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20 cool ideas for short blonde hair

They say blondes are more fun. Or that men prefer blondes. Do you think they are right? We do not really know if that’s true or not, but what we do know is the fact that short blond hair is currently a real craze. In other words, before summer starts here and music festivals begin, you should really jump on that trend.

Here are 60 cool ideas for short blonde hair that will delight you. From celebrities wearing that signature look to sweet girls next door, we’ve got it all, so let’s just scroll to the end.

1. The shaggy bob

We start our list of short blond hair ideas with the shaggy bob. All you have to do to replicate this look is a handful of mousse or hair wax and run your fingers through your hair. Aside from that, here are some more ideas for shaggy hair for you to check.

The shaggy bob

2. The football mom Short Blond Hair

If you need a stylish and practical haircut then you’re in the right place. This is a medium sized bob that has been shortened by creating a few thin curls. We also love the shiny butterscotch mixed with a cinnamon blond.

The football mom. Short blond hair

3. The Kate Winslet

The world was created by actress Kate Winslet in Titanic noted where she wore a characteristic red mane. However, she looks like a real bomb in this photo shoot, with short blond hair and over-dramatic make-up.

The Kate Winslet

4. The Emma Thompson

Although Emma Thompson has undergone numerous transformations in all the films she has been to, she likes it in her real life, short and sweet. The purple matt makeup is also a win here.

The Emma Thompson

5. Frosty short blond hair

The great thing about this blond shade is that you can combine it with overblown lipsticks. You can go for this vintage red, but you can also try some more modern plum, green, sour blueberry and black.

Icy short blond hair

6. Jennifer Lawrence

When Jennifer Lawrence decided to cut her long curls, she became the perfect bomb. She also dyed her shorthair blonde and started wearing heavy eye makeup. Yes, she told us that she grew up and that she is full of va-va-voom!

Jennifer Lawrence

7. White short blond hair

If you want to take a walk on the natural lane, you can try this white blond tone. It almost looks like it’s your real hair. Be careful to color your roots and undergrowth just a little bit darker.

White short blond hair

8. The Kaley Cuoco

Another hair change that made us all gasp was the actress Kaley Cuoco. We watched her and her long, curly hair for eight years The Big Bang Theory , Suddenly she had short blond hair.

The Kaley Cuoco

9. Morning short blond hair

This blonde shade is called Dawn, and you can easily see why. However, the trick with this color like this haircut is to darken your roots. Opt for a simple, choppy bob where your barber can finish your ends with a razor. Do not try this alone at home.

Morning short blond hair

10. The long asymmetrical pixie

The Pixie Cut was the unsung hero of the last few years. As a result, there are so many variants now that we could not even count them. But we love this one here. It’s an asymmetric pixie cut, longer and more edgy on one side.

The long asymmetrical pixie

11. Artistic short blond hair

If you really want to make an appearance or an impression, you can always opt for the artistic version of the short blond hair. You can copy this here if you want, think of your own or just allow your hairdresser what he or she does best.

Artistic short blond hair

12. The Victoria Beckham

Do you remember when Victoria Beckham was still trying to keep her Spice Girls years? One of the methods she tried was to wear a short and very jaded elf with a long pony. And a lot of lip gloss, let’s not forget that.

Victoria Beckham short blonde hair

13. Tom Boy Short Blond Hair

This is a haircut for the books. It’s so nice you just want to sit down and watch it all day long. However, to add a touch of feminism, remember to wear oversized jewelry.

Tom Boy Short Blond Hair

14. The Miley Cyrus

Our big change countdown continues with none other than pop singer Miley Cyrus. She was another teenager who decided that since she is an adult, she can cut her hair and dye it blond.

Miley Cyrus short blonde hair

15. The Evan Rachel Wood

Is it just us or has actress Evan Rachel Wood never looked better? Here she wears short blond hair with a butternut tone in the front and brown sugar all around her back.

evan rachel wood short blonde hair

16. The Kristen Stewart

The world fell in love with Bella Twilight Series in Kristen Stewart. At that time, she had dark brown hair that looked almost natural. However, since then she also decided that it’s time to grow up and cut her hair and dye her blonde. It’s almost like a pattern.

Kristen Stewart short blonde hair

17. The Michelle Williams

Since a few years ago Marilyn Monroe in My Week with Marilyn It became clear to everyone that Michelle Williams must be the kind of girl with short blond hair. Please, never change, Michelle!

The Michelle Williams

18. The Christina Aguilera

The wonder singer looks good no matter what she does. Here she wears a coarse and multi-layered chin-length Bob, in a dirty ice cream color of the blonde she loves so much. She has also paired it with another great love in her life, the heavy makeup.

Christina Aguilera short blonde hair

19. The Helen Mirren

Lady Helen Mirren is the embodiment of class and elegance. Her short blond hair is actually a mix of London fog gray and sun kissed blonde, and her cut is a long and wavy pixie with a side pony.

Helen mirren short blonde hair

20. Short blond hair with purple roots

This is really a combination to die for. This icy shade of platinum blonde, all the long strands and the grape juice, purple at the roots, really bring out in a fantastic way.

short blonde hair icy platinum purple roots

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