation a little closer to the ear than you would normally. All in all, you’ll look like you’ve come down with the tip in a fast car. How cool is that?

Purple Stylish Bob Haircut

10. The Pixie Bob Haircut

If the Pixie Bob haircut has a good side, it is this. It shows the beautiful facial features of your face. By and large, the hairstyle will highlight your cheekbones, as well as your jaw line. In other words, these are exactly the same areas that you want to contour with your make-up.

Short layered bob haircut

11. Short and puffed

Choose a breezy, airy and light look by cutting off your curls like this lovely lady did. The shaggy ends make her look effortless, though she literally sits in a salon. When you’re home, put some hair foam in your palm in the morning and rub it roughly into your hair. Wackle around and let it dry. As a result, you get the look of this example.

Blonde Medium Bob Haircut

12. The stacked bob hairstyles

Sometimes Short is just not enough. Therefore, if that’s your case, you can always go for the stacked bob haircuts. The inner layers must be longer so that they reach your jaw line. At the same time, the outer layers must be significantly shorter. As a result, you will add volume and depth to your hair.

red stacked bob haircut

13. Platinum Blonde is back

Platinum Blonde Bob Haircuts will forever be our source of inspiration. They are both classic and upscale. The hue itself contrasts with any skin tone and brings out the color in your eyes and your sculpted properties. Do not be afraid to hack everything!

Platinum Blonde is back

14. Dirty Blonde Bob Haircuts

Another blond shade that fits perfectly to a signature Bob is the filthy. Moreover, the reason they make such a great mating is the fact that applying a dirty blond over a dark root gives the haircut dimension and depth. In addition, you can also go for the asymmetrical type, and leave some longer strands in the front.

Dirty Blonde Bob Haircuts

15. The angled bob hair cuts for fine hair

Do you have an advantage? Are you artistic and creative? Then this is the bob for you. Refined and stylish at the same time, that’s the Bob who has everything. Short hair combined with longer strands, side pony and open neck. In addition, the dirty blonde tint works very well here as well. It shows all angles and the wonderful geometry of this haircut.

The angled bob hair cuts for fine hair

16. Gray and side pony

Never has the punk rock style looked so good. Not to mention feminine! This wonderful idea for a bob consists of some pony sides, brunette roots and metallic gray curls. Combine it with eye-catching copper paint and a dark plum lip. Finally, you can add even more punk to this design by wearing a nose ring.

gray and lateral pony

17. The choppy bob haircuts

Take a curling iron to your freshly chopped curls and add some elegant curls to the upper strands. It will make you look elegant and fresh. Apart from that, the shorter hairs will expose the length of your neck and show how beautiful and tender you are.

The choppy bob haircuts

18. Undercut is where it is

Apart from being charming and elegant, Bob haircuts can also have a boyish charm to them. In fact not more than the undercut Bob. Simply put, this is Bob’s style, where you cut your hair boyishly in the back and leave a few long strands in the front.

black undercut Bob haircut

19. Inky Ombre and Straight Bobs

Another great way to show off your bob is by shedding your hair in a beautiful ombre tone. Go for neon colors, like the beautiful purple mixed with deep blue that you can see in this picture. The idea behind this look is that if you dye your hair in a neon color in the front, it will show your eyes, no matter what color they may be.

Ombre Bob Haircut

20. Casual elegance

This kind of Bob radiates elegance. The very deep brunette shade of the combed and perfected hair makes you look wild and stylish at the same time. In addition, you can combine this hairstyle with some oversized silver earrings and a plaid shirt.

Casual elegance

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